50+ Powerful AI Tools for Marketing & Content Creation You Must Try

The world of marketing is ever-changing. From consumer preferences to competition to advancements in marketing technology, everything has a hand in changing our outlook and approach to marketing over time. For marketers of this generation, AI is playing an increasingly vital role in the process. AI tools for marketing and content creation are revolutionizing the way we bring ideas to life. Artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to create high-quality content, deliver it to the right people at the right time, and measure its impact more accurately than ever before.

Implementing AI tools for content creation and marketing can help boost productivity and creativity, while also improving the overall effectiveness of campaigns. In this article, we will explore the best AI tools available for content creation and marketing, and discuss how they can enhance your content marketing efforts. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, AI tools are sure to give you an edge over your competitors and save you a lot of time to invest in strategy building.

We’ve categorized all the AI-powered marketing tools based on what areas they help with and how you can best use them to level up your marketing game. So here goes.

1. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Text Generators

  • Narrato
  • Analogenie
  • WiziShop
  • Hostinger
  • Dorik

2. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Video Generators

  • FlexClip
  • Pictory AI

3. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Image Generators

  • Narrato
  • Midjourney
  • Hotpot
  • DeepAI

4. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Audio Generators

  • VoiceTrans
  • Murf
  • Uberduck
  • Voicemod

5. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Email Marketing Tools

  • Narrato
  • Instantly.ai
  • GetEmail

6. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Social Media Tools

  • Narrato
  • SocialBee
  • Affable
  • Brand24

7. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Webinar Tools

  • Livestorm
  • Decktopus
  • Dreamcast

8. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Podcast Tools

  • Podcastle
  • Descript
  • Auphonic

9. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Detection tools

  • SEO.ai
  • ZeroGPT
  • AI Writing Check

10. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Copywriting Tools

  • Narrato
  • Copy Monkey
  • DeepL

11. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Transcription Tools

  • Rev
  • Assembly AI
  • Audext
  • Notta

12. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Translation Tools

  • MiraiTranslate
  • Smartcat
  • Smartling

13. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Repurposing Tools

  • Narrato
  • Vidyo.ai
  • Designs.AI

14. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Ideation Tools

  • Narrato
  • Paperflite
  • Feedly

15. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content SEO Tools

  • Narrato
  • VidIQ
  • CTRify

16. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Marketing Research Tools

  • Consensus
  • Latana
  • Remesh
  • Woorise

17. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Summarizers & Paraphrasers

  • Narrato
  • Paraphraser.io
  • Rephraser AI

18. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Design Assistant

  • Uizard
  • Khroma
  • Looka
  • Illustroke

19. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Presentation Makers

  • Slidesgo
  • AppyPie
  • Beautiful.ai
  • Presentations.AI

20. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI marketing analytics tools

  • Automated Insights
  • Data.ai
  • Phrasee

21. Conversational AI for customer engagement and support

  • Tiledesk

1. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Text Generators

When it comes to content marketing, text-based content is by far one of the most important content types that you need. Written text is used everywhere, starting from your website copy to blog posts to social media. Creating written content is also one of the most time-consuming activities in content marketing, especially if you are investing in long-form content. This makes AI-powered content creation tools all the more useful for content writers and marketers.

AI text generators are AI tools that help generate written copy for a variety of use cases, including blogs, web copy, emails, social media, video scripts, and more. These AI text-generation tools are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, which allows them to interpret and understand human language. They are trained on massive datasets of existing content to help them comprehend the patterns and sequences of words. Consequently, when you use an AI text generator and provide a prompt, the tool predicts the sequence of words that should follow to make a logical, meaningful sentence/ paragraph.

Here are some excellent AI text generators that can help you speed up content writing and overcome creative blocks.


Narrato is an AI content workspace that lets you manage your entire content process seamlessly on a single platform. Narrato offers a wide range of AI-powered content tools including a powerful AI writing assistant, an AI topic generator, an SEO content brief generator, an AI image generator, and more.

The AI writing tool on Narrato offers multiple use cases like blog post intros and conclusions, content outlines, web and ad copy, video descriptions and scripts, email copy, product descriptions, and others. The AI text generation tool is very intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is provide some details such as the title of your blog post, the target audience, and the tone of voice for generating a blog post intro or conclusion. Or if you are generating a product description, you have to enter the product name, product type, and features to get a comprehensive description.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato

There are other use cases as well. The Sentence Expander and Write For Me use cases help elaborate on a few words you provide as input. Use cases like Paragraph from Outline or Paragraph to Bullets help you expand on your ideas and summarize them respectively. The Content Improver and Paraphrase a Paragraph use cases help enhance your existing content. You can also generate SEO meta descriptions, headlines, copy in AIDA, BAB, and PAS frameworks, and more.

Pricing: Narrato pricing plans start at $45 per month

TL;DR Here are two quick videos summarizing the list and the key features of each tool



Analogenie is a unique AI text generator that helps you write analogies to explain a topic better to your audience. It lets you create contextual analogies for your content in just one click. These analogies and metaphors can be great for explaining a complex concept in simpler terms or supporting an argument you’ve made.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Analogenie

Pricing: Analogenie has a free plan that gives you up to 3 requests per month. The paid plans start at $3.99 per month.


WiziShop is an e-commerce solution that offers an AI suite for e-commerce businesses including an AI text generator. The AI text generator on this platform helps with creating product descriptions, ads, SEO meta descriptions, and similar content that an e-commerce store would need to grow. Apart from this WiziShop also helps with SEO optimization and SEO analysis, topic clustering, and URL obfuscation.

Pricing: WiziShop offers a 15-day free trial. The paid plans start at $27 per month (excluding VAT).


Hostinger offers an AI website maker to assist your website creation process. The process is simple and efficient whether you prefer to start from scratch or use AI assistance.

Creating a website with AI is easy. Just provide your brand name, select a website type, and give business descriptions. AI will then choose images and write SEO-friendly content. Your website will be ready in minutes.

Once these details are provided, you can still customize your website according to your preferences.

Pricing: The AI Website Builder plan costs $2.99 per month.


Dorik is an intuitive AI website builder that simplifies the process of building user-friendly websites. All you need to do is input a prompt, and it will start creating your website from scratch, selecting the design, writing the copy, and even generating images. You can refresh and reshape this content as necessary.

The great thing about Dorik AI website builder is that it comes with in-built SEO tools. Dorik AI crafts websites that are adored by Google. It lets you incorporate or modify keywords, meta titles, descriptions, and URLs for your web pages. Plus, you can put in image alt text to help search engines interpret your visual content better. Other Dorik AI features include multi-language support, Sitemap.xml, Custom Schema, Robots Txt, and more. 

2. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Video Generators

Another area of content marketing that has immense potential but is often time- and effort-intensive is video creation. Video content is deemed as the most shareable format online, as 51% of people are more likely to share a video than any other content according to a Wyzowl survey. But the same report also says that 39% of marketers feel video marketing is becoming more expensive. AI tools for marketing are here to change that, however.

With AI-powered marketing tools for video content creation, marketers will have to spend less on equipment, studios, and other resources. With advancements in AI, even your writers may be able to generate high-quality video content without any knowledge of video production or graphic designing. These tools today even allow you to generate video clips from AI prompts, and they are only getting better.

Here are a few AI video generators you should know about.


FlexClip is a complete video creation and editing platform that offers various tools for producing stunning visuals. The platform also has AI tools like the AI text-to-speech converter that converts text to AI voices for your video. There is an AI background remover tool that can seamlessly remove backgrounds from images, allowing you to download them with a transparent background or edit the background as required. The AI Auto Subtitle tool generates captions and subtitles for your videos automatically. Other tools on the platform include motion graphics, video compressors, and more.

Pricing: FlexClip has a free plan. The paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

Pictory AI

Pictory is an AI-powered video marketing tool that lets you create short branded video clips from long-form content automatically. This AI content creation tool can extract valuable clippings from your webinar recordings and Zoom meetings. You can also create videos from a written script or convert blog posts into videos for social media. Pictory also has an automatic caption generator to easily add subtitles to your videos.

Pricing: Pictory offers a free trial where you can generate 3 videos up to 10 mins long. The paid plans start at $19 per user per month.

3. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Image Generators

AI image generators have received some significant limelight lately. Generating custom images from text prompts has made it so much easier to get custom visuals in any style you like and is so much more useful than simple stock images that may have been used by hundreds of others.

Similar to natural language generation tools, AI image generators are also trained on tons of data. Only, in this case, the training data is images including paintings, photos, graphics, 3D renders, and much more. The machine learning algorithm tries to identify patterns and features from this diverse training dataset. The neural network extracts certain features such as styles, textures, colors, and more. When you provide a text prompt The AI image generator tries to put together these elements to create a unique image based on what you ask for.

Here are a few AI image generation tools to try.


Narrato is an AI content workspace that helps you streamline your content process from start to finish by incorporating artificial intelligence at the right moments. The platform also has an AI image generation tool that can give you custom images from simple text prompts. The AI image tool is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is provide a descriptive text input and choose the style from the dropdown menus.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato AI images

You get 4 images generated in one go and if you would like to further refine the images, you can improve your prompts and refresh. The images can be inserted into the editor with just a click, which makes it easy if you’re drafting a blog post or a social media post.

Pricing: Narrato pricing plans start at $45 per month, and you get access to a host of AI tools and capabilities apart from AI images.


Midjourney is an independent research lab that designs AI tools and infrastructure. Their AI image and art generator tool has created a lot of buzz lately. The tool has gained popularity because of hyperrealistic image generation, high-quality art generation, and near-accurate representations of the prompts that users provide.

To access Midjourney you must have a valid Discord account. The platform also shares hundreds of images generated by their Discord community for inspiration.


Hotpot is an AI art generator that lets you generate engaging art, illustrations, and images from text inputs. The tool also provides ideas in case you are looking for some inspiration, and has templates of image/art styles to choose from. You can choose how many images you want to generate for a single prompt.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Hotpot

Hotpot also has an AI headshot generator for professional portraits, stylized AI selfies, and glamour shots. You can use the AI Image Generator API on Hotspot to add image generation to your workflow.

Pricing: Hotpot can be used free of cost. However, for commercial use, you can buy credits to use the Premium plan that allows custom sizes, faster generation, and has no ads. A single image generation costs 5 credits.

Deep AI

Deep AI is a platform that offers a suite of AI tools for creative professionals, including text-to-image generation. It also has an AI image editor where you can edit your images within seconds with a single text prompt. Apart from this, Deep AI also has a headshot generator and an AI text generator.

Pricing: Deep AI pricing starts at $4.99 per month.


4. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Audio Generators

With the rising popularity of video content and podcasts, the demand for audio generation is increasing simultaneously. With such immense competition in the world of marketing, consumers are more likely to be drawn toward brands that can personalize and humanize their video marketing campaigns with human voiceovers and impressive sounds.

But just like video content, recording audio for your content can also demand huge investments in terms of equipment, studios, and more. This is where AI audio generators can help simplify the process and cut down costs. AI audio generators are AI tools that can generate realistic voices from text inputs. We have listed some powerful AI voiceover tools for you to consider.


Fineshare VoiceTrans is an AI voice changer & Soundboard tool. It has a huge library of audio resources and unique AI voice features to bring more fun to everyone who communicates online. With VoiceTrans, anyone can easily enhance their online communication and make their voiceovers more expressive and interesting. Its iOS version can also turn your iPhone into a portable soundboard and work independently.

So if you want a real-time voice changer for all kinds of platforms, applications, and games, VoiceTrans is worth a try.

Pricing: VoiceTrans Free allows you to use 5 voice effects per day for free. It also offers subscription plans and a one-time plan to choose from.


Murf is a popular AI voice generator that lets you create studio-quality voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, and presentations. Murf can convert written text into realistic AI voices. The platform has over 120 AI voices. You can make the voiceovers even more human-like by managing the pitch, emphasis, punctuation, and pauses. Murf can also convert your home recordings to studio-quality AI voiceovers.

Pricing: Murf has a free plan but that doesn’t allow downloads. The paid plans start at $19 per user per month.


Uberduck is another AI voiceover tool that has more than 5,000 different AI voices. Like Murf, this tool also lets you generate your AI voice clone. But apart from this, Uberduck has a few other interesting features too like AI-generated rap that lets you create a rap video with AI and reference audio where you make the AI voice sign or rap using a reference audio piece.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Uberduck

So if you want to experiment or have a little fun with your marketing content, Uberduck is a must-have.

Pricing: Uberduck has a free plan which allows you to save 5 audio clips. Paid plans start at $96 per year.


Voicemod is a real-time voice AI changer and modulator. This tool is primarily designed for use in gaming and VR platforms, but it can be of good use in marketing content creation too. Voicemod can integrate with desktop apps like Googe Meet, Zoom, TeamSpeak, Skype, and others to add custom sound effects. It can be used to add Voice Skins and Avatars on live streams and can be used for recording videos as well.

Pricing: Voicemod is currently free. You can use the tool by simply signing up with your email.

5. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Email Marketing Tools

AI email marketing tools are extremely useful for making your email campaigns more effective and efficient. When it comes to email marketing, AI has multiple roles to play. AI email marketing tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze subscriber behavior and preferences to personalize email content and optimize send times. There are AI email writing tools that can automatically generate email copy with minimal input.

Using AI tools the right way can result in higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Also, AI email marketing tools can help reduce the risk of human error and save time by automating tasks such as segmentation, A/B testing, and data analysis. With the right AI email marketing tools, you can make data-driven decisions, improve communication with your subscribers, and ultimately increase revenue.

Here are a few AI email marketing tools you should consider.


We have already mentioned how Narrato offers AI capabilities for every stage in the content creation journey, and that is true for email marketing too. Narrato’s AI writer has a dedicated use case for emails that lets you generate attention-grabbing subject lines, copy for cold emails, email copy from an outline, and more.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato AI email writer

The more context you can provide, the more personalized and targeted your AI-generated emails will be.

Pricing: With all its AI tools and a host of other content planning and creation features, Narrato pricing plans start at just $45 per month (5 user seats included).


Instanly is an AI-powered email marketing suite that helps with cold outreach, email warmup and offers unlimited email sending accounts. The platform also helps with automated campaign building and personalization. Instantly also provides analytics to tell you which campaigns need more work and which ones to scale.

Pricing: Instantly pricing plans start at $30 per month.


GetEmail is an AI email finder that uses Big Data and machine learning algorithms to find email contacts in any company. The tool scans through millions of websites to find the general email address formats that companies use, and then recreate the email id of the professional you’re looking for.

Pricing: GetEmail has a free plan too, but paid plans start at $49 per month.


6. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Social Media Tools

AI social media marketing tools can help you optimize and enhance your social media presence, engagement, and user-generated content. AI social media tools automate tasks such as scheduling posts, tagging content, and analyzing social media performance metrics such as likes, shares, and comments.

AI social media marketing tools can also help you identify and respond to customer feedback and concerns, enabling you to build stronger relationships with your customers. These tools provide insights into social media trends and emerging opportunities, which is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors and refine your social media strategy continually.

Here are a few AI social media marketing and content creation tools to try.


Narrato has an AI writer with multiple use cases that you can apply to your social media content as well. You can repurpose content from your blog posts and articles to post on social with use cases like ‘Paraphrase a Paragraph’ or ‘Paragraph from Outline’. Narrato also has a CHatGPT integration that you can use to create social posts specific to different platforms. Apart from this, the AI image generator and CC images tool on the platform can help you create/find the right images to go with your posts as well.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato social media

Narrato also lets you create custom templates for your social media and other content, making it easier to get structured content from your writers. You can publish content to any social platform with just one click using Narrato’s API for custom integration.

Pricing: Narrato pricing plans start at $45 per month/



SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management tool with a comprehensive suite of features. From planning and scheduling to analyzing and collaborating on posts, it’s your ultimate solution for effortless social media handling.

A standout feature of the platform is Copilot, which assists in crafting on-point social media strategies. Additionally, the AI content generator streamlines the process by automatically filling your content calendar with captivating captions and images.

Pricing: SocialBee pricing plans start from $29 per month.


Affable.ai is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform that brands and agencies can use for smooth collaborations with social media influencers. It lets you manage thousands of influencer campaigns and commissions at scale. From discovering influencers to managing offers to analyzing the performance of campaigns, Affable provides an end-to-end influencer marketing solution for businesses.

Pricing: Affable has three pricing plans for companies of different sizes, but the prices are not available on the website. To know the prices, you can contact the Affable team.


Brand 24 is an AI-enabled social listening tool. It helps you discover customer insights, brand mentions and reputation, competitor analytics, and more. The platform helps you gather insights from over 25 million online sources and carry out sentiment analysis. It has an AI-powered language detection tool that helps track brand mentions in 108 languages. The AI also turns these insights into easily comprehensible packets of information.

Pricing: Brand24 pricing plans start from $69 per month.

7. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Webinar Tools

AI webinar tools are an increasingly popular form of virtual event technology, useful for businesses, marketers, and trainers. AI marketing tools for webinar delivery use algorithms that can monitor audience behavior and engagement during webinars, redirect content or even start a conversation to keep the session engaging.

AI-powered chat engines can also be used to interact with attendees in real time, such as providing relevant information or responding to FAQs. Organizers can personalize the experience for their audience, understand attendee behavior more deeply and make data-driven changes to improve future webinars. AI webinar tools can enhance the webinar experience and help make it more successful.

Here are a few AI webinar tools worth mentioning.


Livestorm is an AI-enabled meeting and webinar platform that makes them more engaging and interactive. The platform has an Automated Webinars feature with which you can put your webinars on autopilot. You can automate the start and end of your online events, and even play videos at a certain time within the webinar to give your audience a live experience. You can also customize your webinars by designing your webinar room with brand assets. The platform offers automated reports and analytics to assess your webinars as well.

Pricing: Livestorm has a free plan with up to 30 active contacts. The paid plans start at $79 per month with 100 active contacts.


Decktopus is an AI-powered presentation generator for webinars and conferences that helps create your webinar presentations from just the title. You can also share the presentation deck after the webinar with your voice recorded and an embedded form for capturing leads. Decktoplus can help you generate good-looking presentations without any design skills required.

Pricing: Decktopus pricing starts at $7.99 per month.


Dreamcast is another amazing platform for giving your webinars and online events an added zing. This platform offers features like the 3D immersive experience where you can enhance user experiences multi folds by giving them a 360 virtual experience. You can customize the environment to include your branding and reflect your style. Apart from this, Dreamcast has other features too like Record and Repurpose, ANalytics and Insights to help understand your audience better, and so on.

Pricing: Dreamcast has a free plan that allows up to 50 attendees per event. The paid plans start at $179 per month.

8. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Podcast Tools

AI podcast tools have transformed the way we create, distribute, and monetize podcasts. AI-driven tools can help marketers and podcasters enhance audio quality, transcribe their podcast episodes, and auto-generate scripts and notes too, freeing up creative time to focus on other areas.

AI technology can also analyze listener behavior and preferences, helping you deliver personalized content and drive more engagement. With AI-powered optimization, the process from recording to distribution is made much easier and more efficient.


Podcastle is an AI-powered podcast recording and editing software that helps manage the entire podcast creation process on a single platform. Apart from providing studio-quality recording wherever you’re working from, Podcastle also has a feature called Magic Dust that removes any background noise in one click and enhances your audio to give you flawless podcasts. There is also a tool called Silence Removal that automatically removes any unwanted pauses and empty segments in your audio.

Pricing: The Basic plan on Podcastle is free. Paid plans start at $3 per month.


Descript is another AI-enabled platform that helps with podcasting, alongside other content types like screen recordings, social clips, etc. The most interesting feature here is that you can create an AI voice clone of yours and replace/add sections of the podcast audio. So even if there are mistakes in the recorded podcasts, you can easily correct them with the power of AI. The AI tool also helps remove filler words and repeated words to make the podcaster sound more confident. Descript is a full-featured video editor too.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Descript

Pricing: Descript has a free plan with limited allowances. The paid plans start at $12 per user per month.


Auphonic is another podcasting tool on our AI marketing tools list that helps with balancing the audio, removing background noises, and automatically generating chapters and transcriptions. It only takes a few clicks to complete the post-production tasks for your podcasts, saving you hours of work. Auphonic can also help with audio recording for your video content.

Pricing: Auphonic offer 2 hours of use per month with the free plan. Paid plans for extended use start at €10 per month.

9. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI content detection tools

AI content detectors are essential tools for determining whether the content you’re publishing has an acceptable amount of AI-generated content. Using machine learning algorithms, these detectors can scan through content and identify patterns that indicate the content was generated by AI. Some tools may also detect any inappropriate or harmful material, such as hate speech, spam, and fake news.

AI content detection tools can prevent the publishing of AI-generated content that has not undergone any human review and could be bad for your brand reputation. By leveraging AI content detectors, online platforms can ensure that their users are protected, and the integrity of their content remains intact. By using AI content detectors you can ensure that your team is using AI writing tools judiciously and your content adds value for the audience.

Here are a few AI content detectors to try.


SEO.ai is an AI-powered content SEO platform that also has a ChatGPT and AI content detector tool. It can test your content against 4 different AI content generation models. SEO.ai further reinforces the fact that when writing SEO content you should not be focused on whether search engines penalize AI content, but instead whether your content is helpful and valuable. And that is the reason you should use an AI detector in the first place.

Pricing: The AI content detector tool on the platform lets you run a check on up to 5000 characters for free. The paid plans on SEO.ai start at $49 per month and offer several other tools too.


ZeroGPT is another AI content detector that helps detect content generated using GPT4, ChatGPT, and other AI language models. You can run the test by either copying and pasting the text on the detector or simply uploading a file.

Pricing: ZeroGPT is currently free to use.

AI Writing Check

AI Writing Check is an AI detector tool primarily designed for educators and teachers to detect AI-generated text in students’ writing, but it can be equally useful for marketers too. The tool has been tested with 15,000 essays to ensure accuracy. This AI content detector needs a minimum of 100 words to run a check, but you can only check 400 words in one go.

Pricing: AI Writing Check is a free tool.

10. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Copywriting Tools

AI copywriting tools help you create high-quality copy for your website, landing pages, e-commerce sites, and ads quickly and efficiently. Using natural language processing and machine learning, AI copywriting tools can generate content for different copywriting frameworks keeping brand identity intact, saving you time and costs.

Some AI copywriting tools can also grammar checkers and spell checks, ensuring that the content is accurate and engaging.

Here are a few powerful AI copywriting tools you could use.


Among all its AI superpowers, Narrato also has an AI copywriting tool under its belt. The AI copywriting tool on Narrato lets you generate content for a variety of use cases, including product descriptions, short ad copy, web page headlines, product and business names, etc. It can also generate content in different copywriting frameworks like AIDA, BAB, and PAS. Apart from this, you can also use the AI copywriting tool to create SEO meta descriptions for your web pages, improve existing content, or paraphrase content to improve your website’s performance. The automated SEO content briefs on the platform also help optimize your copy for search engines.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato AI copywriting

Pricing: The AI copywriting tool is part of an entire AI-powered content workspace on Narrato, plans for which starts at $45 per month.

Copy Monkey

Copy Monkey is an AI copywriting tool, especially for optimizing your Amazon listings. It helps include and place all the important keywords in your product listings on Amazon to help you rank higher. The tool also offers competitor insights, keyword research, and copy improvement suggestions.

Pricing: Copy Monkey pricing plans start at $24 per month.


DeepL is an AI writing and translation tool. We picked DeepL in our AI copywriting tools section because of its translation capabilities. Localizing your copy for a target market can play a huge role in building your brand, and DeepL AI Translator can help with this. You can simply paste your text in any language and translate it into the language of your target market. It also works the other way round, where you can paste text in a language you’re unfamiliar with, let the AI detect the language, and translate it to a language you know. This can help with competitor research as well.

Pricing: The DeepL translator has a free plan that offers limited text translation. The paid plans start at $8.74 per user per month.


11. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Transcription Tools

AI transcription tools are highly useful for transcribing audio or video recordings. These tools use advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically convert speech into text accurately. With these AI marketing tools, the transcription process can be completed much faster and more efficiently.

Some AI transcription tools can also provide real-time transcriptions, enabling the audience to read along – for instance, if they have any hearing difficulties. The technology can even identify speakers and differentiate them, making it easier for the user to identify who said what during the recording. The accuracy of AI transcription tools improves over time as more data is fed into the system.

Here are a few great AI transcription tools for you.


Rev is an AI transcription service that gives you the best of both worlds – human and artificial intelligence. On Rev, your transcriptions are carried out by humans with assistance from AI technology. The AI software helps the 70,000+ skilled freelancers on the platform capture the nuances in speech, like accents and dialects. This makes it easier for the professional to provide more accurate and error-free transcriptions. The AI tool makes the process faster and more flexible as well. You can also opt for transcriptions done entirely by AI

Pricing: For automated transcriptions done entirely by AI, the cost is $0.25 per minute. For human transcriptions, the cost starts at $1.5 per minute. You can add other services like English Captions and Global Subtitles at added costs.

Assembly AI

Assembly AI is a powerful AI model for transcribing and understanding speech. The API helps with speaker detection, speech summarization, and more. With this AI model, developers can build their own products. You can also integrate your recording software with the Assembly AI API to enable async and real-time transcribing and speech recognition on your platform of choice.

Pricing: Assembly AI pricing plans start at $0.00025 per second.


Audext is a Transcription software that converts audio files to text. The tool also has an in-built editor that can highlight errors, find and replace words, and manage the playback speed to help you edit the track at your preferred pace. The AI tool also helps with speaker detection. Audext supports all the popular file formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, and more.

Pricing: Audext pricing starts at $12 for one hour of transcription.


Notta is an AI-based audio-to-text converter supporting 104 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, and more. Notta can be used for a variety of purposes such as generating meeting minutes, documenting interviews, producing video transcriptions, and many more. You can also translate your transcription with Notta AI. Accessible across devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, users can conveniently access their transcriptions from anywhere at any time.

Notta can help you capture and transcribe audio content in real-time. Users can also import audio and video files to generate a transcript. Additionally, it functions as an AI meeting assistant, you can schedule, record, transcribe, and summarize meetings all in one place. After transcription, users can tag crucial notes, making it easier to identify important parts later. Notta is certified under GDPR, SSL, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CCPA, and APPI, ensuring data encryption and protection.

Price: Free version available. Pro Plan at $8.25/month (billed annually). Business Plan at $44/month for 2 seats (billed annually).

12. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Translation Tools

AI translation tools are very crucial if you are targeting a local audience in a foreign market. Localized marketing can be tough without the knowledge of regional languages, but an AI translation tool can make it easy, at least for your content marketing campaigns. These tools use machine learning to provide accurate translations of text from one language to another instantly. AI translation tools may work with various formats like documents, images, videos, and even voice.

Overall, AI translation tools can improve communication, streamline workflows, and help you break down language barriers, making it easier to reach audiences worldwide.

Here are some powerful AI content translation tools.


MiraiTranslate provides highly accurate and secure AI translation services. The platform supports multiple languages and file formats, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking to achieve. The tool also lets you customize the dictionary, storing nouns as product names or internal terminology ensuring these do not get translated in the process. Mirai, however, helps only with text translation and not videos or audio.

Pricing: To know the pricing plans, you can make product inquiries on the website.


Smartcat is a GPT4-powered AI translation tool that provides accurate and contextual translation within minutes. The tool is configurable, which means you can customize the experience from start to finish to make it work your way. The platform supports 280+ languages. Smartcat also has video translation capabilities, which allow translating video subtitles in any language.

Pricing: Smartcat has a forever-free plan. The paid plans start at $99 per month.


Smartling is a language translation platform that offers both translation services and neural machine translation using AI. The cloud-based machine translation technology allows you to translate hundreds of words within minutes and also allows you to retain brand terminology. Smartling’s machine translation is a good fit for marketing materials, SEO content and blogs, product catalogs, etc.

Pricing: Smartling offers three pricing plans, but you have to get in touch with the team to get a quote.

13. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Repurposing Tools

AI content repurposing tools are great for amplifying your content’s reach. Repurposing your content for different channels and in different formats can help you reach a wider audience and build more brand awareness. Repurposing content also increases the life and visibility of your existing content.

AI content repurposing tools use AI to take existing content and repurpose it into another format or for a different platform. For instance, an AI repurposing tool can convert blog posts into video content, infographics, or even social media posts.

Here are a few good picks in this category of AI marketing tools.


Narrato’s AI writing assistant has some very handy use cases that can help you repurpose content faster and more efficiently. Use cases like ‘Paraphrase a Paragraph’, ‘Paragraph from Outline/Topic’, ‘Paragraph to Bullets’, etc. can be of great help. If you are repurposing a blog post for social media, all you have to do is provide an outline of your article and the tool will generate a short paragraph from it within minutes. Or if you wish to condense a key paragraph from your content into bullet points to share on social or online communities, you can use the paragraph to bullets use case.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato AI content repurposing

There are other use cases like ‘Content Improver’ and ‘Write for Me’ as well that can help create content for various channels faster.

Pricing: This and tons of other AI-powered content planning and creation tools are available on Narrato, starting at $45 per month.


Vidyo.ai is an AI content repurposing platform that helps mostly with video content. It helps convert your long videos into digestible short clips for social media. The tool allows you to define your preferences for platforms, formats, and templates that you’d like to use and converts your videos accordingly within minutes. Some key features include video clipping and resizing, automated video chapters, automated captioning, and more.

Pricing: Vidyo.ai has a free plan too. Paid plans start at $29.99 per month.


Designs.AI is another AI-powered content repurposing platform that lets you generate a variety of content. The platform has an AI logo maker, video maker, design maker, and speech maker as well. You can easily import your brand style guides on Designs.AI and apply them across all your design projects on the platform. The video maker uses text-to-video technology to convert articles, blog posts, and other text onto videos in over 20 languages. In short, Designs.AI is a complete, all-in-one package for your content repurposing requirements.

Pricing: The pricing for Design.AI starts at $29 per month and the basic plan offers a free trial too.

14. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Ideation Tools

AI content ideation tools are highly useful when you’re struggling to come up with new content ideas. These tools can analyze content performance, user engagement, and social trends, suggesting new content ideas and topics that match your audience’s interests and preferences. AI content idea generator tools can help you content that resonates with your customer’s needs and interests, increasing engagement, and driving sales.

AI content ideation tools can also suggest keyword-optimized content titles, helping you boost your SEO performance. The technology continuously learns from data inputs and offers insights to improve marketing efforts over time.

Here are some AI content ideation tools you may like.


Narrato’s AI content assistant has a powerful AI topic generator that helps you generate new, fresh content ideas from a single keyword or central theme. The AI topic generator gives you a list of topics around your target keyword or theme, and you can directly add the topics you like to the corresponding Project on Narrato Workspace. You can also refresh and generate new topics multiple times until you’re happy with the ideas it offers.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato AI topic generator

Pricing: Narrato pricing plans start at $45 per month and the platform offers a complete suite of AI tools for content marketing.


Paperflite is a sales content management platform but it can double up as your AI content idea generator too, as it has a content intelligence tool. It helps with content discovery intelligence, content engagement intelligence, and content ROI intelligence to give you a clear picture of what works best. All of these insights will help your marketing team decide what topics to go after and predict how they might perform.

Pricing: Paperflite pricing begins at $50 per user per month


Feedly is another AI-powered market research and intelligence software that offers insights from across the web, including blogs, news sites, and newsletters. You can train the AI to understand what you’re looking for or what interests you, and it will flag relevant content for you to follow for inspiration.

Pricing: Feedly pricing starts at $6 per month.


15. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content SEO Tools

AI content SEO tools are meant to improve your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. These content marketing tools can help optimize content for search engines by identifying the most relevant keywords and phrases, and generating titles and descriptions. Some tools can even suggest internal and external links. AI SEO tools can help make your content more visible to the right audience, ultimately attracting more leads.

Additionally, AI content SEO tools can help improve website ranking by offering data-driven insights to optimize content, images, videos, and metadata. These tools train themselves over time, helping businesses to stay ahead of their competition and deliver more effective content in search rankings.

Here are some very helpful AI content SEO tools.


Narrato offers an SEO content brief generator that can give you a comprehensive SEO brief within minutes. The tool requires you to simply enter your content’s title or theme. Within minutes it generates a brief complete with keyword suggestions, questions to answer, competitor links, ideal length of the content, and more. The keyword counts automatically update as you use them in your content. The SEO brief also scores your content based on how well your content has met these SEO requirements.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato SEO content brief

Pricing: Narrato pricing begins at $45 per month, and includes tons of other content planning and creation tools.


VidIQ is an AI SEO tool for your video content. It helps boost the reach and views of your YouTube content by tracking performance, offering top keyword suggestions along with volume and competition, and so on. The AI tool also offers personalized ideas and inspiration daily to help improve your YouTube channel’s performance.

Pricing: The Basic plan on VidIQ is free. Paid plans start at $7.5 per month.


CTRify is an AI-powered SEO action platform. It is a complete SEO package that starts with providing an AI-selected domain for your site. The AI platform also helps build contextual backlinks for your content. CTRify can also analyze and track your website metrics to help you boost the website quality and rank higher for your target short- and long-tail keywords.

Pricing: CTRify does not disclose its pricing on the website. To know more, you will have to get in touch with the team.


16. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Marketing Research Tools

AI content research tools can help you conduct extensive research on various topics quickly and efficiently. These tools can analyze massive amounts of data from various sources such as documents, research articles, social media platforms, and other online sources. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to conduct manual research, while providing actionable insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions.

AI content research tools can help identify emerging trends, collect data on competitors, and discover information that supports the creation of quality content. With the help of AI research tools, businesses can create content that is informative, accurate, and current, helping them to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Here are some AI marketing research tools you might find useful.


Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that helps you summarize information from peer-reviewed, published sources of scientific research. The AI tool can extract key findings from scientific papers. The fact that it helps filter and refine your research on scientific findings, makes this AI marketing tool all the more useful for certain industries like healthcare, fitness, medicine, education, and the like.

Pricing: Consensus does not mention any pricing plans currently. You can simply sign up and start using the tool.


Latana is an AI marketing research platform that helps you track brand performance and derive actionable insights. The platform can give you insights into audience awareness, brand competition, brand growth performance, and more.

Pricing: You can book a demo and get in touch with the team to request a quote.


Remesh is an AI-powered audience research platform. On this platform, you can set up a live chat with any audience – it has over 1,000 participants. the AI then analyzes the interactions and opinions of the participants to help you collate the research and gain solid insights from the group’s responses. You can post questions about the audience’s preferences on anything and the AI tool gives you the highlights and the common topics that appeared frequently in the chat. Remesh can thus help you create marketing messages that resonate with your audience.

Pricing: Remesh does not mention any pricing plans, but you can request a demo on their website to learn more.


Woorise is a powerful lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments and more to help you grow your business from a single platform.

Woorise AI lead generation and marketing tool

Features include a modern landing page and form builder, 40+ field types and thousands of social actions, 100+ interactive templates, conditional logic, real-time email notifications, multi-language support and built-in analytics.

Woorise integrates with popular marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Facebook, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe and many more allowing you to automatically send your new leads to the tools you already use.

Pricing: Woorise pricing plans start from $29 per month.

17. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Content Summarizers & Paraphrasers

AI content summarizing and paraphrasing tools are very useful when you need to process large volumes of text quickly and accurately. These tools generate summaries or paraphrase long-form content into shorter versions while retaining the original meaning. This significantly saves time and effort as compared to manually summarizing or rewriting a document. It can also improve the readability of lengthy and complex content.

By using an AI paraphrasing tool you minimize the likelihood of plagiarism, avoiding key phrases and words from the original text. AI summarizing and paraphrasing tools can help you produce more engaging and digestible content for the target audience, thus increasing readership and engagement.

Here are a few AI content summarizing and paraphrasing tools you could try.


Narrato is a complete AI content workspace and its state-of-the-art AI writing assistant has multiple use cases for content summarizing and paraphrasing. Narrato’s AI content paraphrasing features include use cases like ‘Paraphrase a Paragraph’, ‘Paragraph to Bullets’, ‘Content Improver’, and ‘Paragraph from Outline’.

AI tools for marketing and content creation - Narrato paraphrasing tool

Pricing: Narrato, with all its AI content and process management tools, has two pricing plans starting at $45 per month. You can also request custom plans.


Paraphraser is an AI-powered content tool that has both a text summarizer and an AI paraphraser. This simple tool requires you to paste your input text into the editor and choose your language. Yes, it supports multiple languages. You can also choose between different modes of paraphrasing like Fluency, Standard, and Word Changer. Certain paraphrasing modes like Creative, Smarter, and Shorten are only accessible with the Pro plan. The AI text summarizer is also easy to use and supports 8 languages.

Pricing: Paraphraser Pro has a Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly pricing plan. The Weekly plan starts at $7 per week.

Rephraser AI

Rephraser AI is another very simple and intuitive AI paraphrasing tool. The simple interface of the tool requires you to enter your text, choose the style and tone you want in the paraphrased text, and generate. The tool lets you paraphrase 300 words in one go, and you have to log in to start using it. It is powered by OpenAI.

Pricing: Rephraser AI does not mention any pricing plans, indicating it is free to use by simply signing in.

18. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Design Assistant

AI design tools enable you to create high-quality designs, videos, and images without any expertise in graphic designing required. These tools use algorithms to automate design tasks like layout, color schemes, and typography, allowing anyone to create appealing graphics within minutes. If you’re looking to enhance your brand identity, you can explore various logo design examples to make your visual representation stand out in the market.

Some AI-enabled design tools may provide insights into how design elements affect engagement, enabling businesses to refine their designs continually as well.

We’re all familiar with tools like Canva and Figma, but here are a few up-and-coming AI design tools you would probably love to try.


Uizard is an AI-powered web, app, and UI design platform that helps automate this complex process and obtain stunning design within minutes. The AI tool lets you turn your screenshots into editable designs. It can also scan sketches and turn them into design templates for your web and mobile apps, websites, and UI. UI has also introduced Autodesigner which lets you turn text to design, meaning you can simply explain what you want and the AI generates the design automatically.

Pricing: Uizard has a free plan for students and hobbyists. The paid plans start at $12 per user per month.


Khroma is an AI color tool for content creators and designers that lets you generate interesting color palettes for your designs. The AI tool uses machine learning to identify your color preferences and creates tons of palettes based on this for you to choose from and save. The neural network can be trained to choose the colors you like and block the ones you don’t, on your browser itself. It can also create infinite combinations of these colors that you can view and test as typography, gradients, custom images, etc.

Pricing: Khroma is still in its beta version and is currently free to use.


Looka is an AI-powered logo maker and brand design kit. The AI platform lets you choose design elements, colors, fonts, and more to generate unconventional and unique logo designs. You can also automatically generate hundreds of brand marketing materials with your logo and customize them to match your brand identity.

Pricing: Looka is free to use and you can access the tool without even signing up.


Illustroke is an AI-powered illustration generator that allows you to generate illustrations, logos, and icons with text prompts. The tool has over 40 style options. Illustrations are generated in SVG format and can also be downloaded as PNG, all scalable and customizable.

Pricing: Illustroke offers free tokens if you follow and contact them through their social channels. Paid token bundles start from $6.

19. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI Presentation Makers

AI presentation makers are great for creating professional presentations faster and better. AI presentation tools can generate slides and templates, and optimize content to create visually appealing presentations. This saves you the trouble of creating presentations from scratch while ensuring that the final output meets the desired design and content standards.

AI presentation makers can even offer recommendations based on specific audience preferences, helping businesses to create presentations that resonate with their target audience better.

Here are a few AI presentation generators that you should know about.


Slidesgo is a popular AI presentation maker that lets you create and customize presentations within minutes. This AI tool can generate presentations from text inputs. You can type in your presentation topic, choose your preferred style and tone, and generate. You can also refine and customize the AI-generated presentation to meet your liking and then it’s ready to download.

Pricing: Slidesgo has a free plan for individual use. Paid plans start at $5.99 per month.


AppyPie is an AI design platform that has a free AI presentation maker as well. You can choose from hundreds of AI-generated presentation templates and customize them with AI-powered tools to create your final draft. AppyPie is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Pricing: AppyPie has a free plan that lets you manage 4 design projects per month. Paid plans start at $6 per month.


Beautiful.ai is also an AI design tool with an amazing AI presentation generator. You can create graphics and charts for your presentation with simple text prompts on this design platform. The slides automatically format and realign based on the content you add, saving you hours of work. You can also customize your presentations to meet your brand guidelines.

Pricing: Beautiful.ai pricing starts at $12 per month.


Presentations.AI aptly calls itself the ChatGPT of presentations. This AI presentation maker tool lets you generate presentations by entering text prompts or a keyword. You can define color palettes, fonts, etc to create templates that are easy to customize.

Pricing: Presentations.AI offers a free trial and early access by simply signing up.

20. AI tools for marketing and content creation: AI marketing analytics tools

AI marketing analytics tools are tools to track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing efforts. These machine-learning algorithms can collect and analyze vast amounts of data across multiple platforms, channels, and campaigns. This enables you to identify trends, performance metrics, and opportunities for optimization in real time. This, in turn, helps maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns.

AI marketing analytics tools can also provide detailed information on customer behavior, audience demographics, and other critical performance indicators, helping you tailor your marketing messaging for the target audience and drive more leads.

Here are some very efficient AI marketing analytics tools for you.

Automated Insights

Automated Insights is an AI-powered marketing analytics platform that lets you turn data into easily comprehensible natural language. This helps with easy reporting, minus the industry and technical jargon, so that all stakeholders can easily understand your reports and insights. The tool works on Natural Language Generation and is suitable for any industry or application.

Pricing: Automated Insights does not have pricing plans on its website, but you can request a demo for more information.


Data.ai is an all-in-one AI analytics platform that helps you with both consumer and market data to derive insights with the power of AI. It can give you AI-powered estimates of app revenue generated from ads and in-app purchases. It also has AI-powered tools for marketing intelligence and much more.

Pricing: Data.ai has a free plan and paid plan. The paid plan can be customized as per your requirements.


Phrasee is an AI marketing analytics tool that can gather data to tell you which campaigns will perform better and create content accordingly. It can assist with email marketing, push notifications, SMS marketing, social marketing, and more. Phrasee can generate content based on predictions of what message elements are most likely to engage your audience.

Pricing: Phrasee is priced at $6,000 per year. You can also build a custom plan.

21. Conversational AI for customer engagement and support


AI tools for content creation and marketing

Tiledesk is a chatbot platform that leverages the power of conversational AI to automate customer interactions. Whether you’re seeking a platform to boost customer engagement and sales, or an AI agent for customer support, Tiledesk does it all. Tiledesk allows you to create AI Agents with native integration with ChatGPT, and train them with your website content or a text file to offer automated customer support. It guarantees the highest level of flexibility and personalization in conversations, which feel like human conversation.

Tiledesk also boasts a community of chatbot builders and hundreds of free ready-to-use templates for various purposes, such as boosting engagement of website visitors, showcasing the best deals with product cards in the chat widget, providing 24/7 customer support, and more. These can be seamlessly embedded into your website or app in minutes.

Pricing: The Free Forever plan from Tiledesk lets you tap into the power of Live chat, AI chatbot, and beyond for your business.

Wrapping up

With the right AI tools for marketing and content creation in your arsenal, you can save yourself hours of work and hundreds of dollars. We’ve listed more than 60 of the most useful AI marketing tools available today, and we hope this list will make your life easier as a marketer. But if we’ve missed any great AI tool you’ve tried, let us know!