7 GatherContent Alternatives and Why You Should Try Them

Managing your content operations is tough and it becomes all the more challenging if you have a remote or distributed digital marketing team. Thankfully there are tools and platforms that make content project management easier. One such popular content operations software is GatherContent. It provides a central, collaborative platform for your team to work on content creation and workflow management. But like every other tool, it comes with its share of drawbacks. This led us to look into some of the best GatherContent alternatives that can open up more avenues for you.

Here are our top 7 recommendations.

  1. Narrato
  2. Filestage
  3. Monday.com
  4. Document360
  5. ClickUp
  6. DivvyHQ
  7. Asana
Narrato AI content workspace

But before we dive into the GatherContent alternatives, let’s take a look at what GatherContent does and does not offer.

Is GatherContent useful?

To not take away from the credit that’s due – yes, GatherContent is a very useful platform for most of its use cases like website design or redesign, IT project management, and even marketing to an extent. It provides a centralized content repository, enables real-time collaboration and content workflow management, and allows you to track project progress through editorial calendars.

But it is certainly not a powerful content marketing platform per se. It does help with content creation and content curation for your blog or website. Yet it lacks in many aspects, including one of the very critical sides of content marketing – SEO. GatherContent does not provide any advanced content optimization tools to ensure that your content ranks in search. It also does not let you view all your content projects together on a single calendar, apart from other minor inconveniences.

On the project management front too, GatherContent lacks some of the key features that the other project management platforms offer. Despite being a collaborative platform, there are very few communication tools on the platform. It is also relatively less intuitive when it comes to project management capabilities as compared to some other popular platforms.

Most importantly though, the biggest downside is the GatherContent pricing. The paid plans on GatherContent start at $99 per month. Now, though the platform claims to be made for small and mid-sized businesses as well as large enterprises, the pricing often makes it unaffordable for small businesses. Even if you do plan to invest in it, the ROI for smaller teams and mid-sized businesses may not be too high.

What are the best alternatives to GatherContent?

There are different GatherContent alternatives for different use cases. For instance, product or IT teams would need more generic project management software. Content marketers, on the other hand, look for a content marketing tool that addresses their unique needs. To make it easier for you, we have listed 7 of the best alternatives to GatherContent covering different areas of content workflow and project management.

1. Narrato

GatherContent alternative - Narrato

If you’re looking for a content marketing platform that was built for content teams and agencies, Narrato is just the perfect alternative to GatherContent that you need. Narrato helps you organize and consolidate your content operations and team on a single platform, all while leveraging the power of AI at each step.

This content workflow management platform can handle your entire content process from start to finish. Whether you are building a fresh content strategy, looking for new content ideas, creating content at scale, or monitoring the progress of ongoing projects, Narrato has all the tools you need.


  • AI Content Assistant with 100+ AI content tools and templates including AI blog writer, AI copywriter, product descriptions generator, social media posts generator, email writer, and more
  • AI Content Genie, the content autopilot that generates fresh content from your website URL and themes every week
  • Automated SEO content briefs that give you keyword suggestions, questions/ topics to include, references/ competitor links, and more
  • Custom AI templates and custom brand voices to generate AI content in your unique style
  • Bulk content generation to create hundreds of content pieces in one go
  • Publishing and scheduling automation to social media, WordPress, Webflow, and other platforms
  • Content project management, content planning tools, and team collaboration features for an end-to-end solution
  • Seamless client management for content marketing agencies and web design agencies.

Pricing: Narrato pricing plans start at $9 per user per month.

Narrato Content Creation & Collaboration Platform

2. Filestage

GatherContent alternative - Filestage

Filestage is an intuitive project management tool specifically designed to streamline the process of reviewing and approving content. It functions as a centralized platform where teams can collaborate seamlessly, irrespective of their geographical location. With Filestage, users can upload various file types, including videos, images, documents, and PDFs, facilitating a comprehensive review process.

One of the critical features of this GatherContent alternative is its ability to allow reviewers to leave precise, pinpoint comments directly on the files with annotations, even on videos. This not only simplifies the feedback process but also accelerates the revision cycles, ensuring projects stay on track and deadlines are met. Another noteworthy aspect is the platform’s version control capability, which keeps track of all versions of a file, making it easy to compare changes and progress over time.

The drawback, however, is that there are no AI tools for content creation or optimization on this platform. It is purely designed for content review and approval alone.


  • Smooth, centralized document review and approval workflows
  • Review various content formats including designs, mockups, videos and commercials
  • Integrations with tons of popular tools and platforms
  • Insights and analytics on the review process
  • GDPR-compliant formats for managing files
  • One-click approval of files
  • Unlimited reviewers, no account needed to add comments to files

Pricing: Filestage has a free plan for freelancers and small businesses. Paid plans start at $49 per month.

3. Monday.com

GatherContent alternative - Monday.com

Monday.com is an intuitive platform designed to simplify the complexity of project management and team collaboration. This GatherContent alternative empowers organizations to centralize tasks, projects, and workflows in a single, visually appealing workspace. One of its key features is the customizable boards, which allow users to adapt the tool to their specific project management needs, whether for marketing campaigns, software development, or anything in between.

Monday.com integrates with a variety of other tools, allowing teams to connect their preferred software solutions directly to their workflow. The platform also offers automation capabilities, reducing the need for repetitive tasks. With built-in analytics and reporting, Monday.com provides valuable insights into project progress and team productivity.

But similar to Filestage, Monday.com also does not offer any AI content generation capabilities.


  • Project management and planning features like dashboards, views, custom workflows, and more
  • Portfolio management features like high-level progress overview and reporting on multiple projects
  • Task management features like assigning, prioritizing, and managing tasks from start to finish
  • Goal tracking and strategy management
  • Resource allocation and management

Pricing: Monday.com also offers a free plan for up to 2 user seats. Paid plans on this alternative to GatherContent start at $9 per seat per month.

4. Document360

GatherContent alternative - Document 360

Document360 is a knowledge base software designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and disseminating information within organizations. It aims to provide an efficient solution for businesses looking to consolidate their documentation in one easy-to-access platform. Key features of this alternative to GatherContent include a powerful analytics tool that helps in understanding user engagement and content effectiveness, offering insights that can be leveraged to enhance the information provided.

The platform has also integrated AI into its capabilities now and can help generate content for knowledge base, customer communications, internal communications and more. Its AI features include a title recommender, business glossary generator, article summarizer, related article recommender and more. All of these make this platform one of the better EasyContent alternatives as well.


  • Markdown editor and offers version control, allowing multiple users to collaborate seamlessly while keeping track of changes and updates
  • Category manager organizes content into a hierarchical structure, making it straightforward for users to navigate through information
  • Ask Eddy, AI-powered search that empowers end-users to find answers to their queries from your knowledge base without direct support intervention
  • Integrations with multiple popular platforms for seamless workflows

Pricing: Document360 has a free plan with 2 user seats, and paid plans start at $149 per project per month.

5. Clickup

GatherContent alternative - ClickUp

ClickUp is a versatile project management and productivity tool designed to cater to the needs of teams across various industries. It has a comprehensive suite of features enabling users to manage projects, tasks, documents, and goals all from a single platform. ClickUp offers a highly customizable experience, allowing teams to tailor the interface and functionality to match their specific workflow requirements.


  • Intuitive task management system, which supports the creation of tasks, assignment to team members, setting of due dates, etc.
  • Robust document management capability allowing seamless collaboration and information sharing among team members
  • Goal tracking features helping teams stay focused on their objectives and measure progress in real-time
  • Virtual whiteboards and dashboards for brainstorming, planning and reporting

Pricing: This GatherContent alternative also has a free plan for personal use. For businesses, ClickUp paid plans start at $7 per user per month.

Narrato AI content creation & marketing workspace

6. DivvyHQ

GatherContent alternative - DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ is a comprehensive content planning and production workflow tool designed to meet the needs of content teams of all sizes. A powerful GatherContent alternative, DivvyHQ simplifies the intricacies of content strategy, planning, and execution, allowing teams to focus on creating content that resonates with their audience. The platform offers a centralized ideas repository and content calendar, facilitating seamless collaboration and organization among team members. It supports various content types and channels, making it a versatile tool for multi-platform content scheduling.


  • Central content idea repository to build a collection of ideas to tap into for any kind of content
  • Shared content calendar for complete visibility of deadlines and progress
  • Real-time email notifications and recent activity feed
  • Easy search content asset repository

Pricing: DivvyHQ pricing starts at $29 per month and this includes 3 user seats.

7. Asana

GatherContent alternatives Asana

Asana is a versatile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work efficiently. As a GatherContent alternative, Asana enables users to create projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and monitor progress through customizable dashboards.

One of its key features is the ability to break down projects into individual tasks and subtasks, ensuring detailed planning and execution. Users can communicate directly on tasks, providing feedback and updates without the need for external communication tools. It offers simplicity, ease of use, a Kanban-style user interface, and is also feature-packed.


  • Create, schedule, and prioritize tasks in different formats like Gantt charts, task lists, and Kanban boards
  • Time tracking and resource management
  • Premade templates for every kind of project, from marketing to product development which makes it easier to jump right into the tasks
  • Collaboration tools that allow you to add comments to every task, a file attachment tool on tasks to store relevant documents and files

Pricing: Asana offers four plans – Basic (Free), Premium, Business, and Enterprise. The paid plans start from $10.99 per user per month.


Closing remarks

The best tool for any purpose eventually depends on how you plan to use it. We have listed the top 7 GatherContent alternatives in terms of popularity and usefulness. Content teams, however, need a platform that is designed to help with their unique challenges and goals. Decide on what your goals are and pick the GatherContent alternative that you think would best help you achieve them.

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Narrato AI content workspace