6 Word AI Alternatives for Impactful Content

The search for the perfect AI companion for managing, creating, and enhancing content can be overwhelming. Tools like Word AI are undoubtedly efficient within their capacity. But there are so many other AI content tools that offer a lot more than just content rewriting or restructuring. Did you know you can even set an AI tool on autopilot to generate fresh content for you every week? Yes, that’s how powerful AI tools have become. Our list of Word AI alternatives will take you through some of these amazing tools you must explore.

With a mindset geared toward uncovering the most effective AI tools in the market, we’ve curated six Word AI alternatives that could redefine how you look at content creation and marketing. Here they are.

  1. Narrato
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Paraphraser
  4. Speedwrite
  5. Sudowrite
  6. Jasper
Narrato AI content creation and marketing platform

1. Narrato

Narrato is a Word AI alternative with some amazing features allowing you to do much more than just rewrite content. The platform has over 100 different AI tools and templates for content creation, planning, optimization, and repurposing. Unlike, Word AI where you can only rewrite or paraphrase your existing text, Narrato allows you to create fresh content and entire articles from scratch. Templates like the AI long blog article generator, web page or landing page copy, customer case study, brochure generator, and others let you generate high-quality content for any use case. And if you can’t find a ready-made template for the type of content you want to generate, you can even create custom AI templates with your own prompts.

Word AI alternatives - Narrato

That’s not all. One of the most unique tools on this Word AI alternative is the content autopilot, AI Content Genie. The Content Genie can automatically generate social media posts and blog posts every week from just your website URL and a few themes, with you having to put in zero effort. Narrato serves as a complete social media management suite allowing you to create social media posts and schedule or publish them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also publish content directly from the platform to WordPress, Webflow, and other CMSes or apps.

Narrato’s innovative AI tools and strong project management and collaboration capabilities make it a complete solution for managing your content process and team in one place. They also make this platform one of the more advanced Anyword alternatives to try as well.

Pricing: When comparing pricing for Word AI vs Narrato, the latter again emerges as the better choice as it starts at just $9 per user per month. Word AI, on the other hand, is $57 per month.

Narrato AI Content Genie

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a Word AI alternative that made waves in the content creation and marketing world a while ago. This AI answer engine can strike a conversation with you on almost any topic and answer your most pressing questions within seconds. ChatGPT can be a great Word AI alternative for not just rewriting content but also for content research, original content generation, and more.

However, creating content using ChatGPT can be a little effort- and time-intensive as you have to find the right prompts to use, type in your prompts every time, and then copy the generated content to a Doc or editor. This back-and-forth can be avoided using ChatGPT alternatives like Narrato which offers ready-made AI templates for quick and easy content generation for almost any use case you can think of.

Nonetheless, ChatGPT can help you achieve a lot more than Word AI can with its AI rewriting capability alone. ChatGPT has to be one of the most popular Magai alternatives too.

Pricing: ChatGPT costs you $20 per user per month, which is still much lower than Word AI. Between ChatGPT vs Narrato, the latter wins in terms of being more pocket-friendly.

3. Paraphraser

True to its name, Paraphraser is an AI paraphrasing tool that can rewrite your text in different ways, similar to what Word AI does. This alternative to Word AI lets you choose from a few different options like standard paraphrasing, word changer, fluency, creative paraphrasing, text shortening, and so on. It also shows you parameters like word count, character count, number of sentences, as well as reading and speaking time for the rewritten text.

Word AI alternatives - Paraphraser

Apart from the article rewriter, the platform has a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and text summarizer. However, like Word AI, that’s pretty much all it does. Paraphraser cannot generate fresh content from scratch like Narrato does or help with content research like ChatGPT. If all you need in your Word AI is paraphrasing and rewriting capabilities, Paraphraser may be a right fit for you.

Pricing: Paraphrase has weekly, monthly, and annual pricing plans. The weekly plan costs $7 per week, while the monthly plan costs $20 per month. This is still quite expensive for the limited features the platform offers.

4. Speedwrite

Speedwrite is another generative AI tool that can rewrite the text you provide and rewrite a fresh, unique paragraph from your input. The tool generates a fresh and original version of the paragraph every time you regenerate. This Word AI alternative can also work with flawed inputs with errors, understand the logical meaning of the text, and rewrite it with correct grammar and spelling.

Word AI alternatives - Speedwrite

Again, this Word AI alternative does not do much else other than rewrite and paraphrase text. It does not have any social media content creation tools, publishing tools, or content project management capabilities. This makes it a unidimensional product that could be useful for you if you only need a paraphrasing tool like Word AI, but it cannot be used as an alternative to ChatGPT or Narrato.

Pricing: The monthly subscription to Speedwrite costs $7.99 per month.

Narrato AI content creation workspace

5. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a Word AI alternative primarily focusing on creative writing. It helps with crafting stories, novels, articles, and essays. Some of the key features of the tool include the “Write” use case that autocompletes your paragraphs, “Expand” which builds on your sentences to manage the pacing of your text and keep readers engaged, and so on.

Word AI alternatives - Sudowrite

The platform also has editing tools like rewrite, describe, and others. The “Feedback” use case gives you three areas of improvement in your text every time you run the tool. You can also explore different plot points, character arcs, and twists for your story using the AI Canvas tool on Sudowrite. The platform has tools to suggest synonyms for words, character names, and character art as well. These interesting features make it one of the powerful Anyword alternatives too, but for creative writing only.

Pricing: This creative writing tool has a Hobby & Student plan that starts at $10 per month, but the professional plan will cost you $22 per month.

6. Jasper

With a wide range of AI tools and features, Jasper is a powerful alternative to Word AI for content creation. Apart from the usual content creation tools, one of Jasper’s standout features is the brief-to-campaign generation. This feature allows you to effortlessly create a multitude of marketing assets based on your campaign brief using AI. It also has an AI art generator, similar to the Jasper alternative Narrato.

Word AI alternatives - Jasper

Jasper also offers analytics and reporting tools, a feature that you may not find on many Jasper alternatives. With its Insights dashboard, you can gather valuable data on the performance of your content, identify the best-performing pieces, and receive optimization suggestions to improve your results further.

Pricing: Surprisingly, Jasper with all its diverse features, still costs less than Word AI as its Creator plan starts at $39 per month per seat. However, if you compare Jasper vs Narrato, Narrato is a more economical option with all the tools that Jasper has to offer and some more.

Summing up

Exploring the world of AI and finding the perfect fit for your needs can vastly improve not only how efficiently you work but also the quality of your outcomes. The six Word AI alternatives we’ve discussed today offer a variety of features and capabilities to streamline, speed up, and simplify your content creation process. Remember, the best AI tool is one that aligns with your goals, integrates seamlessly into your workflow, and ultimately makes your life easier. Don’t be afraid to test out a few to truly understand what works best for you. Happy exploring!

Narrato AI