10 AI Summary Generators You Should Try

Churning out great content, but drowning in the sea of information that needs condensing? Worry not. AI summary generators are here to save the day.

Content creation is no longer just about producing copious amounts of text; it’s about crafting messages that distill the core ideas, cut through the noise, and resonate with your readers. And AI summary generators can help you with this. These AI tools use advanced algorithms to summarize long text, allowing you to focus on what you do best: crafting powerful narratives.

An AI content summarizer is the sidekick every marketer needs to create better content faster. And we’ve compiled some great ones for you in this blog. Join us, as we walk you through their features and capabilities, helping you find the one that best suits your needs.

TL;DR Here’s a quick look at the list of 10 best AI summary generators and the key features of each tool.


What are AI summary generators?

10 Best AI Summary Generators

  1. Narrato
  2. Paraphraser.io
  3. Resoomer
  4. Editpad
  5. PrepostSEO
  6. Summarizing Tool
  7. SpinBot
  8. Eightify
  9. Semrush Summary Generator
  10. AISEO Text Summarizer

How to use AI summary generators effectively

AI summary generator on Narrato

What are AI summary generators?

AI summary generators are AI-powered content creation tools that can automatically generate concise and coherent summaries of longer texts, documents, articles, or any other type of content. They use machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to process large amounts of data and present it in a more digestible format.

Now, when it comes to content creation and marketing, these AI summary generator tools can be incredibly useful. They can save you from the hassle of manually extracting important information from lengthy articles. And this makes it easier to deliver key insights to your audience more efficiently. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your content, an AI article summarizer might be just what you need.

Here are some ways an AI content summarizer helps in content creation and marketing –

  • Optimize research efficiency: AI summarizers allow you to identify core ideas from different sources, which makes the research process easier.
  • Simplify your messaging: An AI content generator can simplify your language and help you communicate with your audience in a relatable manner. These tools are trained to generate easy-to-understand summaries without any complex jargon.
  • Tailor content for diverse audiences: With a reliable AI summary generator, you can create better content for diverse readerships. You can adjust the length and tone of the content to ensure your message resonates with each target group.
  • Create Original Content: A good summary generator goes beyond rewording sentences and instead crafts unique summaries. With AI summary generators, you can avoid the risk of accidentally plagiarizing content.

10 Best AI Summary Generators

Let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for your summarization needs. Here are our top recommendations for AI summary generators –

1. Narrato

Narrato AI can be your go-to AI text summarizer, especially when you need quick and easy-to-scan summaries for a presentation, meeting minutes, or to publish on social media. This AI summary generator analyzes the text you provide and distills it into clear and concise summaries that capture the essence of the content. There are two content summarizing templates offered by the AI writer on the platform. You can provide the longer text to be summarized or you can provide your notes to the AI and get a concise paragraph/bulleted list with the key takeaways.

  1. Summarize text: Generate 100-400 word summaries from long-form text.
AI summary generator on Narrato
  1. Summary from notes. Summarize any types of notes
AI summary generator on Narrato

Both these AI content summarizers come with the option for generating summaries as bullet points or in paragraph form. Other use cases of Narrato AI that can also help with text summarization include Simplify text, that generates a simplified version of complicated, long texts. There are Paraphrase or Rewrite Text and Paraphrase to Bullets templates too.

You can also summarize documents, videos, and podcasts on Narrato using the AI content repurposing template. This allows you to upload your content as a file, text (in case of documents), or a URL (for videos and podcasts) and turns it into a succinct summary to share on any platform.

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AI summary generator - Repurpose videos to summaries

And that’s not all. Narrato’s AI writer can assist in all types of content creation tasks, whether you’re working on a marketing copy, newsletter, blog content, social media content, or even ads and emails. There are also some unique AI writing templates, like Write for Me, Translate, and Memes (for meme ideas and captions).

Other AI tools offered as a part of Narrato’s AI content assistant include –

  • AI SEO Content Brief Generator: AI content optimization tool that gives you a complete SEO-focused content brief, covering target keywords, word count, competitor references, and other SEO parameters.
  • AI Images: AI image generator tool that creates unique images from text prompts.
  • AI Topic Generator: An AI-powered content idea generator tool to help you come up with unique topic ideas for your content.
  • AI Chat: You can also use the AI Chat Engine on Narrato for content creation and research.

So, when you choose Narrato for creating quick summaries of your content, you’re also getting access to a host of other AI tools to help you in your content creation journey.

2. Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io, as its name suggests, is an online tool for paraphrasing content. It is a freemium solution that helps to rewrite content. And the platform offers four tools:

AI summary generator - Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io’s Text Summarizer can give you summaries of longer text, like articles, blog content, or even entire books. It uses NLP and abstractive summarization to rephrase the content.

This summarizing AI tool comes with a simple user interface. All you have to do is paste your text in the column on the left, and click ‘Summarize Now’. A condensed version of the text is then displayed in the right-hand column. The tool lets you –

  • Set the level of summarization (in percentage form)
  • Toggle between paragraph and bullets-form
  • Paraphrase the content and check for grammar and plagiarism directly from the window
  • Export the AI-summarized content using copy and download options

It is worth noting that the tool only picks out key points from the original text verbatim, rather than using its own language to summarize the text.

3. Resoomer

The AI Summarizer from Resoomer works a lot like the tool we discussed above. It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze content pieces, and then reduces it to the most essential elements.

AI summary generator - Resoomer

Resoomer extracts the main ideas and key phrases from the text, grouping them together to create a summary. This helps to easily identify the most critical points in a text and understand how they are related to each other.

This AI Summarizer is quite easy to use. Simply copy, paste, and hit ‘Resoomer’. You can also import files (PDF/DOCX/EPUB/TXT/ODT), images (JPEG/PNG), and YouTube videos to summarize.

The tool offers five different options to summarize your text –

  • Automatic: This setting automatically summarizes the text. It also gives you the percentage by which the text has been reduced.
  • Manual: You can choose the size of summary you want.
  • Optimized: With this, you can provide the tool with keywords to use for summarizing the text.
  • Text Analysis: This highlights key portions of the text
  • Assisted: The assisted summarized option is only available after you sign up

After the summarization is done, you can copy/download the text, or share it wherever you need. You can also use Resoomer’s Paraphrase, Rewrite or Translate tools to further enhance the text.

4. Editpad

Text Summarizer from Editpad.org is an open-source summarization tool that can be a useful resource for marketers in content research and writing. It’s a minimalistic summarization tool where you can paste or upload your content to get summaries side-by-side. This article summarizer also uses AI to analyze the text, extracting the most appropriate points to create a summary.

AI summary generator - Editpad

It supports 10 other languages besides English. It also comes with options to –

  • Show summary in the form of bullets
  • Paraphrase content
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Download or copy the summary

It works quickly, summarizing everything from blogs, documents, and articles to research papers. But the webpage ads could affect your experience while using the tool.

5. PrepostSEO

Marketers who prefer simplified information, instead of reading through pages and pages of text, can also try out PreposeSEO’s summarizing tool. This online platform has two summary generators – one powered by AI and the other is a basic summarizing tool.

AI summary generator - RepostSEO

There are some differences between these two summarizers, with the biggest one being artificial intelligence capabilities. The AI Summarizer harnesses the power of AI to grasp the entirety of the content and then crafts the most fitting summary. It does rewrite the summary using its own words but ensures that the original content’s meaning stays intact. The downside of the AI summarizer is that it caps the input word limit to 1,500 words.

The basic Summarizer, on the other hand, allows you to add up to 25,000 words. Other features include –

  • Summarize text by percentage or words
  • Bullet or paragraph-form summary
  • Plagiarism and grammar-checking capabilities

Both the PrepostSEO summarizers support 12 languages. They also come with export and copy options. Another letdown besides the input word limit is the number of ads displayed on the page, which can be a little jarring for users.

Narrato AI text generator

6. Summarizing Tool

This online summary generator tool does only one thing – summarizing content. It’s a free tool that offers three modes for summarizing your text: file upload, copy-paste, or through URL.

Summarizing Tool uses NLP and advanced AI technologies to create clear and easily comprehensible summary text from your input content. All you need to do is upload your document, and the AI algorithms will get to work.

AI summary generator - Summarizing Tool

This AI summarizing tool allows you to create both short and long-form summaries (from 10% to 90%). What’s more, it allows you to work with 16 languages, including English, German, and Russian.

7. SpinBot

SpinBot is an advanced AI paraphrasing platform that offers a few different tools for content creation. There are writing tools, like the Text Spinner and Difference Checker, and some Grammar Tools (Spell Checker, Proofreader, Sentence Checker, and more). It also comes with three summarization tools –

  • Conclusion Generator
  • Abstract Generator (for academics)
  • Summary Generator
AI summary generator - Spinbot

SpinBot’s Summary Generator is an easy-to-use Ai-powered tool that analyzes the input text using AI and ML, extracting crucial information while filtering out any irrelevant details. And it then employs a unique summarization algorithm to craft a coherent and concise summary that captures the essence of the original text.

With this AI summarizer in your marketing toolkit, you can condense any lengthy document. It also extracts key points from the text, and also identifies the main keywords, which could be useful when you’re using the AI-generated summary to create content.

8. Eightify

This AI summary generator is a little different from all the other tools in this list. That’s because it is specifically made for generating summaries of YouTube video content. It comes in the form of a free Chrome extension, which means that you can generate YouTube video summaries on the fly, as you’re browsing through videos.

AI summary generator - Eightify

Eightify uses GPT-3 model to summarize videos in under 10-20 seconds. It generates a summary that contains 8 key points taken from the video content. And it also gives you the timestamps for each point, so you can navigate to that section of the video to learn more.

This is an excellent AI video summarizer that could help content creators and marketers in their research. It can save you the hassle of watching entire videos to extract useful information. What’s more is that you can generate video summaries in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and Chinese.

9. Semrush Summary Generator

You may already be acquainted with Semrush, a popular SEO tool in the world of content. This platform offers several different features for optimizing your web pages and content for search engines.

But besides its comprehensive suite of SEO tools, Semrush offers some free tools for the everyday needs of content marketers. These include –

  • Title Generator
  • Paraphrasing Tools
  • Summary Generator
AI summary generator - Semrush

Semrush Summary Generator is designed to provide quick and concise summaries for paragraphs, articles, or any kind of text. Using advanced algorithms, this AI-based summary generator analyzes your content to identify the most important points.

Using this AI summary generator is also quite simple. You can simply paste the content, and choose whether you want a short, medium-sized, or long summary. The tool also allows you to toggle between paragraph form and bullet-point summary.

10. AISEO Text Summarizer

AISEO is another popular content writing tool for SEO that offers a range of AI tools to simplify the process of creating SEO-optimized content. Among these tools is an AI summary generator as well, which can give you quick content summaries.

AI summary generator - AISEO

Like the other AI tools in this list, AISEO’s Text Summarizer leverages the power of AI for analyzing complex content pieces and transforming that complex information into a more digestible format. With this AI summary generator in your toolkit, you can simply use the AI-generated summaries to speed up content creation with AI.

Using this intuitive AI summary generator is also quite easy. But you have to create an account to get started. After you’ve pasted your content, you can ask the tool to paraphrase and shorten it. This AI summarizer also lets you –

  • Adjust the goals for summarizing text
  • Select the tone of voice
  • See the uniqueness and similarity level

But many of these features are not included in the free version. Your input word limit is also restricted to 125 words.

How to use AI summary generators effectively

While AI summary generators can help increase your productivity in content creation, it’s crucial to approach these AI tools with a measured sense of caution. Misusing these tools can lead to AI content creation mistakes that might derail your content strategy rather than streamline it.

Here are some tips on how to use AI summary generators effectively –

1. Understand the limitations

AI summary generators are powerful tools, but you have to recognize the potential limitations and pitfalls that might accompany their use. A summary generator tool may not always capture all nuances of a text. It can also struggle with idioms, complex language, and context-dependent information. So, always double-check the AI-generated summary against the original text to ensure accuracy.

2. Control the length of AI-generated summaries

AI summary generators usually let you choose how long you want your summary to be. Try out different lengths to see what works best for you. Just keep in mind that shorter summaries might not have all the details you need, while longer ones can give you a more complete picture.

3. Check the credibility of the source and verify the facts

AI summary generators will not be able to tell the difference between reliable and unreliable sources. It’s your job to make sure that you feed it information that comes from reputable and trustworthy sources. And if you are using the AI-generated summaries for critical purposes, cross-check any numbers or crucial information with the original source.

Another important thing to note here is that AI-generated summaries can be contextually limited. If you need a comprehensive understanding of a section or topic, don’t solely rely on the summary. Dive into some extra reading.

4. Refine the output given by the AI summary generator

Once you get the AI-generated summary, you can give it a personal touch to make sure it fits your style and needs. You can add or change information as needed to make the summary flow better. It’s crucial to check and edit the summary before you share it to make sure it’s accurate, clear, and relevant for your readers.

5. Don’t forget to cite the source

Although AI-generated summaries can be a time-saver, it’s important to give proper attribution to avoid accidentally plagiarizing content when using summaries to create content. Make sure to properly cite the original source of the text you’re summarizing to steer clear of plagiarism or copyright issues.

Also, remember to be respectful of people’s privacy and rights when it comes to summarizing texts. Avoid using AI summarization tools to summarize confidential or sensitive information without getting permission from the owners or authors.

6. Try multiple AI summarizers and compare the output

As you can see, there are lots of AI summary generators out there, and each one has its pros and cons. Try out different tools to find the one that works best for you and gives the most accurate and clear summaries.

Using multiple AI summary generators will give you a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Compare the AI-generated summaries with your own to figure out when and how to use the tool effectively.

Wrapping Up

AI summary generators are nothing short of a gold mine for marketers and content creators. The 10 tools given in this article not only save time but also streamline content creation workflows, ensuring you can focus on the core areas that need your attention.

So why not let AI summary generators do some of the heavy lifting for you? Since most of these tools are based on freemium models, you can try them and see which one fits your needs the most. Some of them come with more customization options, while others allow you to create summaries with minimal effort.

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