Tips & Tools For Writing Impactful Email Copy

You may find dozens of recommendations on how to improve your email campaigns: some will concern the email sending frequency, and some will tell you how to prepare the email list for bulky sending. In this post, we’ll talk about one of the most crucial elements of your email marketing campaign – an email copy.

Email copy is a term for all words you will put into place in your email. It strives to persuade, convert prospects, and reach your marketing goals. A good email copy should turn reading an email into an interactive experience while encouraging a reader to fulfill a desired action – e.g. click on a link or your CTA.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to create such an email copy – from your email structure up to other email elements such as pictures, links, and vocabulary.

– Why it is important to write email copy that converts more leads

– Tips for writing the best email copy that converts

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Why it is important to write email copy that converts more leads

An efficient email campaign is one that can market your services, products, and brand in a way that will help you reach all the objectives you envisioned and set when you designed your marketing plan.

The best way to switch on all your communication charm during the email marketing campaign is to think of an email copy that will be valuable, engaging, and memorable for a lead.

Just like with your company blog, with email marketing, you can draw the lead’s attention to your product and help them solve their main problems. But you need to elaborate on each element of your email copy – a subject line, a preview text, a greeting, an email body, and a signature – and consider specific tactics that will make your email stand out from the rest in the reader’s inbox.

Tips for writing the best email copy that converts

Understanding the basics of writing a professional email copy will be essential for your email marketing strategy success. We’ve prepared 12 actionable tips for you to follow for boosting conversions of your emails. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1) Know your audience

Before you even start writing your email copy, ask yourself the first two important questions about your customers:

  • What are your customers trying to accomplish?
  • What stops them from doing so?

It will help you understand what content your potential customers will be expecting from your emails, so you could give them what they really need. You may better know your audience if you send regular surveys to your customers, go through their reviews about your product, or analyze their buyer behavior on the way to making a purchase from you.

And when it comes to marketing emails to your subscribers, you may simply ask them to choose their email preferences, so you could adjust your email campaigns accordingly and send them relevant messages at the right time.

2) Elaborate on the right subject line

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open emails based on a subject line? Meanwhile, about 69% of email readers will report your email as spam just by reading its subject in their list of Inbox emails.

You might find an abundance of tips on how to make your email subject line appealing, and though there are no universal strategies, some rules always work, for example:

  • Ensure your subject line grabs the reader’s attention but is brisk and clear. It is advisable to keep your subject line under 30 characters but no more than 10 words.
  • Make your subject line value-bringing. Don’t wait till the reader opens your email. Start showing off all profits in the subject.
  • Don’t be lazy to A/B test your subject lines. This will allow you to grasp what subject lines work best for your audience.

And if you need assistance in composing a good subject line for your email, Narrato AI Writer can come in handy. The AI writer has an Email use case that lets you generate catchy subject lines for your emails.

Here’s an example of how it looks.

Email subject line generator on Narrato

3) Nail the email preview

The preview text is the snippet of copy next to your subject line. It must go well with your subject, balance it with some relative information and double down on the sense of urgency or excitement.

Your preview text is also the ideal place to reiterate your current offer. You can include some specifics with a surprising detail or timeframe.

Note that in a good email copy, every line makes you want to read the next line. The preview text must make your email subscribers wish to open and read the rest of the copy.

4) Match the email body with the subject

Getting your subscribers to open your email is crucial, but the purpose is beaten if what you offer them in the subject line isn’t actually provided in the email body.

To appear trustworthy to your leads, you should make sure your subject line is completely aligned with your email’s content. The latter must be of super value to the reader. Otherwise, next time they won’t wish to open your message. Even worse, they may mark it as spam, which will negatively affect your email deliverability in the long run.

5) Follow copywriting best practices

Professional email copywriting is what helps you highlight your brand personality, acquaints your target audience with your product, and grows love for your company among your potential customers.

By using the following copywriting tips for your email body, you can establish a human connection, find new customers, and get them thrilled about what you offer:

  • Make your email copy feel personal. Readers should feel there is a human being on the other side, not a robot.
  • Be clear and up to the point. Busy prospects will give you only a few seconds of their time, so don’t make your email body a long read.
    Keep a conversational tone. Formality is the language of the law, but not in business. No matter how distant you are from your prospect at the moment, try not to sound too formal, though professional.

Narrato’s AI email writer can help with this too. It lets you generate email copy from an outline, paraphrase your paragraphs and improve your content too. Here’s an example of the Email from Outline generated using the AI email writer.

Narrato AI writer email copy use case
Narrato AI Content Assistant

6) Identify your key CTA

Every business email you create must have one objective or purpose. You want a lead to do something specific– to purchase a product, follow you on social media, sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook, schedule a demo, and not.

Stick to only one CTA within your email. If you ask a prospect to listen to a podcast, visit a link, buy a product, or read a blog post – all in one message – you will overwhelm and confuse them. As a result, they’ll most likely do nothing.

Let’s say you are offering a new product. Your cold email must then be focused on the benefits the prospect will gain from your solution and logically lead them to the next stage of the sales funnel – a sales call or consultation. Therefore, you should end your email with a respective CTA, just like in the example below:

7) Use professional email signature

Email signature is a must-have for business correspondence. By leaving your signature at the end of the email, you give the lead a chance to research your company and learn more about your product. Let alone the fact that you make your email message more impersonal, which helps you build connections with the prospect.

To make your email signature look professional:

  • Stick to one font.
  • Ensure the sign-off is readable and clear.
  • Add company information and links to social media.

8) Use relevant images

You are familiar with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, aren’t you? The thing is, visuals stick in memory much easier than words, so you can’t neglect this fact while creating your email copy.

Your message will be a lot stronger if you utilize GIFs and images to emphasize the point you are trying to make. These can also help to increase the overall fun factor and dynamically highlight your products.

However, it’s recommended not to overuse images in your email copy as too many pics increase the chance of your email landing in the spam folder. It’s better if you A/B test this element to see how many of the pics are not too many.

Narrato’s AI Writing Assistant can help you create impactful email body content tailored to your brand voice and audience.

9) Personalize your message

People like to feel special. That is why personalization is one of the key pillars of email marketing.

Instead of sending the same template-like email copy to the whole list of your leads, think about what you can do to make it look tailored to each recipient specifically. For instance:

  • Use a prospect’s name in your subject line, especially if you request their name when they sign up for your email list.
  • Add your recipient’s name instead of just ‘Hi’, to make your salutation more personable.
  • Personalize the email body based on the details you have about your prospects. For example, you can refer to their company, personal interests, or past purchases.

Use tools such as to personalize your messages in bulk, as the service allows you to insert email variables into the email copy that will be automatically filled with the information about the lead. But first, you need to segment your email list, organizing all leads into separate categories based on similar data: location, industry, company size, company position, preferences, behavior, etc. will be of great help here as well.

10) Appeal to readers’ emotions

Another way to win a prospect’s attention is to build an emotional connection with them. Not a surprise, marketers advise using more second-person pronouns in the email copy to create a vision of a dialog with the reader and highlight that you value their needs over your own.

In addition, a working tactic is to add some storytelling element to your email copy. People love stories, especially those that resonate with their personal emotions. This will make your emails more engaging and motivate recipients to react to your messages.

11) Be careful with links

Links are important for conversion as they lead your prospects to your product, your website, an article on your blog, or anything else that acquaints your potential customer with your company and the solutions you provide.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overuse links in the email copy as spam filters are rather suspicious of them. The rule of thumb is to incorporate no more than one link per email and make it easy to identify. Of course, you should ensure the link you share with your audience is valid.

12) Proofread

No matter how impeccable the content of your email is if readers notice any grammar mistakes or other errors in your email copy, their impression of your writing may get crushed in seconds. Therefore, get used to proofreading each of your messages prior to clicking the ‘Send’ button to ensure everything looks smooth and professional. You could also rely on Narrato’s AI content assistant which offers grammar and readability checks.


Remember that no best practices are absolute. You may bend or break the rules to cater to your audience as you get to know them better—what words or phrases catch their eye or what tone they enjoy.

Email marketing comes to life with an imaginative, interesting copy. It is your chance to talk directly to your customers and drive them further into the customer journey. Don’t forget to recollect these 12 email marketing copy tips to help you with writing the copy that will bring you the desired conversions.

Have any tips for email marketing you’d want to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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