How UX Can Help to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2023

UX is more than just a buzzword. It’s a core strategy content marketers and SMMs alike are embracing to encourage higher content marketing conversion rates. And the reasons for that are threefold. With a key focus on the user, UX content helps brands provide tremendous value, nurture their ideal audiences, and position themselves as leading experts.

From the design to the content theme to the imagery, UX content is personalized marketing at its finest. Having Narrato’s AI writer by your side now, crafting this content will become a breeze.

Let’s take a closer look at how UX content can help increase conversion rates and strengthen your content marketing strategy in 2023.

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Here are some key aspects of UX content that we will discuss in this article:

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Engages and aligns with your target audience early on

UX content helps your brand stay in alignment with its target audience.

When they move, you move. When they shift preferences, you shift preferences. When their demands change, your solutions follow suit.

With an eye on the user experience, you can ensure your content aligns with your target audience early on — and stays that way.

The trick? Stay grounded in VoC (voice of the customer) insights.

In other words, understand your target audience’s changing needs, wants, perceptions, preferences, and expectations and reflect those insights in your content, CTAs, and offers.

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Use a customer data platform (CDP) or customer relationship management (CRM) tool to pull data and track your audience’s behavior.

To simplify the analysis and tracking process, create a living doc that lists:

  • Your ideal customer’s pain points
  • Tailored solutions to their problems
  • Relevant use cases (practical ways your audience can use your offers to benefit their lives and solve their pain points)

Since this will be a “living” doc, be sure to update it as your VoC insights change over time.

You can also gather VoC insights by hosting customer interviews, surveying your audience, and reviewing your recent support tickets.

Helps your website and social profiles get found organically

UX content helps your brand deliver on search intent, which can help your site get discovered organically.

Creating content based on search intent helps you support your target audience in a big way.

From helping them understand viral topics, like what a text to speech platform does, to teaching them how to use a specific General Ledger software, UX content built for search helps your audience get answers to their most burning questions.

If you’re not a pro at content SEO research, consider locking arms with an SEO strategist or agency for support. They can help you pull relevant topics, secondary keywords, and frequently asked questions searchers in your target market are asking.

They can also help you make sure your content isn’t missing low-hanging SEO fruits, such as internal and external links, metadata, alt text, proper formatting, hashtags, and tailored engagement elements.

And speaking of tailored elements …

Helps you implement personalized marketing

UX content reminds you to tailor everything to your audience.

Personalization enhances UX by putting the spotlight on the customer.

Everything from your messaging to your visuals to your offers – even the choice of payment system to include among those available – should be chosen, created and adjusted with your audience in mind. Yes, even details like colors, vector graphics, and brand elements.

UX content example

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Use tools to help you streamline the content personalization process.

Here are some simple tools you can use to save time:

  • Narrato: An all-in-one AI content workspace to manage all your content projects from start to finish. Plan content using the content calendar, AI topic generator, SEO content brief generator (get targeted keyword suggestions, questions to answer, etc. for content personalization), and other tools. Create high-quality UX content using the AI writing assistant (lets you define tone, audience, and context to create highly-personalized, tailored content), AI brand voice generator, and the powerful editor on the platform. Edit and optimize your content with the AI content assistant to speed up the process. That’s not all. Narrato Workspace also has workflow automation features, strong team collaboration features, and everything else you’ll need to manage your UX content process seamlessly.
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  • ClickUp: A product management tool to help you create tasks, assign them to team members, and set due dates and priorities for your content marketing projects

  • Canva: A design tool you can use to create branded campaign assets and visuals. Simply add your brand’s color palette, logo, and preferred fonts to your “Brand Kit” for quick, consistent branding.

  • Picsart: Has a great set of photo editing tools and features such as AI-enhance image, text overlays, background removal, including a variety of free graphic design and poster templates that you can tweak and use according to your preferences.

  • Social Curator: Done-for-you caption templates, Story templates, and a professional image gallery you can use for social media content.

  • Brandwatch: Spot branded mentions and visual products with AI-powered social listening. Find, attract, and communicate with customers and leads on social — across all of your teams and regions. Connect with global influencers and manage collaborations on one platform.

Provides ample value to your target audience

UX content helps you position yourself as a source of valuable information and knowledge.

Creating content that delivers tremendous value for your readers is a vital part of how you improve UX and support your content marketing strategy.

You want to be sure you’re crafting content that actually helps your users, alleviates their pain points, and aligns with the products or services you offer. And in turn, you’ll position your brand as a leading authority — hello, higher DA scores! 🎉

An easy way to write value-driven content?

Focus on how-tos, listicles, guides, and informative content.

If you’re looking for an example of a company that publishes value-driven content consistently, get inspired by’s blog.

As a one-stop shop for marketers, salespeople, and project management teams, offers a variety of resources, from product news to productivity tips. On their blog, there’s no end to what their audience can learn.

If you take a look, you’ll see they cover a wide range of informative topics their target audience is interested in.

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Wrapping up

UX design and content marketing are two sides of the same coin.

When both are used correctly, not only can they increase conversion rates, but they can also make a real difference to your overall content marketing strategy.

By creating a unified experience, UX and content marketing can help to build relationships with your customers and ensure that all aspects of the customer journey are taken into account.

With a prime focus on the user, UX content helps brands reinforce brand authority and trust.

If you’re ready to use UX content to encourage higher conversion rates and bolster your content marketing strategy in 2023, save this article for ongoing inspiration.

That’s it for now.

To your success!

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