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Rank on Google with SEO Content Briefs

Plan, create and optimize winning SEO content with an AI-powered content brief generator from Narrato.

SEO content brief generator on Narrato

Auto-generate AI content briefs in seconds

Generate SEO content brief for a topic or search term with the content brief generator

Get relevant suggestions for keywords, content opportunities, word count and more

Edit content briefs, add your style guides and notes with ease

Give your content strategy a winning boost


Get highly-relevant keyword suggestions

Get keyword suggestions based on top-ranking pages

Optimize content with keyword frequency recommendations that update automatically while writing content

Add and update target keywords' list flexibly

SEO Brief with keywords on Narrato
AI content outline generator on Narrato

Generate content outlines with AI and topic suggestions

Identify relevant topics, questions and content suggestions for headings, FAQs and more

Generate webpage and article outlines using AI

Create complete content outlines for content writers, with highly-targeted subheads

Customize your content brief templates by adding your own questions and topics


Create search engine optimized content faster

Use AI Writer to generate content for various use cases

Optimize content with our AI content assistant's suggestions

Create content that tops on readability, grammar and format

Ensure content originality with plagiarism checks

AI content optimization tools on Narrato
AI content optimization tools on Narrato

Optimize content as you write

Create optimized content with our SEO content writing software

Get dynamic updates on keywords used and a live SEO score while writing content

Track content readability, word and character count, and optimization parameters

Get grammar and content structuring suggestions for content SEO


Go beyond keywords to optimize content for search engines

Get content SEO recommendations on word count, paragraphs and headings

Find the right length of content needed to outrank top ranking content on Google

Work with content structuring suggestions from our AI content optimization assistant

Content structurting suggestions on Narrato
AI-generated competitor and content reference links

Create quality content faster with references

Get recommendations of high authority pages for content research

Use competitor content intelligence to create high performing content

Add your own references to enhance the content brief


Seamlessly add your style guides and instructions in briefs

Link relevant style guides from your library to content briefs

Apply custom content templates to content editor to guide your writers

Add notes to authors with additional instructions

Custom content templates and style guides - Narrato
AI content ideas generator on Narrato

Plan and execute your content strategy with confidence

Generate content ideas using our AI topic generator

Create comprehensive SEO content briefs and outlines

Let your content writers optimize content with our AI writing assistant

Manage and track your content creation end to end with our workflow tools

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