Narrato Affiliate Partner Program

Earn Passive Income Partnering With The #1 AI Content Creation & Marketing Platform

Join Narrato's Affiliate Program and start earning recurring 30% commission for the 1st year of the customer you bring in

Why Join the Affiliate Program

Industry-best Commissions

Earn 30% commission on the payments made by your referrals for the first year

Get an additional $50 bonus every time you bring in 20 new paying subscribers

Perks and Incentives

Get Narrato subscription at 50% off when you bring in your first referred customer

Share a 10% off on Narrato coupon with your audience

Ready-to-use Marketing Assets

Get everything you need to understand how Narrato works & share it confidently with your network to convert new customers faster

Enjoy unparalleled partner support from Narrato team

How it works

Keep It Simple. Make It Quick. Our Motto.

Narrato platform has been built for the busy marketers and business owners. It's simple to get started, place and track orders, and get high quality content quickly. You'll love it every bit.



Join our Affiliate Program

Apply and get your affiliate link.

Share with your network

Share Narrato with your network and give them your affiliate link. This can be done through a blog, email, social media or in any other way.

Earn amazing recurring commissions

We'll pay you 30% of the sales, as we earn from your referrals for the first year!

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program

Content Publishers

Who publish content about SEO, AI content creation, content marketing, digital marketing, advertising, PPC, email marketing, social media and related topics.

Course Creators & Influencers

Who talk about AI in content creation and marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and similar areas.

Marketing Agencies

Who want to help their clients streamline their content creation workflow using AI and automation.


Who love trying out and recommending new, cutting-edge marketing tools to their friends, followers and customers.


Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing platform with over 100+ AI tools and templates, including an AI content creation and marketing autopilot called Content Genie. It aims to empower users with all the tools they need to plan, create, optimize, and repurpose content using AI under one umbrella. Narrato also offers some very efficient project management and collaboration features for content teams and marketers.
Narrato's Affiliate Program is a partnership program where individuals or businesses can earn commissions by referring customers to Narrato.
To join Narrato's Affiliate Program, you can sign up through our website by providing some basic information and agreeing to our terms and conditions.
Once you are accepted into Narrato's Affiliate Program, you can log into your Affiliate Dashboard on Rewardful. You will find your affiliate link under the "Links" tab on the Affiliate Dashboard itself.
You can promote or share the affiliate link using any channel or medium. This could include (but is not limited to) promoting Narrato on your blog through case studies, reviews and comparison pieces, creating videos demonstrating Narrato's capabilities, using newsletters or email, or promoting Narrato on social media networks and communities. Do not forget to add your affiliate link, wherever you choose to promote Narrato. Your referrals and commissions will be tracked and attributed to your account via this link.
There are some important restrictions that you must adhere to as a member of our affiliate program.
  1. We do not allow self-referrals or commission sharing. It is strictly prohibited to use your own affiliate link to make purchases or create accounts for yourself, your friends/relatives, or employees.
  2. Engaging in fraudulent activities, such as click fraud, using unauthorized promotional methods, or cookie stuffing is strictly forbidden. We expect our affiliates to operate with integrity and honesty.
  3. Please avoid making false claims or misleading statements about Narrato. Engaging in false advertising, misrepresenting a free trial as a coupon or discount, or any such misinformation or deceptive marketing is strictly prohibited. It is important that our affiliates represent Narrato and its products/services accurately.
  4. Please stick to our PPC Advertising guidelines. If you are running paid advertising campaigns, please refrain from bidding on Narrato's branded keywords, as well as any misspelled variations of it. This includes terms like Narreto, Nerrato, Narato, Naratto and others.
When it comes to disclosure, make sure to clearly convey to your audience that you can earn a commission or receive compensation for any referrals or sales generated from your affiliate links.
The amount you can earn through Narrato's Affiliate Program depends on the number of customers you refer and their usage of our services. We offer a very competitive commission rate.
No, it is absolutely free to join Narrato's Affiliate Program. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees.
We provide our affiliates with a unique referral link that tracks the customers they refer. You will have access to a dashboard where you can monitor your referrals and commission earnings in real-time.
Commission payouts are typically processed on a monthly basis. You will typically receive your earnings from the previous month within the first 20 business days of the following month.
Yes, you can promote Narrato's products on multiple websites or platforms as long as they comply with our affiliate program policies and terms of service.
Yes, we will provide marketing assets, resources, and ongoing support for our affiliates. You will have access to our support team who can assist you with any questions or concerns.
The affiliate cookie, which tracks your referrals, lasts for 60 days.
Drop us a note using our support form, and we'll get back to you asap.
Get in touch with us using our support form requesting account deletion.