6 Anyword Alternatives for AI Writing

With so many options in the market today, finding the perfect AI tool for your content creation needs can be a bit like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. Now, Anyword has definitely made a mark for itself with its AI capabilities, but it’s far from being the only or the best player in the game. There are scores of options for Anyword alternatives that could give you everything that Anyword offers, and more, at a competitive price. ,

Here we’re shining a spotlight on 6 Anyword alternatives that are ready to revolutionize your content game. From enhancing your writing with artificial intelligence to simplifying content strategy, these tools are designed to elevate your creativity to new heights. Here are top choices for Anyword alternatives.

  1. Narrato
  2. Typeface
  3. Shortly AI
  4. Jasper
  5. SurferSEO
  6. SEMRush
AI content assistant on Narrato

1. Narrato – Anyword alternative with a complete content marketing suite

Narrato is a powerful Anyword alternative with over 100 AI tools and templates, SEO tools, and content project management features, making it an all-in-one solution for marketers. The most interesting AI tool on Narrato is the AI Content Genie. It is Narrato’s content autopilot that only needs a one-time input of your website URL and themes to produce fresh social media posts and blog posts for you, automatically, every week! This is one feature you won’t find on other AI content creation platforms.

Anyword alternatives - Narrato

On Narrato, you can also generate comprehensive SEO content briefs automatically for your blogs and web pages. Just enter a topic or search term and get a complete SEO brief with keywords, questions to answer, reference links, and other parameters to optimize your content for search.

Apart from the 100+ pre-built AI templates for blog content generation, web copywriting, social media post generation, email writing, product descriptions, landing pages, and more, you can also create custom AI templates. Save your frequently used prompts for AI content creation as simple reusable forms for quick generation, without having to type in the entire prompt every time.

The AI content repurposing template on Narrato allows you to repurpose any type of content into a new format in one click. This could mean turning a video into a blog post or social media post, creating a summary of a podcast, or turning a press release into a newsletter – the possibilities are endless. The in-line AI writing assistant allows you to quickly edit and enhance your content, by shortening, simplifying, improving text, and more.

You can even save custom brand voices on Narrato. While Anyword.ai does have this feature too, it only lets you save up to 5 brand voices. On Narrato, however, you can generate and save an unlimited number of brand voices for your social media content, blog content, and more.

Another capability that Narrato has and Anyword doesn’t is AI image generation. Narrato’s AI image generator can give you stunning, high-quality custom images from simple text prompts. There is also a vast library of CC images and GIFs that you can search from.

Narrato serves as a complete content marketing solution with not just AI content generation tools but also powerful content project management and collaboration tools. Features like custom workflows, workflow automation, content calendars, custom user roles, freelancer management, and access control, help you manage your entire content process in one place from start to finish.

Pricing: In terms of Anyword vs Narrato pricing too, Narrato is hands-down the better choice starting at just $9 per user per month. Anyword on the other hand starts at $39 per user per month. Narrato offers a 7-day free trial too.

AI content workspace Narrato

2. Typeface – Anyword alternative for on-brand content

Typeface is another AI content creation platform that helps you create on-brand content for various channels, including marketing campaigns, employee communications, and more. This Anyword alternative also offers an Image Studio where you can test your design concepts or carry out virtual product photoshoots with ready-made digital props. You can edit and modify your product images, fix backgrounds and product framing, and do a lot more.

Anyword alternatives - Typeface

Other AI capabilities on this alternative to Anyword include document transform which allows you to turn a URL or a video transcript into a summary, brand training which allows you to train the AI on your brand guidelines, and more. Though very helpful, the features of Typeface may have a slight learning curve.

Pricing: Typeface does not share pricing details on its website and you have to contact sales or sign up to know the pricing plans. Typeface does offer a free trial.

3. Shortly AI – Anyword alternative for a hybrid content creation process

Unlike the above Anyword.ai alternatives, Shortly AI does not have ready-made templates where you can simply input the variables and generate content. This platform, however, allows for a more hybrid approach to content creation helping you overcome writer’s block when you face one. The AI tool or the Write for Me feature on Shortly allows the AI to take over when you are lost for words. It requires you to type a prompt describing what you want the AI to write about. Our list of ChatGPT prompts for marketing success might come in handy here.

Anyword alternatives - Shortly AI

Shortly lets you create long-form content, generate content ideas, and Q & As too. But all of this will take a lot of prompt engineering effort on the platform. The pros about Shortly, however, are its clean and simple UI, the powerful commands to assist your content generation process, and unlimited content generation capabilities.

Pricing: Shortly pricing for the annual is $65 per month and for the monthly plan is $79 per month. Since there is no mention of user seats, it’s safe to assume this is a single-user plan, in which case it is quite expensive.

4. Jasper – Anyword alternative with analytics and insights

Jasper is a popular AI content creation tool and Anyword alternative, that offers most of the tools you would expect from a good generative AI platform. Core features of Jasper AI include brief-to-campaign generation, AI art, AI chat, and brand voice. The brief-to-campaign feature allows you to upload or create a brief for your marketing campaign and create any number of marketing assets based on the brief using AI.

Anyword alternatives - Jasper

Despite all the cutting-edge AI features, Jasper is not a great fit for startups, small businesses, solopreneurs, or newer enterprises because of its price point. It is mostly targeted at bigger enterprises with a massive marketing budget, but there are alternatives to Jasper at more affordable prices offering almost all the features that Jasper has.

One interesting feature of Jasper as an Anyword alternative is its Insights dashboard. The platform offers analytics data on your best and worst performing content along with optimization suggestions.

Pricing: If you compare other Anyword.ai alternatives with Jasper, it does look like one of the costliest options in the market. For instance, comparing Narrato vs Jasper – the latter starts at $39 per month per seat, while Narrato starts at only $9 per user per month. There is a huge difference in cost that must be taken into account when choosing your alternative to Anyword.

AI Content Genie on Narrato

5. SurferSEO – Anyword alternative for SEO content writing

SurferSEO is a popular SEO tool that now offers AI content creation features too. Unlike other Anyword alternatives such as Narrato, however, SurferSEO does not help with much else except SEO content creation. It is a good AI content writing platform for creating search-optimized articles with relevant keywords, a content score, and other SEO parameters to benchmark against.

Anyword alternatives - Surfer

Similar to Narrato, SurferSEO also lets you create content in multiple languages, has a plagiarism checker, and integrates with Google Docs, WordPress, and other platforms. It does not offer AI templates for social media content, emails, or other content types though. It also does not have an AI Chat like many SurferSEO alternatives do.

Pricing: SurferSEO pricing starts at $89 per month for 2 user seats and can generate up to 30 articles.

So, when it comes to SurferSEO vs Narrato, based on the range of features and pricing, Narrato is certainly a better and more pocket-friendly choice for an Anyword.ai alternative.

6. SEMRush – Anyword alternative for content strategy and search marketing

SEMRush is more of a search engine marketing platform that helps you develop a powerful content marketing strategy. For content creation, SEMRush offers a topic idea generation tool to help you discover hundreds of content topic ideas for your theme and location. These features make it a suitable Frase alternative as well.

It also has a content marketplace where you can have SEO content written by professionals, which makes it a strong alternative to SurferSEO without AI. SEMRush also has a social media management feature that helps with scheduling posts, analyzing performance, inserting appropriate GIFs, emojis, and hashtags in your content, and more.

Anyword alternatives - Semrush

SEMRush, however, does not have any AI content generation tools for blogs, smart copy, social media, or other content, as most of the other Jasper alternatives and Anyword alternatives on this list have. It primarily focuses on content research, SEO audits, insights, and strategy building.

Pricing: SEMRush pricing starts at $129.95 per month and allows up to 5 projects and 500 keywords to track.

Final verdict

Well, that we leave to you! Navigating the dynamic world of AI content creation tools can initially seem complex, but it truly opens up an exciting realm of possibilities. Each tool mentioned above brings its own unique flair to the table, but the key to finding the perfect match for your needs lies in experiencing them first-hand. Dive in, play around with the Anyword alternatives like Narrato that offer a free trial, and assess how well they align with your marketing goals and your budget. This hands-on approach will your understanding of what each platform offers empowering you to make an informed decision.

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