How to Use AI Brochure Generator to Create Marketing & Sales Brochures

Did you know 82% of customers check out at least five types of content from a brand before buying anything from them? Even if you’re publishing great blog content, staying active on social, and creating video content to promote your business, it’s always a good idea to diversify and create some other types of sales and marketing materials. It’s simple – quality content equals trust, leads, and sealed deals. Brochures, in particular, are very effective in marketing your products and promoting your brand. If you’re not sure how to create them, an AI brochure generator can help. In this blog post, you’ll get to learn how.

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What is an AI brochure generator?

How to use an AI brochure generator?


Benefits of using an AI brochure generator

Narrato AI Brochure Content Generator

What is an AI brochure generator?

An AI brochure generator is essentially an AI-powered tool that automates the process of creating professional-looking brochures. The AI brochure content generator on Narrato AI comes as a part of the AI copywriter. It analyzes your input, which might include business details, products/services offered, and target audience info, to generate informative and engaging text that can be added to brochures. In addition to generating text, some AI brochure generators can assist in creating images, animations, videos, and various other elements to simplify the process of designing brochures.

The purpose of an AI brochure generator is simple – to save businesses and marketers time and effort while helping them create more effective brochures.

How to use an AI brochure generator?

Marketing collateral, like brochures, plays a crucial role in conveying the value of your product, service, or brand to your target audience. Unlike expensive forms of advertising (like TV, billboards, magazines), brochures provide an affordable way to promote your product or services. But how do you create marketing or sales brochures that actually do what they’re supposed to do?

A good brochure consists of three key elements: quality content, attractive designs, and tactile appeal. If you’re planning to distribute your brochures digitally, the tactile aspect won’t be a concern. However, an AI brochure generator can assist with creating engaging content and eye-catching designs.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the best way to use an AI brochure generator to create better marketing and sales brochures –

Step 1. Define your target audience

Before delving into the creative aspects of your brochure, take some time to define your target audience. This is a crucial step because different audiences will respond to different messaging, visuals, and design elements. Begin by creating a detailed audience persona. This fictional representation of your ideal customers will help in visualizing and understanding their unique characteristics. Consider demographics, buying behavior, lifestyle choices, and any other important factors. Let these personas guide the tone, imagery, and messaging of your brochure.

While it may be tempting to target multiple customer groups simultaneously, it’s often more effective to concentrate on one primary segment. That way, you can refine your message and optimize your brochure for maximum impact. It’s also a good idea to identify a singular, measurable metric that your brochure aims to enhance. What specific action do you want your audience to take? Whether it’s inviting people to check out a product, getting them to book a service, or anything else, clarity is key.

Step 2. Determine the type of brochure you want to create

Once you know who you want to reach and what you want to achieve with your brochures, it’s time to choose the right kind of brochure to get your message across. Different brochures serve different purposes, so picking the perfect format is key for effective communication. Here are some common types of brochure formats –

  1. Bi-fold brochure: Folds into two sections, and is great for concise messages or a single product focus.
  2. Tri-fold brochure: Divided into three sections, and is most suited for informational content, product/service details, or step-by-step guides.
  3. Gate-gold brochure: Features two outer panels that fold inward to reveal the central content. This is best for grand product launches and any other instances where you need storytelling.
  4. Z-fold brochure: Comes with a zigzag folding (accordion effect). These brochures are ideal for showcasing a variety of products or sequential storytelling.
  5. Booklet or catalog style: Has multiple pages, bound like a small book. These types of brochures are best for comprehensive product catalogs and detailed service offerings.

After choosing the format, you should also identify the key elements to include in each section.

  1. Front cover, with a concise headline, an engaging visual, and your brand logo
  2. Introduction/overview, highlighting the brochure’s purpose, sets the tone, establishes relevance, and generates interest.
  3. The body will include detailed information, benefits, and features of the subject in focus.
  4. High-quality visuals, product images, and infographics enhance understanding, evoke emotions, and reinforce key messages.
  5. Call-to-Action (CTA) to drive the desired response.
  6. Contact information to provide avenues for further engagement.
  7. Back cover, with closing statement, additional CTA, and brand/logo.

Make sure that every element in the brochure aligns with your overarching objective. For example, if you want to attract people to your online store, make sure the promo code stands out and directs readers to your website.

Step 3. Craft a compelling brochure copy using an AI brochure generator

The next step in the process is to generate brochure content. Now, this is where the AI brochure generator steps in. Whatever textual elements you’ve decided to include in your brochure, this AI tool will bring to life. It will create a persuasive and relevant copy based on the details you supply.

Narrato’s AI writer comes with a brochure generation template that could be perfect for the task. You can specify the number of pages in your brochure, define its purpose, add notes, and define your tone to create a compelling brochure copy in seconds. In the notes section, you can specify what elements you want included in the different pages.

Suppose, you’re going for a tri-fold brochure format, which will have 6 pages. After adding your input and notes, you can expect to see an AI-generated brochure copy that looks something like this.👇

Narrato's AI brochure generator

Narrato’s AI brochure generator

Pretty neat, don’t you think? This automation drastically cuts down on the time spent writing brochure copy and ensures you have persuasive messaging that aligns with your brand.

Now, you can add or remove elements, or refine the copy further using Narrato’s AI content enhancement tools. There are many, like the AI Content Rewriter, AI Text Summarizer, AI Content Rewriter (+100 other AI tools and templates), that you’ll find with the AI Content Assistant. If you plan to distribute your brochures digitally, by embedding it on your website, it’s a good idea to optimize them for SEO. Use an AI keyword generator to research relevant keywords to add to the brochure copy.

Here are a few more tips to polish up your brochure copy:

  1. Make sure you deliver a single, clear message on the front page to grab attention. If you’re promoting a product, let the product speak for itself. Keep the front page copy brief, aiming for under 25 words.
  2. In the main content, make sure there are expressive headers that independently convey meaning. Support these headers with brief, skimmable descriptions.
  3. Include essential contact information on the last page.
Narrato AI Content Assistant

Step 4. Collect relevant images or illustrations for the brochure

Now that your copy is polished, it’s time to enhance your brochure’s visual appeal with carefully selected images, icons, or illustrations. Visual elements not only add interest but also complement your messaging, creating a cohesive and professional brochure design.

When choosing relevant images for your brochure, prioritize professionalism over quantity. A few carefully chosen visuals that align with your brand will have more impact than an abundance of unrelated images. So, instead of going for stock images, it would be a better idea to create custom images using an AI image generator. This AI tool turns your ideas into relevant images. On Narrato, you can also apply a variety of image and art styles, and choose the desired layout (square, landscape, and portrait).

Narrato's AI image generator

Narrato’s AI image generator

If you want to learn more about this tool, check out this guide of AI Image generators.

If stock photos become a necessity, choose images that align with your brand and adhere to a consistent color scheme. Narrato also comes with a GIF and royalty-free image search tool to help you find relevant stock images for your brochures.

Besides images, you might also want to include illustrations or infographics in the brochure. Canva could be an excellent tool for designing these visual elements, offering a number of tools, ready-to-user infographics templates, and Magic AI features that make designing custom graphics easier. Appy Pie Design also offers an AI brochure generator for creating, images, videos, and animations. If you don’t have a logo designed, try using Tailorbrands and Logopony to create custom logos using AI.

Step 5. Design the brochure around your copy, images, and branding

After you have all the elements ready, combine them to create a visually appealing and professional-looking brochure design. With an online brochure maker, like Marq and Publuu, creating this becomes easier. Most AI brochure creators offer ready-made templates, and customization options to make the design process easier. Publuu, a custom brochure creator specifically designed for digital brochures, also allows you to embed or share the brochure online. It comes with a flip page effect that mimics the feel of browsing through a real brochure.

Publuu's Online Brochure Maker

Publuu’s Online Brochure Maker

Select your color scheme, fonts, and other design elements that reflect your brand identity, and finally, ensure your design is optimized for mobile and print formats. That’s it, you now have a brochure ready to distribute.

Benefits of using an AI brochure generator

An AI brochure generator isn’t just another tool in the marketers’ toolkit. It brings a whole new level of ease, efficiency, and design maturity to the traditional process of creating marketing and sales collaterals. Here are some prominent benefits it offers –

1. Time-saving and efficiency in creating marketing and sales collateral

Creating marketing and sales materials often involves long hours of copywriting and design work. With an AI brochure generator, those once arduous efforts are significantly reduced. These AI-powered tools automate the process, allowing marketers to create professional-looking brochures in minutes, not hours or days. This increased efficiency saves valuable time that can further be used in strategizing and implementing other critical marketing tasks.

2. Consistency in design and branding

AI brochure generators ensure that your brochures maintain the same look and feel no matter how many you produce. They adhere strictly to your chosen design themes and styles, maintaining brand consistency and making your collateral more recognizable to your target audience.

3. Customization and personalization options

AI brochure generators offer numerous options for customization. Users have the liberty to choose their tone, specify their target audience, and select font styles, color schemes, and image placements that best complements their brand. Plus, there are options to personalize the brochures by adding brand logos, including personal messages, and more. This flexibility helps marketers create brochures that truly resonate with their brand’s ethos.

4. Create brochures for a global audience using translation capabilities

Expanding your services internationally? AI brochure generators have got you covered. These tools come equipped with translation capabilities, allowing you to automatically translate your brochures into various languages. Narrato offers an AI translation tool that can help translate your text into 20 different languages. This helps in creating brochures for a global audience, facilitating effective communication beyond language barriers.

On the whole

Harnessing the power of AI not only takes away the drudgery of manual copywriting and designing but also gives you a unique, creative edge in today’s market. By following the steps we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to create professional, eye-catching brochures that are sure to make a big splash in your marketing and sales efforts.

Remember, the future of marketing is here, and it’s coded in AI. So go ahead, give it a whirl, and watch how your business reaps the benefits!

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