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Power-up Content Planning and Creation with Narrato

All content planning tools under one roof - content calendars, lists & folders, automated content briefs, AI content idea generators and more.

Content calendars on Narrato

Get organized with content calendars

Plan and track your content efforts for social media, blog, newsletters, content marketing and more

Get a consolidated picture of all projects with our global content calendar

Create, assign and move tasks around with ease

Action your content strategy and boost content production consistency

Generate blog and article topics in seconds

Get multiple content topic suggestions for blogs and articles with a theme or search term

Choose and edit topics from the content idea generator and create new tasks in projects with just a click

Discover interesting topics and ideas with our blog idea generator

AI content ideas generator on Narrato
SEO content brief generator on Narrato

Generate automatic SEO content briefs to help writers create winning content

Simplify SEO planning and content creation with automated content briefs

Get recommendations on content structure and keywords for SEO

Answer your audience's most pressing questions with our 'questions to answer' recommendations

Simplify content research with top ranking content references

Win with our live SEO content score 

Share clear content guidelines, gather content and structure your content tasks

Get structured inputs from your writers with custom content templates

Create custom templates for any type of content 

Add custom fields for text, attachments, dropdown input with clear instructions and descriptions

Set default templates for projects

Manage webpages and website development projects with ease

Custom content templates on Narrato
AI writing assistant on Narrato

Create content 2-5x faster with AI

Generate content outlines, SEO meta descriptions, articles, and copy using AI in seconds

Research and create using our ChatGPT integration

Create content first drafts with AI for any channel - website, video, social, email & more

Create custom workflow steps to track the progress of your content

Build custom workflows tailored to your content process

Add workflow steps and color code them for clarity

Apply workflows to projects for all content tasks to follow

Add workflow automations to save time and boost productivity

Boost performance with our flexible content marketing automation platform

create workflows
Content project management on Narrato

Plan and organize your content under projects and folders

Replace your drive and keep your content neatly organized with projects and folders

Build a unified content repository that's easy to access and audit

Share projects with team and stakeholders for content collaboration with access control


Save all your style guides and assets in a single place

Create and save custom content style guides for your writers

Maintain a repository for all your reusable brand assets

Create content that is consistent in brand voice and quality

Give your writers all the guidelines they need for creating a perfect first draft

Content style guides and assets on Narrato
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