6 Frase Alternatives for Creating Content That Ranks

The journey of content creation often feels like navigating through an intricate maze, where the ultimate prize is that coveted top spot on search engine results pages. With the bar set high in the competitive digital marketing landscape, having the right tools in your kitty can give you a much-needed head start over others. AI-powered content creation and SEO tools like Frase can be a beacon for many. But, is Frase the only guiding light? Certainly not. There are so many Frase alternatives that offer a lot more that content optimization or SEO content generation. Case in point πŸ‘‰ Narrato AI Content Assistant.

The quest for the perfect content creation tool is not just about finding an alternative; it’s about discovering a solution that resonates with your unique needs, goals, and aspirations. That’s why we decided to take a look at some top-notch tools that help create SEO-friendly content with ease and help you achieve more on other frontiers too. Here are six stellar alternatives to Frase that can elevate your content game.

  1. Narrato
  2. Clearscope
  3. Marketmuse
  4. SurferSEO
  5. ChatGPT
  6. SEMRush
AI SEO content tool - Narrato

1. Narrato – Frase alternative for AI content creation and optimization

Narrato is a powerful Frase alternative that goes beyond just creating SEO content. This AI content creation and marketing platform has everything you need to create and publish impactful content. From an AI content assistant with ready-made AI templates for blog content, social media content, website copy or landing pages, ad copy, product description generator, and more, to automated workflows and publishing support, Narrato is an end-to-end content marketing solution.

When it comes to creating SEO content, Narrato makes sure that your content is well-optimized with features like the SEO content briefs , the AI keyword generator, and the SEO meta title and description generator. The SEO content brief generator on Narrato can generate a comprehensive brief for any topic or search term, providing you with a complete list of target keywords (with counts), questions to answer, competitor links, word count, structuring suggestions, and more. This brief is easily editable and you can also add your own notes and style guides to it. As you start creating content on the Narrato editor, the keyword counts and the SEO score on the brief automatically update.

Frase alternatives - Narrato

For any additional keyword research, you can use the AI keyword generator that gives you relevant target keywords for your topic sorted by search volumes.

The AI long blog article generator on Narrato lets you create an entire search-optimized article from just a topic. The tool first gives you an outline with keywords to add and an option to specify the internal links you want to add to these keywords too. This ensures that your internal linking game is on point to further help your content rank.

Tools like the AI FAQ generator can also be very useful for creating SEO-friendly websites and blogs, answering the right audience questions with minimal effort.

Other than these powerful SEO content optimization tools, Narrato also has a complete social media management suite. The AI Content Genie on Narrato automatically generates fresh social media posts and blog posts from your website URL and themes every week. You can publish or schedule these posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, and Webflow with one click.

Strong content project management and team management features make Narrato a complete package for marketers, creators, and businesses.

Pricing: Comparing Frase vs Narrato based on pricing also shows that Narrato is a better alternative as it is easier on the pocket starting at just $9 per user per month. While Frase starts at $14.99 per user per month and allows you to generate only 4 articles/ month.

SEO content creation platform Narrato

2. Clearscope – Frase alternative for content SEO strategy

Clearscope is a Frase alternative that also helps with SEO content creation. Similar to Frase and Narrato, this tool also gives your content a grade and readability score and offers SEO suggestions, keywords, topics, and recommendations based on real-time data.

Frase alternatives - Clearscope

However, Clearscope does not have AI writing capabilities as Frase does. It can help you with content ideation, content optimization, and SEO analysis, but you cannot create your articles or web copy on Clearscope. Also, the tool does a better job at optimizing long-form content but does not have the same level of accuracy or effectiveness on short-form content.

Pricing: Clearscope pricing starts at $199 per month allowing unlimited users and projects

3. MarketMuse – Frase alternative for AI content planning

MarketMuse is an SEO content planning tool powered by AI. This Frase alternative helps with automated content audits, building content plans with page-level and site-level insights along with SERP data, competitive content analysis, and more. MarketMuse also has a keyword research tool that gives you keywords along with valuable insights like volume, CPC, trends, etc.

Frase alternatives - MarketMuse

The AI on MarketMuse helps you identify weak points within your content by identifying quality issues, missing topics, and more, making it a powerful SEO.AI alternative too.

The platform does not have a very diverse range of use cases, however, and is limited to SEO content optimization and planning alone. If you wish to create all your SEO content, social media content, and other marketing collaterals on the same platform, neither Frase nor MarketMuse may be a great choice. A platform like Narrato is what you need if you want a diverse range of use cases for AI content creation.

Pricing: MarketMuse has a free plan with limited features. The paid plans start at $149 per user per month.

4. SurferSEO – Frase alternative with SEO article writer

SurferSEO is another promising Frase alternative that has an AI-powered article writer for SEO content. You can write, plan, optimize and quality-check your articles on the platform before sending them out for publishing.

Frase alternatives - Surfer

The catch here, again, is that you can only generate SEO content like blog articles using the AI writer. There are no generative AI tools for other use cases on the platform, be it social media, product descriptions, or emails, like the SurferSEO alternative Narrato.

Surfer integrates with a number of different tools and apps, allowing you to use it everywhere you work. It also has all the SEO tools that Frase offers, including SEO briefs that give you a content score, keywords, structuring suggestions, and more.

Pricing: SurferSEO paid plans start at $89 per month. You may find more budget-friendly options of SurferSEO alternatives though.

AI writing and content SEO assistant Narrato

5. ChatGPT – Frase alternative for flexible SEO content research

ChatGPT is well-known to everyone as an alternative to SurferSEO, Frase, and other generative AI tools. When it comes to SEO content creation and planning, ChatGPT can help with keyword research, topical research, answering audience questions, and more.

As a Frase alternative, ChatGPT can also generate content briefs, outlines, and SEO content for you, based on simple prompts explaining what you’re looking to create. As long as you are using the right ChatGPT prompts for SEO content creation, you are likely to get a decent output from the tool. It might sometimes need a few iterations, however, to arrive at the desired quality of output.

Narrato as an alternative to ChatGPT is more convenient to use as it provides your ready-to-use templates and tools for one-click generation. But you can use both tools in conjunction for a more in-depth approach to SEO content creation.

Pricing: ChatGPT costs $20 per user per month.

6. SEMRush – Frase alternative for search engine marketing

SEMRush is a Frase alternative that can help you develop a powerful content marketing strategy. It primarily focuses on content research, SEO audits, insights, and strategy building. It primarily focuses on content research, SEO audits, insights, and strategy building.

Frase alternatives - SEMrush

However, it does not have any AI content generation tools for blogs or smart copy – some capabilities you do find on Frase. SEMRush writing assistant can help you discover winning topics, give you actionable suggestions for the creation of SEO-friendly content, and help you rewrite and enhance your copy. It helps with your social media marketing strategy too by assisting you in scheduling or posting content at the right times, analyzing your posts’ performance, tracking competitor pages, and managing your brand reputation online.

Other key areas where SEMRush can prove to be a useful assistant are advertising, market research, and agency management solutions, making it a worthy and dynamic alternative to Frase.

Pricing: SEMRush pricing starts at $129.95 per month.

To sum up

Wrapping up, choosing the right tool to boost your content and ensure it ranks well on search engines can significantly impact your digital presence. While Frase is an excellent option for many, exploring Frase alternatives like Narrato, Clearscope, or MarketMuse offers varied features that cater to different needs and preferences. From keyword optimization to AI-driven content suggestions, their powerful features are important to consider when choosing a tool that aligns best with your content strategy and goals. So, take the time to delve into these options to unlock new potentials for your content, helping it not only rank better but also resonate more effectively with your audience.

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