5 Ways an AI Content Writer Can Boost Your Productivity

AI content writer is the future of content marketing, and the future is now.

While some people may be unaware of the benefits of using an AI writer, many businesses and individuals are already using AI writers to improve their content creation process and boost productivity. Yes, AI writers are officially a thing today, with more than 50% of organizations planning to incorporate artificial intelligence technologies in 2023 (Delloite study).

A good AI content writer can help you tackle writer’s block, making it easier to generate relevant content for blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, or anything else. Although AI writing assistants still need some human oversight, they can be incredibly useful if you’re looking for a jumping-off point. And soon you’ll find that scaling up your content creation efforts is not that difficult anymore.

So, are you interested in learning the different ways an AI writer can be used to boost productivity? This blog post will cover it all. Besides exploring the use cases and applications of AI content writing assistants, we’ll also be covering how you can make the most of AI writing tools.

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What is an AI content writer?


How to use an AI Content Writer to boost productivity?

  1. Use AI content writer for repetitive writing tasks
  2. Use AI writer to aid in your SEO efforts
  3. Use AI content writer to work through creative blocks
  4. Use AI writer to speed up content creation
  5. Use AI content writer for better email marketing campaigns
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What is an AI Content Writer?

An AI content writer is essentially a software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms (machine learning and natural language processing) to assist in content creation. It does this by automatically generating text, based on the input supplied by a user (topic, target audience, desired tone and style, etc.)

An AI content writer can be an excellent time-saving tool, especially for businesses that are looking to scale up their content marketing operations. It cuts down the effort dramatically. With this tool assisting in the creative heavy lifting, drafting content for website landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, ads, product descriptions, video descriptions, and even emails becomes easier. And what’s better is that these Artificial Intelligence content generator tools can also be used to improve upon an existing piece of content.

How does an AI content writer work?

An AI content writer works on Open AI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) model, which is an autoregressive (AR) language model. Language models like GPT-3 are trained to recognize patterns in text, which allows them to predict the words in a sentence. In the GPT-3 language model, every sentence is broken down into words and each word is then assigned a probability. When a list of potential words is obtained for a sentence, the likelihood of each word occurring at different points in a sentence is calculated. And the end of it, you get a final sentence with the best placement of words.

With the help of GPT-3, the AI strings together sentences and predicts the next best word in a sentence, based on the words placed before it, all the while maintaining context. Just as a human writer researches the existing content to craft a new content piece, an AI writing tool gathers data from millions of websites online, based on a given topic and keyword(s). By utilizing its understanding of grammar, syntax, and other instructions, the tool is then able to generate content that meets your requirements in terms of tone, format, etc.

Language models rely on a vast amount of continuously evolving data to generate content with remarkable accuracy. The GPT-3 language model was, in fact, trained on 570 GB of text datasets, and almost 10% of the internet was used as its source of data, back in 2019. When it was released in 2020, it contained over 175 billion parameters, making it the largest neural network, even today. This staggering amount of data allows the AI writer to generate original, high-quality content that, for the most part, remains within the context and makes sense. There can be instances when an AI writing tool might generate inaccurate content and information, but these instances are very few and far between. And this is why human insight and oversight are always necessary for AI content creation.

So, now that you have a sound understanding of how an AI content writer works, let’s take a look at how you can use it to scale up content creation and boost productivity.

How to use an AI Content Writer to boost productivity?

An AI content writer can be an invaluable tool for increasing writing productivity, helping you save time and scale up content production. But to derive the maximum value out of this tool, you need to know how to use an AI writer correctly. So here are 5 ways you can use an AI writing assistant to enhance content creation and get more done in lesser time –

1. Use AI content writer for repetitive writing tasks

Content writers are often required to do a lot of repetitive tasks, like drafting social media posts, product descriptions, marketing copy, etc. Although these tasks are important as part of a company’s overall content strategy, they can be an unnecessary drain on a writer’s creative energy and overall productivity. Additionally, using AI with an efficient employee scheduling can allow writers to be more productive.

An AI writer, on the other hand, can be very effective in executing these repetitive and predictable tasks. And that too in less than half the time. AI writers are designed in a way that makes it easier for them to come up with predictable content that follows specific patterns. So if you’re looking to boost your writing productivity, why not take the help of an AI writer like Narrato with these repetitive tasks?

For generating a product description with Narrato’s AI writer, you would just have to input the product name, type, and features, along with the tone of voice you want for the piece. Select the number of variations you want with the tool, and a well-written product description will be presented to you. Here is an example of product descriptions for a tire, generated with Narrato’s AI writing tool –

AI content writer - Product description

The same steps can be followed to generate other types of repetitive content, like short ad copies, social media posts, video descriptions, and more.

The content creation process is more than just putting together a few words on a topic. Doing so will result in generic content that is unlikely to be discovered by your audience. If you want to enhance your content’s reach, you have to make sure that it is adequately optimized for search engines. And AI content writers can help you with this too.

2. Use AI writer to aid in your SEO efforts

As you may be aware, content quality plays a huge role in SEO. When you provide your target audience with well-written, helpful, and relevant content that fulfills their search queries, you’re more likely to rank higher on the SERPs. The AI content assistant on Narrato Workspace can help you optimize your content for both readers and search engines. You can check your content for grammar and readability and also run plagiarism checks to test the content’s originality. You can also take the help of the AI writer to improve the content structure, readability, and overall quality. Here’s how –

Content Improver:

With this use case, you can improve an existing piece of text with the help of the AI writer. You would just have to add the original text, along with the desired tone of voice, and the AI content writer will come up with an enhanced version of the text. Here is an example of the Content Improver in action, where we’ve used it to rewrite the previous two sentences in this paragraph.

AI content writer - content improver

Paraphrase a Paragraph:

This is a somewhat similar feature in which you can paraphrase a piece of text using the AI writer. But as is evident from the name, it’s not meant to improve the content but paraphrase it to a new form. This can be useful if you’re not quite happy with any part of your content, and want to see how it would look with alternative words and sentence structuring.

Paragraph to Bullets:

With this use case, you can easily convert any paragraph into bullet form. This allows for better structuring and enhanced readability of content. And of course, it saves the writer tons of time.

AI content writer - paragraph to bullets

Besides improving content quality for SEO, AI content writers can also help in optimizing metadata, like title tags, meta descriptions, etc. For instance, Narato’s AI writing tool comes with an SEO Meta Description use case, which can be used to generate an SEO-friendly meta description for your content. All you have to do is enter the page title along with the target keywords.

AI content writer - SEO meta description

With Narrato’s AI writer assisting you in search engine optimization, you can focus on the more creative aspects of content creation, and come out with resourceful content for your audience more frequently. And if you’re looking for a dedicated SEO tool, Narrato provides that too – the SEO content brief generator. With this tool, you can generate a comprehensive SEO content brief for any topic, complete with target word count, keywords, questions to include, competitor links/references, and more.

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3. Use AI content writer to work through creative blocks

There will be times when you’ll feel stuck in your writing, struggling to come up with words to write. One way to overcome this is by stepping away from the content task for a while and then revisiting it with a fresh mind. But creative blocks can be very tricky to deal with, and sometimes the only way to overcome them is by writing. It’s all about getting the first few words out. And an AI content writer can be just the thing you need to get your momentum back. It can give you the inspiration you need to overcome creative blocks and regain your writing productivity.

Narrato’s AI writer comes with several use cases to help writers work through creative blocks. Whether you’re working on a blog post, marketing copy, or video content (textual component), the tool can be used to spark new ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

AI topic generator:

The best way to drive traffic to your blog is by coming up with untapped content topic ideas. Narrato’s AI topic generator makes this easier. With this tool, you can generate fresh content ideas for articles and blog posts in a matter of seconds. Just enter the content theme, and the AI tools will come up with a list of topics you can use.

AI topic generator
AI topic generator

Blog Post Intro/Conclusion:

Sometimes the most difficult part of blog writing is starting/concluding the piece. With this use case, creating the introductory and concluding paragraphs of blog posts becomes easier, and this gives you the right direction to take your writing forward.

AI content writer - blog post intro
AI content writer - blog post conclusion

Paragraph from Topic:

If you find yourself stuck with the body of the text, Narrato’s AI content writer can generate a whole paragraph based on your topic. You can then use this as a starting guide to build your content. Consider this as your very own prompt buddy to guide you through a creative block.

AI content writer - paragraph from topic

Video Hook Intro:

If you’re making video content and don’t know how to get started, Narrato’s AI writer can generate a video hook and intro for you. All that is required is the topic of the video and the tone of voice you wish to have.

AI content writer - video hook intro

Write for me:

This is an exciting feature found in Narrato’s AI writer, using which you can prompt the AI writer to write the content for you. You would only have to provide the first 15 words, and the tool takes care of the rest.

AI content writer - write for me

4. Use AI writer to speed up content creation

Even when you’re not dealing with a creative block, it can be useful to take the help of an AI writing tool to speed up content creation. And we’re not just talking about the small repetitive tasks here. When used correctly, an AI content writer can help you streamline the content writing process from start to finish, whether it is for a blog, copy, or video. Here are some ways you can use an AI writer to speed up content creation –

Blog post outline:

With this use case, you can create a complete blog post outline for a given topic and even sectional outlines for long-form blog pieces. The AI blog writer tool scans the best-performing content on the web and generates a blog post outline based on your input. With an outline created, you can get down to writing straight away.

AI content writer - blog post outline

Paragraph from Outline:

AI writing tools like Narrato also allow you to generate content for the blog post outline you’ve just created. When you input your outline into the tool and choose your audience and tone, the AI writer will generate a paragraph based on that. This can provide you with the basic building block to build your entire content piece.

AI content writer - paragraph from outline

Video Script Outlines:

Making a video without a video script in hand can be like shooting in the dark. An AI writer can simplify this process, by generating a complete video script outline based on just the title. You can then use this outline to draft a video script that flows logically from one point to another.

video script outline


This AI writing feature on Narrato’s AI content writer can provide you with answers to specific questions. It’s especially useful when you’re including PAA questions in your blog post. When you input your question into the tool, it generates a response that can be used to build your argument. Here’s a look at this AI writing tool in action –

AI content writer - QnA

5. Use AI content writer for better email marketing campaigns

Until now, we’ve discussed plenty of ways an AI content writer can help with blog posts, marketing copies, and even video content. But did you know that you could use this tool for your email content too? Email writing is an effort-intensive task that does not always bring equal returns. Instead of spending hours thinking about what to write in your cold emails, you could actually let an AI email writer create a first draft.

The AI writer can make email campaigns more efficient, effective, and simpler to execute, thereby significantly improving your open and click rates. Here’s how you can use it to scale up your email marketing operations –

Cold Email – Product/Service:

Sending cold emails for your product or service is notoriously tricky. You have to establish a relationship with your audience, but when there’s no real-time feedback, it can get difficult to know what is the right approach. If you’re finding it difficult to draft a cold email, an AI writer can come to your assistance.

AI content writer - Cold Email

Email from Outline:

If you have a rough outline for an email, you can create a complete email with the help of an AI writing tool. This nifty feature simplifies the whole process, helping you save time crafting individual emails.

AI content writer - Email from Outline

Email Subject Line:

When you send your users an email, usually the first thing they see is the subject line. And if you want to increase your open rate, your subject line needs to be catchy. But coming up with exciting subject lines every time can be a challenge in itself. An AI writer can help you with this too. Just provide it with the context, audience, and preferred tone of voice, and an engaging subject line will be generated in a matter of seconds.

AI content writer - Email Subject Line

Wrapping Up

Investing in an AI content writer can be an incredibly beneficial decision for any business or marketer that is looking to boost their writing productivity. AI content creation tools are not only useful for tedious and repetitive content tasks, but can also aid in SEO efforts, help break through creative blocks, speed up content creation, and improve email marketing campaigns. The key lies in using this AI-powered tool the right way. The various use cases covered in this article will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of the capabilities of an AI content writer. And if you’re interested in finding out more about AI tools, watch out this space for more useful content like this.

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