80+ ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Success

Marketing is a field that thrives on new ideas. Businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to up their game and remain competitive. Enter AI Chat from Narrato, a revolutionary tool for achieving marketing success. This cutting-edge AI tool excels at generating human-like text that is coherent and contextually relevant. How does this apply to marketing? Well, that’s what we’re going to learn in this article. Read on to find an incredible list of 80+ ChatGPT prompts for marketing success.

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ChatGPT and its applications in marketing

80+ ChatGPT prompts for marketing mastery

  1. ChatGPT prompts for content marketing
  2. ChatGPT prompts for SEO
  3. ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing
  4. ChatGPT prompts for email marketing
  5. ChatGPT prompts for product marketing
  6. ChatGPT prompts for ad marketing and copywriting
  7. ChatGPT prompts for video marketing

Best practices for using ChatGPT prompts for marketing

Narrato AI Chat

ChatGPT and its applications in marketing

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced AI language model capable of producing human-like text relevant to given prompts. It has numerous applications in marketing and can be used to create attention-grabbing taglines, captivating product descriptions, personalized emails, SEO’d blogs, engaging social media content, and more. It can also serve as a valuable tool during content planning and brainstorming, offering assistance when you’re not quite sure how to proceed. Think of it as your creative partner and marketing strategist, available round the clock to help you with all your marketing tasks.

With ChatGPT, the challenge is to come up with ChatGPT prompts for marketing that steer the AI in generating content that meets marketing goals, maintains brand voice, and follows ethical guidelines. It’s a continuous learning journey, and even small tweaks to wording can change the output. For marketers seeking a more user-friendly and intuitive solution, Narrato AI is a great alternative. With a purpose-built interface for marketers and over 100 different AI content creation tools and templates, this tool makes it easier to generate high-quality and targeted content with minimal effort. If you need a chatbot for marketing assistance, Narrato has an AI Chat function for that too.

Narrato AI Content Assistant

That’s not all. Narrato is a complete AI workspace to handle all aspects of marketing, from content planning, creation, optimization, and publishing to content team and project management. It has got some fantastic features, like –

  • Content calendar and SEO content briefs for planning and strategizing
  • Repository of reusable assets, including AI templates, style guides, brand voices, and more
  • Folder and tags to structure content projects
  • Workflow automation, and more

With that, let’s move on to the ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

85 ChatGPT prompts for marketing mastery

Let’s explore how ChatGPT can help you plan and create more effective marketing campaigns and build stronger brand narratives with the help of the right Chat GPT prompts for marketing.

1. ChatGPT prompts for content marketing

The purpose of creating content is to drive your target audience and prospects through the sales funnel, but without a carefully planned content marketing strategy, you’d just be shooting arrows in the dark. If you need some help in building and executing a robust content marketing plan, ChatGPT can help. With its assistance, you can generate compelling content ideas, brainstorm creative marketing campaigns, and even draft riveting blog posts. The key is to use the right content marketing prompts for ChatGPT.

  1. Give me X imaginative ideas to promote [product or service] with the help of content marketing, aiming to captivate [define target audience] interest.
  2. Come up with content ideas that revolve around trends in the [specific industry] and center on [content focus].
  3. Generate a list of content suggestions tailored for [define target audience] in [specify industry]. Be sure to take into consideration the current challenges they’re facing, as well as any emerging trends in the field.
  4. Create an outline for a monthly content calendar for a brand in [specify industry]. Add topics that revolve around [contextual focus]
  5. Give me X ideas for blog topics related to [specify industry or niche].
  6. Create a structure for a blog post on [topic]. Make sure to include [Y number of] sub-headings.
  7. I am writing a [blog/whitepaper/ebook/report] on [topic]. What are some common misunderstandings about this [topic/product/service]?
  8. I need to find some solid statistics for a blog post from trustworthy sources. Could you please list some websites that regularly publish reports related to [specify industry]?
  9. I am crafting a blog article focused on [topic]. Can you provide me with X instances of [something related to the topic]?
  10. Here are some distinct advantages of [topic/product/service]. Expound on the following points and try to keep each discussion under X words. Make sure to incorporate examples that would resonate well with [target audience].
  11. Create an X-word blog post. Stick to the outline provided and keep SEO best practices in mind.
  12. Proofread this content piece and highlight all the grammatical and spelling errors. Also highlight any hard-to-read sentences and phrases.
  13. Summarize this content to create an X-word [blog/whitepaper/ebook/report], making sure it aligns to [contextual focus].
  14. What are some effective ways to repurpose this content across various channels and formats? [Add content]

For some more useful ChatGPT prompts for content marketing, check out this article on ChatGPT prompts for content creation. You might also want to check out this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for blog content writing.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing - content marketing ideas

Using Narrato AI Chat for content marketing ideas

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for content planning and creation

For content ideation, you might want to give Narrato’s AI content idea generator a try. With this AI tool, you can instantly generate topics for articles, blogs, social media, and more, tailored to your niche and audience. To create a variety of blog content, including long-form blogs (something you don’t get with ChatGPT), the platform offers an AI blog writer. Narrato also offers an in-built plagiarism checker, grammar checker, customizable content calendar, an AI brand voice generator, and custom content templates to make content planning, creation, and optimization easier.

Pulsar platform is also a great tool for understanding your audience’s interests so that you can design your content marketing campaigns around the latest trends. The tool lets you access a wide range of data sources, including first-party data, search, news, and social media. It helps uncover the insights in the data using vertical-specific AI models, advanced language detection, top-notch data visualization, and sentiment analysis.

2. ChatGPT prompts for SEO

To enhance your brand’s online presence, you have to master search engine optimization (SEO). We’re not just talking about basic keyword research, but also all the other aspects of SEO, like on-page optimization, technical enhancements, creating high-quality content for readers, etc. With ChatGPT assistance, useful SEO suggestions are just a tap away. You can simply ask ChatGPT any SEO query that you want, and get targeted advice for your content piece.

If you want to unlock valuable insights for enhancing your SEO strategy, start by using the right ChatGPT prompts for marketing. Here are some to help you get started –

  1. Create a list of possible search queries for users seeking information on [topic].
  2. Generate a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords for [topic].
  3. Give me a list of LSI keywords for [specify target keyword].
  4. Extract some keyword ideas from the provided competitor article/text: [Paste text]
  5. Take a look at the keywords and their respective search volume data [Add keywords with search volume data]. Suggest what would be the best primary and secondary keywords from this list. Create a table with columns for keywords, volume data, and primary/secondary classification.
  6. Here is a list of keywords [Add keyword list]. Create keyword clusters by grouping these keywords on the basis of semantic relevance.
  7. Find the search intent for these keywords, and specify if it is transactional, commercial, or informational: [Add keyword list]
  8. Give me X ideas for a meta title and description on [topic], including the keyword [add primary keyword].
  9. Create a list of common questions people would ask on [topic]. Arrange them in the form of FAQs, along with concise, to-the-point answers.
  10. Give me anchor text ideas for backlinks pointing to my blog post titled [blog title].
  11. Provide some suggestions for internal anchor text for my blog post titled [blog title]. I want to include internal links to my other blog posts [list blog titles].
  12. Generate a schema markup for [FAQs, reviews and ratings, video information, etc.]
  13. Analyze this article for on-page SEO and suggest some improvements. [Paste article]
  14. What local SEO strategies can businesses in [industry] use to attract nearby customers?

For some more useful ChatGPT prompts for SEO, check out these articles on ChatGPT prompts for SEO and ChatGPT prompts for SEO content creation.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing: keyword research

Using Narrato AI Chat for keyword research

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for SEO

Narrato offers multiple AI tools for SEO planning and content creation. There’s an AI keyword generator, AI FAQ generator, AI SEO meta title and description generator. For generating a complete SEO plan for your content project, you can try using Narrato’s AI SEO content brief generator. This will give you a list of topic-relevant keywords, references, and questions to include, and also the ideal paragraph, heading and word count for your content piece.

3. ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing

Social media marketing has become an essential strategy for businesses aiming to boost their online presence. And guess what? ChatGPT can be your ultimate secret weapon to ace this game. With its incredible ability to generate engaging and personalized content, ChatGPT can help you create captivating social media posts that resonate with your audience. From creating attention-grabbing headlines and brainstorming catchy captions to generating innovative ideas for a social media campaign, ChatGPT has got your back.

Unlock your marketing potential and dominate social media using these ChatGPT prompts –

  1. Please provide me with a list of X unusual topics related to [industry] that I can talk about on [social media platform].
  2. Use my blog post as a reference to come up with X poll ideas for [Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook]. Each poll should include a list of options. Here is the blog article: [Paste text]
  3. Develop a social media calendar for [specify social media platform], specifying X number of posts per [month or week] on the theme of [specify theme].
  4. Develop a comprehensive social media campaign strategy to successfully launch my product [explain product], targeting [specific audience].
  5. Create an X-week marketing campaign outline for promoting [explain product] on social media.
  6. Craft a social media post tailored to [specify target audience], showcasing the benefits of using [explain product] for their needs.
  7. Could you please create a Twitter thread based on the blog post provided? [Add blog post]
  8. Create a captivating Instagram caption to complement the image showcasing [describe the image].
  9. Come up with X different ways to use [LinkedIn/Facebook] groups to effectively promote [type of business/specific requirement] for [niche].
  10. Create X [LinkedIn/Facebook] group posts about [insert topic] that effectively engage members and inspire conversation.
  11. Craft a captivating summary of [company’s name]’s vision and mission to feature in our Instagram bio. Our mission is to [insert mission], while our vision is to [insert vision].
  12. Come up with effective strategies for hosting an Instagram giveaway for a [specify product/service] in [a particular industry, geographic location, etc.].
  13. Create a set of hashtags to maximize our campaign’s impact and broaden our audience reach.
  14. Provide some recommendations on how we can integrate user-generated content into our social media strategy.
  15. What are the most effective methods for measuring the impact and return on investment (ROI) of a social media campaign?

For some more useful ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing, check out these blog posts on ChatGPT prompts for social media posts and using ChatGPT writer for social media posts. We’ve got some other compilations for other social platforms, like ChatGPT prompts for Instagram content and ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn content.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing: social media calendar

Using Narrato AI Chat for planning a social media calendar

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for social media marketing

You can skip the hassle of prompt engineering, and simplify social media marketing with Narrato’s AI Content Genie. This AI tool generates social media posts (+blog content) automatically, by picking from the themes you’ve provided. You can also link your website so that the tool can crawl it every week and create social posts for any new content you’ve added. Edit the AI-generated social posts and publish them directly to your preferred social platforms.

Besides this AI autopilot for social media marketing, Narrato also has an AI social media post generator, with custom social post generation templates (social posts from themes, notes, URLs, etc.), a Twitter thread generator, content repurposing AI templates, meme/poll idea generator, social media profile bio generator, AI image generator (to create custom images using AI image prompts), and GIF and CC images search/download tool. The platform offers everything you need to create killer social posts.

If you need AI tools for generating memes, consider trying Supermeme, MemeCam, or Predis.ai.

Narrato AI Content Genie

4. ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

Imagine having an AI-powered assistant that can generate compelling and personalized email content. With the help of this AI tool, you can try out various storytelling techniques to create engaging narratives for your emails and newsletters that will grab your prospects’ interest.

Save time and effort in email marketing with these ChatGPT prompts for marketing –

  1. Create an email template for reaching out to [name] in [specify industry] regarding [specify purpose]. Include [context].
  2. Come up with X email subject lines for an email on [provide context]. Each subject line should be less than 6 words and be sure to specify the predicted opening rate percentage.
  3. Please remove any spam words from the subject lines of my emails listed below. [Paste content]
  4. I need to set up an email drip sequence to send to the [person’s designation] in [company name]. The drip campaign will target [specify target audience]. Here’s the initial email I sent to the client. Can you help me write X follow-up emails in case they don’t respond? [Add initial email content]
  5. I’m planning to send a cold email to a marketer with the name [name]. Use an idea from their [LinkedIn post/blog post] to come up with X email subject lines, conveying my agreement with the idea. Here is their original post: [paste content]
  6. Create weekly newsletter templates for [explain product] aimed at [target audience]. These email templates should include an introduction, body, conclusion, and a call-to-action (CTA).
  7. Create X outlines for crafting follow-up emails without sounding like spam.
  8. Create email templates to promote [explain product], urging subscribers to take action.
  9. Suggest metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of my email marketing campaign to enhance ROI. Here are some sample emails from the campaign: [Paste email content]
  10. I want to personalize email engagement and increase conversions. Give me suggestions for segmenting my email list effectively.
  11. What are some ways [explain the type of business] can leverage email marketing to establish and sustain customer loyalty?
  12. Suggest some creative ways to announce new products and boost sales for my [X business] using email marketing.
  13. I have an ecommerce shop where I sell [explain product]. Generate X email templates that I can send after purchase to encourage customers to buy more products or related items.
  14. We’re offering a [percentage] discount on our [products] for [holiday]. Create a series of X emails to motivate customers to make the most of this great deal. Keep the tone positive and create a sense of urgency.
  15. Change the tone of this email to [specify tone]: [Paste email content]
  16. Set up a series of email reminders for my webinar on [topic]. Here are the webinar details: [Specify details]

Here are some more ChatGPT prompts for email writing.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing: email marketing

Using Narrato AI Chat for email subject lines

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for email marketing

For email content generators, Narrato’s AI email writer could be useful. Using it, you can generate email subject lines, newsletters, cold outreach and promotional offer emails, and more. It also offers AI content enhancement tools to improve the effectiveness of your email content.

For newsletter personalization, there’s an AI-powered tool called Rasa.io that is great for sending uniquely tailored content to keep everyone engaged. The tool uses AI to personalize newsletters for each subscriber based on their past behavior. SevenSense is another AI tool that can help you with email campaign management, by giving you the best times and frequency to deliver emails to your subscribers.

5. ChatGPT prompts for product marketing

So, you’ve got a fantastic product, but how do you effectively market it to your target audience? ChatGPT is one tool that can help you master your product marketing game. With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can assist you in brainstorming new ideas for product names and features and create persuasive product descriptions. You can use it to create surveys to gain valuable insights into what your customers want.

Check out these ChatGPT prompts for product marketing that will give you a head start.

  1. What marketing strategies can I use to set my product apart from competitors and effectively convey its USP? My product is [provide description]. Notable competitors in the market include [list competitors] and my USP is [provide USP].
  2. What are the key components that make up a successful product launch strategy for [define product] to create buzz and boost early sales?
  3. Provide some insights on the most effective distribution channels to ensure optimum product reach for our product [explain product].
  4. Generate a compelling product description for our product [explain product], focusing on problems it is solving.
  5. Craft a compelling description of our product, taking inspiration from this product description: [Add text]. Highlight its distinctive qualities. I will be adding this product description to a [social media/Google/Facebook/Classifieds] ad.
  6. Create a press release announcing the launch of our new product.
  7. Create product use-case scenarios for [Product/Service].

For more useful prompts for product marketing, check out these blog posts on 30+ ChatGPT prompts for product descriptions and 40+ ChatGPT prompts for sales content.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing: product marketing

Using Narrato AI Chat to create a product description

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for product marketing

If you need to create multiple product descriptions at once, give Narrato’s AI product description generator a try. It comes with a bulk content generator, in which you can provide all your product info in the form of a CSV file and get AI-generated product descriptions for all the items. Besides this, Narrato’s AI writer also offers a ‘Product or Business Name’ AI template.

6. ChatGPT prompts for ad marketing and copywriting

ChatGPT can give you endless possibilities for your ad campaigns. It can create personalized ads that cater to the preferences and needs of your target audience. In addition to that, it also offers valuable support in brainstorming creative ideas, crafting attention-grabbing headlines, developing compelling CTAs, and improving your ad copy.

Here are some ChatGPT prompts for marketers looking to elevate their ad campaigns –

  1. Give me some options for ad copy that successfully promotes [product/topic] to [target audience]. It would be great if the examples were [specify tone] and highlighted these key benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], and [Benefit 3].
  2. Create a compelling ad for our Google Ads campaign targeting [specify target audience]. Highlight the key features and benefits of [explain product] and incorporate the keywords [keyword 1] [keyword 2] [keyword 3]
  3. Please create compelling social media ad copy highlighting the distinctive features that make our product [explain product] stand out. You can use this product description as a starting point: [Paste text]
  4. Create a captivating and concise social media ad for our product [explain product]. It should highlight the unique selling points as mentioned in this product description: [add product description]
  5. Please provide a brief description of your product’s unique selling proposition (USP) and suggest X options for [Facebook, Google, or any other] ad copies.
  6. I have created a product that has the name [Product name] and does the job of [explain what your product does]. Create an enticing ad copy to market the product on [specify ad platform]
  7. Shorten this advertisement copy to X number of paragraphs.
  8. Are there any ad copywriting best practices that this ad copy below hasn’t implemented?: [Paste your ad copy]
  9. Can you identify any particular phrases in my ad copy that might cause it to not perform as well as expected?: [Paste your ad copy]

For some more useful ChatGPT prompts for ad copywriting, check out this article on ChatGPT prompts for copywriting.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing: ad marketing

Using Narrato AI Chat for improving ad copy

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for ad marketing

For more effective ad content creation, you can use Narrato’s AI ad generator. This AI tool has templates for generating platform-specific ad copy (Google/Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn) and you can also create classified ads to sell your product/service. Besides this, the AI copywriter on this platform supports various copywriting frameworks, which makes it simpler to create high-converting ad copy. To measure the success of your ad campaigns and understand your competitors’ advertising impact, try using Kantar’s Link AI.

7. ChatGPT prompts for video marketing

With the rise of social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, capturing your audience’s attention through compelling videos has never been more crucial. And now, with ChatGPT, you can take your video marketing to the next level. ChatGPT can help you brainstorm creative video ideas, write powerful scripts, and even provide feedback on your existing content. By leveraging its impressive natural language processing capabilities, you can generate a wealth of fresh concepts to improve your video marketing strategy. To get the best results, make sure to provide the tool with some good prompts. Here are some ChatGPT prompts that you can use –

  1. Create a content calendar for my video marketing campaign on [explain the focus on campaign]. This calendar should cover the next quarter, with release dates.
  2. Come up with X video ideas for [platform], showcasing [product or service].
  3. Come up with ideas for a live stream that we can use to interact with our audience in real time. Our brand focus is [explain brand focus].
  4. Create an X-minute video script using these ideas: [Add ideas]
  5. Write a compelling X-minute video script promoting this blog post: [Add content]
  6. Create attention-grabbing video titles for a video on [topic] that will captivate viewers and drive clicks.
  7. Generate a description for my YouTube video on [topic]. Here is the transcript of the video: [Add transcript]
  8. Craft an SEO-optimized video description for a video on [topic]
  9. Create a storyboard for a tutorial video on our product.
  10. Come up with questions for an interview-style promotional video for [specify platform]

For more such useful prompts for video marketing, check out this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for video content creation.

chatgpt prompts for marketing:video marketing

Using Narrato AI Chat to generate a video script

πŸ‘‰ Additional tools for video marketing

Narrato AI also offers tools for video marketing. You can generate video scripts using the AI video script generator, create descriptions with the AI video description generator, and get video ideas with the AI content ideation tool. You can also use AI to generate the video. Tools like Meta’s Make-A-Video, InVideo, and Deepbrain.io can transform your text prompts into engaging videos.

Best practices for using ChatGPT prompts for marketing

When it comes to scaling your marketing campaigns, the power of ChatGPT, and particularly AI content creation and marketing tools cannot be overlooked. However, to get the most out of this innovative technology, there are some best practices you should follow.

1. Experiment with different prompts variations

No matter which AI you’re using, it’s always best to experiment with different prompt variations to discover what works best for you. For example, you might want to explore different ways of phrasing your brand’s benefits or describing your products. In this case, you can try posing the prompt as a question rather than a statement. You can also play with the tone or use open-ended prompts to generate more creative content. Remember, ChatGPT learns from every interaction, so the more you refine your prompts, the better your results will be.

When you’re using an AI content creation tool like Narrato, you’ll have a pre-defined set of parameters that you can play around with to create different variations of content.

2. Edit and proofread AI-generated content

While the AI has gotten good at generating human-like responses, it’s not perfect and can sometimes miss the mark. Always edit and proofread your content after it has been generated. Make sure it sounds natural and on-brand, and also provides value to your audience.

3. Incorporate your brand voice and style

AI may be creating your content, but it’s essential to maintain your unique brand voice and style. You should input prompts that include your company’s characteristics and tonality so that AI-generated content aligns seamlessly with your existing content. For instance, you can start your prompt with “Write a humorous blog post about…” if your brand voice is playful and light-hearted.

4. Deal with repetitive or irrelevant responses

ChatGPT can sometimes give you repetitive or irrelevant responses. Here’s how you can deal with this issue –

  • If the bot is off-topic, make your prompt more specific
  • Restructure or rewrite the prompt if the bot gives repetitive answers.

Remember: Garbage in = garbage out. Offer clear, concise, and relevant information.

5. Understand the limitations of ChatGPT

Lastly, bear in mind that while AI has come a long way, it still has limitations. It’s not a perfect replacement for human expertise, but a tool to supplement and enhance your efforts. It can certainly help you plan and create more content at scale, but its responses will need to be edited and curated by humans for the best result. It’s also recommended not to entirely rely on AI for mission-critical tasks or sensitive communications.

Start using AI and ChatGPT prompts for marketing

The opportunities that ChatGPT presents for a marketer are immense and untapped. In addition to saving time and resources, it unleashes a wellspring of creativity and helps in shaping your brand identity. These ChatGPT prompts for marketing should provide a jumping-off point for designing impactful marketing strategies. Plan your marketing campaigns, create content, and optimize the content to increase discoverability. Experience the power of ChatGPT and AI tools to achieve marketing success.

Watch this space for more ChatGPT prompts for writing great content. We’ve also got some great ChatGPT prompts for summary generation and other marketing tasks.

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