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AI Social Media Post Generator

Supercharge your social media campaigns with our AI social media content generator

Generate social posts with AI and publish or schedule on Narrato

Create captivating and engaging content for your social media campaigns

Publish or schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or X from Narrato

Copy or edit content, or build your own with AI in a seamless interface

Run social media post generation on autopilot or create custom posts

Use our AI Content Genie to get auto-generated social media content weekly

Or create social media posts with your custom inputs using AI

Use AI image generator for visuals or choose from a huge library of free images and gifs

Stay on top of your social media game and post consistently

Get access to a complete social media scheduler and content calendar

Plan, ideate, and create several weeks' worth of social media posts in minutes using AI

Never miss an opportunity to drive engagement with holiday posts, trending hashtags & more

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Generate captivating social media posts in seconds with AI

Create custom social media posts with our 15+ AI social media content templates

Generate content for all your favorite social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, TikTok & YouTube

Create social media posts, threads, memes, polls, page introductions and more

Leverage AI social media content creation to promote yourself, your business, blog, or website

Generate post using theme and AI
Generate post using notes and AI

Generate powerful Facebook and Instagram posts that capture attention

Get catchy captions for your Instagram posts tailored to your tone or brand voice

Stop your Facebook followers mid-scroll with powerful posts that encourage action

Increase your reach with the right hashtags and capture attention with apt emojis, automatically added to each post

Add color to your posts with AI-generated images, and a large library of free images, graphics & GIFs


Leave a lasting impression on your network with inspiring LinkedIn posts

Transform your notes, ideas, and themes into well-crafted, share-worthy LinkedIn posts

Generate captivating long-form posts that keep your followers hooked

Create polls, generate posts on impactful topics or with motivational quotes, and establish thought leadership

Enhance and refine your LinkedIn posts for better engagement with AI content optimization features

Generate a poll using theme, keywords and AI
Social media post generator

Run your social media content creation on auto-pilot

Get fresh social media posts generated weekly, on autopilot and on-demand

Get perfectly crafted social media posts with relevant image recommendations

Edit the auto-generated posts easily

Save, schedule, or publish posts with ease on AI Content Genie


Schedule and publish content on social media and blog

Complete social media publishing and scheduling support including calendar for planning and management

Publish content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress

API and Zapier options for custom publishing automation

Schedule post from editor
Generate captions for social media using AI

Instantly create smart captions with our AI social media content generator

Generate killer captions for your Instagram posts, stories, and reels

Get AI-generated social media captions with quotes by famous personalities to make an impact

Create unique captions for upcoming holidays or special days every month


Tickle the funny bone with meme ideas generated by AI

Get meme captions and image ideas for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or even your blog

Create shareable, viral social media posts within seconds

Generate meme ideas
Generate images with AI

Create mesmerizing visuals with our AI image generator for social media

Generate high-quality, custom images from text with AI for social media posts

Generate images in various photographic and art styles

Choose from thousands of royalty-free images and stock photos

Find eye-catching gifs to attract attention

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AI Content Genie - AI autopilot for content creation & marketing | Product Hunt
AI Content Genie - AI autopilot for content creation & marketing | Product Hunt
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"The integration of AI, which automatically aligns content with our brand tone, has been transformative."

Avatar Kira Krostag

"The workflow automation features and the user-friendly interface are what we love most about Narrato. Narrato is highly practical and helps us stay organized, informed, and up to date at all times."

Avatar Mildred C

"You folks are the Berkshire Hathaway of content management - and we don't give that compliment out lightly."

Avatar Thomas Derricott
The Whitfield Group

"The Narrato platform is simply AMAZING. I have fallen in love with this platform and am already using it with several clients and content providers. I have been looking for an affordable, feature-rich platform that is easy to use. This product fits the bill perfectly, boasting a super intuitive interface and easily-accessible platform, with cool AI tools and features that really are incredible. Best of all, my clients find Narrato very easy to access and use – which is a huge win. 5 stars go to Narrato for creating such an incredible tool."

Avatar Gemma G

"The AI content generator and improver helped us focus our creative energies on work that matters. The AI content brief generator and ideation assistant has greatly reduced the time to get the content briefs to the writers."

Avatar Kirthika S

"Narrato is a lifesaver. I love the SEO content brief feature. It became easier for me to optimize the articles that I write. Love Narrato!"

Avatar Lexin-Ann Morales

"Narrato publishing automation is a life saver. It has saved us so much time, reduced manual error and streamlined the entire process. Narrato team provided excellent support to achieve this."

Avatar Saumil Shah

"My team and I love that we have one place where we can log into and stay up to date on action items that need to be completed. We can store all our newsletters, social media posts, and marketing initiatives on Narrato and leave feedback for one another without having to use email."

Avatar Jared H

"Narrato has become our go to place for content. The combined content creation service + workflow software offering is a perfect solution - takes the pain out of fuelling your content marketing engine."

Avatar Roy Nallapeta

"Narrato helps me a ton with content generation with their AI Assistant when I'm stuck. It makes me more productive at my job."

Avatar Pranav Manjrekar

Get Inspired and Drive Engagement with Our AI Social Media Post Generator

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Narrato is an amazing AI social media post generator. You can set it on autopilot with Content Genie. You can even schedule and publish content directly from Narrato to any social media channel. On Narrato, you can generate social media posts with URL, notes, themes, quotes, for holidays, promotions, X threads, and more. There are more than 15 AI templates for social media, and new templates are being added. You can also use AI Chat to refine your posts with custom prompts. Create social media polls, meme ideas, social media page introductions, and more with Narrato's AI social media content generator.
Using an AI social media post generator saves you a lot of time and effort, plus creates some amazing post drafts that you can quickly adapt and work with. Some key benefits of using an AI social media post generator include 10x faster content creation, generating consistent and high-quality posts, optimizing content for better engagement, and an overall boost in productivity.
Yes, social media post generator AI can understand your context and tone. AI social media post generators are constantly improving in their ability to understand user inputs and the nuances they contain. However, there can still be instances where the generated content may not be perfectly aligned with the intended context or tone, which is why it is important to review all AI-generated social media posts.
AI social media post generators are suitable for a wide range of businesses, especially those that have a need for frequent and consistent social media content. The best approach for any business would be to create social media posts with AI and have them reviewed and edited, as needed, by human writers to ensure the highest level of quality.
Yes, Narrato is a social media AI content creator that can handle multiple social media platforms. It can generate content optimized for specific platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X adhering to the requisite formats and character limits. This allows businesses to maintain an active presence across different social media channels while they create social media posts with AI.
To create a social media post with AI, you need to provide simple inputs like a theme or some notes around which the AI social media content generator can create the post. Make sure that your input is clear, unambiguous, and concise. You can even generate AI images to go with your social media posts.
To ensure that the content generated by an AI social media post generator aligns with the brand, it is important to give as much context and information as you can. Use the brand voice feature on Narrato to personalize the output. Also, you should always review the generated content for relevance and accuracy.
Narrato is a free AI social media post generator that allows you to generate social posts free for 14 days, after which you can upgrade to one of the two affordable pricing plans on the platform. Apart from the AI for social media posts, Narrato also has an AI blog writer, AI copywriter, AI product description generator, AI email writer, AI content ideas generator, and a host of other tools.
Yes, social media post generator AI like Narrato can create attention-grabbing captions for your Instagram posts, reels, and stories. It also adds trending and relevant hashtags to the post to increase your reach.
If you are looking for an AI Facebook post generator that gives you quality content, that also aligns perfectly with Facebook's format, Narrato is your best bet. Narrato lets you generate Facebook posts with notes, quotes from famous people, URLs to your blog posts or pages, holiday wishes, and offers, and much more.
Yes, a social media AI content creator can generate engaging social media post captions for your images and memes. It can also provide meme ideas to inspire your creativity.
Yes, generative AI has the capability to turn text into image. Models like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion are capable of doing this. Narrato uses one of these models and Narrato's AI Image generator tool can be used to convert simple text prompts to stunning images in any style, for your social media posts. You can provide a comprehensive text input explaining what you want to generate, choose an art or image style, and the tool will give you multiple AI-generated images to pick from.