AI for Sales: How to Create Sales Enablement Content in Seconds Using AI

Get ready to revolutionize your sales game, amigos! When we talk of AI content creation, we mostly think of marketing content. But have you ever thought about how much time you could save by adopting AI for sales content creation? Or how you could amplify the effectiveness of your sales enablement content with AI? As sales professionals, you surely understand that time is money and efficiency is key. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to generate high-quality sales content in mere seconds. Keeping your unique interests and roles in mind, we’re about to unveil how artificial intelligence can be your magic wand in achieving sales targets without breaking a sweat. Consider this an invaluable guide on AI for sales teams in the fast-paced digital era, filled with dynamic insights and expert-recommended tips.

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Here are some of the best use cases of AI for sales that can give you phenomenal results.

  1. Using AI for sales emails to engage prospects
  2. Using AI to create high-converting Google Ads campaigns
  3. Using an AI writer to craft persuasive case studies and customer success stories
  4. Designing informative brochures with AI to highlight product features
  5. Leveraging AI for sales enablement content for training and onboarding
  6. Optimizing web pages for search engines and customer engagement
  7. Crafting engaging and shareable social media posts
  8. Generating FAQs to address customers’ most pressing questions
  9. Developing video scripts with AI for sales videos and demos
  10. Improving and optimizing sales content using AI tools

Use cases for AI writing tools in sales content creation

AI writing tools have transformed the way businesses create sales enablement content. Gone are the days of spending hours brainstorming ideas and writing from scratch. With AI for sales teams, you can create content in seconds, saving tons of time and effort.

From generating personalized outreach emails to creating engaging product content quickly and efficiently, AI writers for content creation can be a game-changer for you.

Here are some applications of AI tools in sales content that can streamline your content creation process and drive better results.

1. Using AI for sales emails to engage prospects

If you are a sales professional, you live and breathe emails. Be it cold emails to prospects, follow-up emails to leads, or onboarding emails to customers, the email saga just doesn’t end. Crafting each of these emails manually can be a pain. You may have a few default email templates but that doesn’t usually apply everywhere. Each prospect, lead, or customer has unique goals and challenges, which makes email personalization extremely essential.

This is where an AI email writer can prove to be a major help. Most AI email writing tools will help you craft compelling content for all your outreach and follow-up emails. Narrato’s AI email writer has dedicated AI templates for cold emails, email subject lines, promotional emails, and more.

Crafting an email with the AI writer is as simple as providing your product’s name, a brief description, some context and your tone of voice.

AI for sales email content

That’s all. The AI tool will craft a detailed, meaningful cold email from scratch for you. You can run your eyes through it, make minor edits if necessary, and send it out.

So instead of spending an hour thinking of a good subject line or trying to find the right words to say in your message, you can just let AI give you a solid first draft in seconds.

You can also generate other sales emails using other AI templates on Narrato. For instance, there is an ‘Email from outline’ template that will help you craft customer emails with just a bit of context. Or use the ‘Promotion or offer email’ template to create sales emails for introductory offers, early bird discounts, festive offers, and more.

2. Using AI to create high-converting Google Ads campaigns

With emails taken care of, the next important area in sales where content is key is advertising. Sales teams often have to run ad campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or other platforms to boost traffic and sales. Ads can be tricky as you have to convey the message in very few words and still get people to click on them. They need to be crisp and catchy and must make the right pitch.

If you’re not a highly skilled, experienced copywriter, coming up with such impactful ad copy every time can be challenging. This is where AI for sales content can help again. An AI ad copy generator can automatically analyze your target audience, competition, and industry trends to create ads that resonate with your potential customers. By leveraging AI-powered tools, you can optimize your Google Ads campaigns for maximum performance, saving both time and resources.

Narrato’s AI ad copy generator has separate templates for Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, and even Classifieds. This ensures that the ad copy generated by the artificial intelligence is tailored to the specific platform’s requirements. So you can simply copy and paste the content into your campaign. The AI ad copy generator gives you catchy headlines and compelling copy, and you also get more than one option to choose from. This helps with A/B testing your ads too, which can tell you what kind of ads perform better.

AI for sales ads content

3. Using an AI writer to craft persuasive case studies and customer success stories

Case studies and customer stories are great for building trust among your leads and potential customers. Showcasing how you helped existing customers overcome their pain points and challenges sets a precedence and serve as proof of your product/service’s capability. But writing case studies from scratch can be time-consuming, especially when sales teams already have a lot of other tasks at hand.

Using an AI content creation tool can cut down the time taken to write your case studies by almost half. From coming up with a title to writing the content, artificial intelligence tools can help at various stages.

Some AI writers may help you repurpose customer testimonials into persuasive narratives that highlight the benefits and value of your offerings. You can use AI rewriting and paraphrasing tools to convert user reviews into sectional content for your case studies.

You can gather customers’ insights and summarize them using an AI summary generator. There are tons of other AI templates and tools that can also help with writing our case studies. For example, you can use the AI blog writer templates like ‘Blog post intro’, ‘Blog sectional content from topic’, and others to add content to your case study with minimal effort.

4. Designing informative brochures with AI to highlight product features

Brochures play a crucial role in sales enablement, grabbing the attention of potential customers and showcasing product features effectively. But how do you create informative brochures that stand out from the rest? Enter AI brochure generators!

AI-driven design tools like Canva or Adobe Illustrator offer pre-designed templates and intuitive features that make brochure creation quick and simple. These tools enable you to create captivating visuals and organize information in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand.

For the written content that goes on your brochure, you can again use an AI writing tool. Narrato’s AI Content Assistant has a dedicated AI template for brochures that lets you generate copy within seconds. You can choose how many pages your brochure will be, the purpose of the brochure, add some notes/details, choose the tone, and generate.

AI for sales brochures

The AI tool automatically breaks down the content for the chosen number of pages with a relevant header for each page.

You can use the AI product description generator on the platform to craft compelling product descriptions for your brochures. The bulk product description generator can even give you 100s of descriptions in one go.

For brochure designing you can use AI tools like Xara, Dribbble, and of course Canva.


5. Leveraging AI for sales enablement content for training and onboarding

Leveraging AI for sales enablement content could be content for training and onboarding new sales teams, or content that can help sales teams sell better. Sales enablement content can be internal, meant to empower sales teams with the right information to help customers in their buying journey. Or it could be customer-facing content that sales professionals can share with leads to help them make informed buying decisions.

In both cases, an AI writer can be immensely helpful. You can generate sales enablement content using the various AI templates to create fresh content or repurpose and improve existing content. The blog writing AI templates on Narrato can be useful here. You can also convert some of the product-led content from your blog into solid sales enablement content, as it usually has a lot of information about your product and its value. For this, you could use the AI paraphrasing tool or the AI summarizing tool on Narrato.

Using AI for sales enablement content creation will save you a lot of precious time that you can invest in actually closing deals.

6. Optimizing web pages for search engines and customer engagement

Your website is at the forefront of not just marketing, but sales too. Most prospects or leads you’re pursuing will want to visit your website before taking the next step. This is why it is important that your website copy is on point. For this, you either need a very skilled copywriter, or you could use an AI copywriter that saves you more time.

An AI copywriting tool can help you generate high-converting copy for your landing pages, product pages, product descriptions, online store, and more. Narrato’s AI copywriter also has templates for different copywriting frameworks like BAB, PAS, and AIDA.

AI for sales copywriting

Other than creating content for your website, you can also optimize and improve your existing copy using AI tools. Narratos’ SEO content brief generator is one such tool that gives you automatically generated SEO briefs for your web pages or articles. The brief contains a list of target keywords, questions to answer, competitor links, and more. This information can come in very handy in optimizing your web copy for search engines.

AI for sales - SEO content

You can also use the AI content improver or text simplifier on the platform to further enhance your website copy.

7. Crafting engaging and shareable social media posts

Social media is also a great place to capture leads and drive sales. It gives you a chance to pursue leads on a channel that is more personal than email. So having your social media game on point is crucial for you as a sales professional. But with so much already on your plate, finding time to craft engaging social posts is not easy. That is where an AI social media post generator can help.

Narrato’s AI social media post generator lets you create stunning posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can create social posts with URLs, notes, and themes. You can even create Twitter threads from just a web page URL.

AI for sales social media content

Narrato also has an AI Content Genie that generates social posts (and blog posts) on autopilot week after week. You simply need to add your website and themes to the tool, and it will automatically generate fresh content for you based on these inputs every week! This makes it even easier to keep your social media calendar full. You can also schedule or publish your posts directly from Content Genie.


8. Generating FAQs to address customers’ most pressing questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) play a crucial role in helping sales teams address customer questions effectively. A comprehensive list of commonly asked questions and answers serves as a valuable resource for both your sales representatives and customers. They provide quick access, and self-serve access to important information for customers, saving your sales team a ton of time while also improving the customer experience.

However, creating effective sales FAQs for every product and every feature can be monotonous and time-consuming. You need to do your research on what customers’ common queries may be and craft the answers for all of them. An AI writer can make this a lot easier. In fact, you don’t even have to do extensive research to come up with the right questions.

The FAQ use case on Narrato’s AI Content Assistant, for instance, gives you a list of questions and answers for any topic or theme.

AI for sales FAQs

You can also use the QnA use case where you post the question as your input and the AI tool crafts the answer for you. This can be helpful if you already have a list of questions and only need to quickly craft relevant answers. You can edit the AI-generated answers as needed and put them up on your site.

9. Developing video scripts with AI for sales videos and demos

Videos are important to sales teams as they provide a dynamic and engaging medium for presenting your products or services. They can capture attention, convey information effectively, and create a memorable impact on potential customers. Videos in sales can be used to give product demos, explain complex concepts, and tell compelling stories that resonate with your audience. And here too, AI can play a critical role in saving time and boosting efficiency.

As a first step, you can use Narrato’s AI video script generator to create a first draft of your script. The AI tool usually gives you everything, starting with a hook intro to the lines for narrators and also the scenes that you should include in the video. With this, your pre-production stage is almost done.

AI for sales videos

For video production too, you can use AI video generation tools like Steve AI,, and others. Most of these AI tools have dedicated templates to create demo videos, product tutorials, explainer videos, and more. This will cut down your video production and editing time significantly as well.

10. Improving and optimizing sales content using AI tools

Finally, AI for sales content does not just help with creating fresh content but also with enhancing your existing content. Your product keeps changing, buyer preferences keep evolving and so should your sales content. Only then you can stay relevant in the highly competitive market and appeal to the potential customer. Any kind of content, be it for marketing or sales, must be revisited and updated from time to time.

But we get it. Where’s the time for this when you already have so many leads to chase and deals to close? Will it not affect sales productivity if you are still investing time in old content? That’s why using AI tools becomes all the more important. Using an AI writer to improve the tone of your content, discover new questions to answer, or simplify the content for a better experience can actually make a big difference.

Use tools like the AI Content Improver, Paraphraser/Rewriter, Sentence Expander, Text Simplifier, or Grammar & Spelling Corrector on Narrato for these purposes. These tools can help you refresh your old sales content in no time and with minimum effort, so it does not feel like a task.

AI for sales content optimization

Best practices to adopt when using AI for sales content creation

Like any other content, using AI for sales content creation also comes with its pros and cons. It is important to remember that AI tools have some limitations and human intervention is necessary to ensure quality output. So, here are some best practices you must adopt.

  • Keep your prompts and inputs detailed, clear, and unambiguous.
  • Review all AI-generated content to ensure there are no inaccuracies or errors.
  • For highly technical or thought leadership content, avoid using AI as it can only give you output based on the data it is trained on. AI cannot generate original ideas.
  • Always run your content through a plagiarism checker to ensure originality. Although rare, sometimes AI could repeat lines or paragraphs from its training data.
  • Wherever possible, define your tone, audience, and objectives to give the AI tool more context and create more personalized UX content.
  • Experiment with different versions. Most AI tools will give you multiple variations of a content piece. So make use of this feature to see what works best with your customers.

Summing it up

Alright, folks! So, we’ve dived deep into the realm of AI and sales, and it’s packed full of promise. Isn’t it fascinating how AI can shape our sales efforts and yield phenomenal results? It holds the key to engaging prospects with personalized sales emails, creating useful sales enablement content, writing persuasive case studies, crafting high-converting copy, and much more.

Our voyage into the AI world also showed us the power it wields in crafting engaging and shareable social media posts, generating FAQs to tackle customer queries head-on, and developing thought-provoking video scripts for sales videos and demos.

So, gear up, sales pros! It’s time to embark on the AI journey. With a little help from these artificial intelligence tools, creating effective sales content is the next big leap in your field.