Peppertype vs Narrato - Best Peppertype Alternative AI Writer

#1 Peppertype Alternative with Smarter AI Tools - Narrato

Enjoy easier and faster content creation with 100+ pre-built AI templates, content autopilot, workflow automation and more on Narrato.

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AI Content Autopilot

100+ pre-built AI content creation, optimization & repurposing templates

Custom AI templates with the option to bulk generate

One-click publishing to social media, Webflow, and WordPress

Complete social media management suite

Complete SEO content brief with keywords, FAQs, and references

In-line AI assistant for quick edits

Complete content project management and collaboration platform

AI content ideas generator

AI text-to-image generator

Custom integrations with any CMS or app

Simple and intuitive user interface

Why choose Narrato over Peppertype?


Get your weekly social media and blog content auto-generated by AI

AI Content Genie automatically generates fresh social media posts and blog posts every week

Provide a one-time input of your website URL and a few themes to get fresh content whipped up weekly

Publish or schedule content with one-click to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, and Webflow

Get relevant image recommendations or use the AI image generator and CC images/GIFs library to find the best visuals for your posts


Create awesome content in a snap with reusable AI templates and tools

Generate content faster with 100+ readymade AI templates, no detailed prompts or chat needed

Create and save Custom AI templates as easy to use forms with bulk generation feature

Use the in-line AI writer to quickly rewrite, shorten, expand, improve or simplify text

Save your custom brand voices and personalize AI-generated content to align with your brand image

Flexibly research and create content using the AI chat


Manage your content process end-to-end in one place

Build custom workflows that align with the way you work and automate them to boost efficiency

Store and organize all your content and assets on the same platform

Share feedback and collaborate with your team seamlessly

Manage team members, freelancers, clients and other stakeholders in the content process with custom user roles

Integrate any CMS or tool with Narrato using the API or Zapier


Create and manage all your social media content effortlessly

AI social media post generator for creating impactful and apt social media posts tailored to any platform

Weekly social media posts generated on autopilot from just your website URL

On-click scheduling and publishing to LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

Social media publishing calendar to plan and track your content effectively


Our customers are our biggest fans

Site Smart Marketing

"The integration of AI, which automatically aligns content with our brand tone, has been transformative."

Avatar Kira Krostag

"The workflow automation features and the user-friendly interface are what we love most about Narrato. Narrato is highly practical and helps us stay organized, informed, and up to date at all times."

Avatar Mildred C

"You folks are the Berkshire Hathaway of content management - and we don't give that compliment out lightly."

Avatar Thomas Derricott
The Whitfield Group

"The Narrato platform is simply AMAZING. I have fallen in love with this platform and am already using it with several clients and content providers. I have been looking for an affordable, feature-rich platform that is easy to use. This product fits the bill perfectly, boasting a super intuitive interface and easily-accessible platform, with cool AI tools and features that really are incredible. Best of all, my clients find Narrato very easy to access and use – which is a huge win. 5 stars go to Narrato for creating such an incredible tool."

Avatar Gemma G

"The AI content generator and improver helped us focus our creative energies on work that matters. The AI content brief generator and ideation assistant has greatly reduced the time to get the content briefs to the writers."

Avatar Kirthika S

"Narrato is a lifesaver. I love the SEO content brief feature. It became easier for me to optimize the articles that I write. Love Narrato!"

Avatar Lexin-Ann Morales

"Narrato publishing automation is a life saver. It has saved us so much time, reduced manual error and streamlined the entire process. Narrato team provided excellent support to achieve this."

Avatar Saumil Shah

"My team and I love that we have one place where we can log into and stay up to date on action items that need to be completed. We can store all our newsletters, social media posts, and marketing initiatives on Narrato and leave feedback for one another without having to use email."

Avatar Jared H

"Narrato has become our go to place for content. The combined content creation service + workflow software offering is a perfect solution - takes the pain out of fuelling your content marketing engine."

Avatar Roy Nallapeta

"Narrato helps me a ton with content generation with their AI Assistant when I'm stuck. It makes me more productive at my job."

Avatar Pranav Manjrekar

Simplify Content Creation for Any Channel with AI and Automation Features on Narrato

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Narrato differs from Peppertype because it has a wide array of AI tools and templates that you wouldn't find on Peppertype and most other platforms. Narrato has 100+ pre-built AI tools and templates that eliminate the need to brainstorm and type out prompts like you need to do on most chat-based AI content platforms. These ready-to-use forms only need you to provide the minimum variable inputs to generate content in a snap. Narrato also has a pioneering AI content autopilot that can generate social media posts and blog posts automatically from your website URL. This is another tool you won't currently find on Peppertype or any other AI platform, making Narrato one of the more advanced Peppertype alternatives.
Both platforms have customization options. Certain features like brand voices are available on both platforms. However, Narrato has some additional customization options other for content creation too. It allows you to build custom content workflows to align with your usual content process. You can also automate these workflows to boost efficiency and save time. You can add team members and stakeholders under custom user roles and control what they can or cannot access on your Workspace. So, Narrato has a more holistic approach to streamlining content processes and customizing the experience for its users
Yes, Narrato offers AI-generated content for a wide variety of needs, including content for blogs, websites, product descriptions , social media, ad copy, and more. Narrato, in fact, offers more use cases of AI content generation than Peppertype does.
Both of these tools are built with user-friendliness in mind. Narrato has a very simple and intuitive UI in comparison to most other platforms in the category, so you may find it a little more user-friendly.
Yes, both platforms support AI content creation in multiple languages.
Yes, both Peppertype and Narrato offer a free trial for you to experiment with their platform and understand its capabilities.
No, both platforms can generate content on a variety of topics according to your input and the model's training data.
Yes, both of these content-generating platforms are cloud-based, which means all you need to is a good internet connection.