10 Ways to Use an AI Text Generator for Marketing Content

We live in an age of remarkable innovation and change. Marketing tactics, in particular, have morphed dramatically with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One tool that is storming its way onto the scene and making waves is the AI text generator. These savvy companions can give you a helping hand with almost everything, from writing blogs to creating your video scripts. In the process, making your life as a marketer not only manageable but downright thrilling. But have you been putting these phenomenal AI text generators to good use? We often tend to overlook what all these nifty tools can do for us, and end up underutilizing them.

That is why, we thought to share with you ten ways to siphon the power of an AI text generator and make it your marketing sidekick. So buckle up, things are about to get interesting!

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What are AI text generators?

10 ways to use an AI text generator for marketing content

  1. Crafting engaging blog posts with AI text generators to drive traffic
  2. Generating social media posts with AI text generators to grab attention
  3. Enhancing website content with AI text generators to encourage action
  4. Creating persuasive sales copy with AI text generators to boost conversions
  5. Personalizing marketing and sales emails with AI text generators to increase open rates
  6. Crafting click-worthy ad copy with AI text generators
  7. Generating compelling product descriptions, property descriptions and more
  8. Generating video scripts with AI text generators
  9. Expanding and improving existing content with AI text generators
  10. Translating content with AI text generators for targeting local markets

What are AI text generators?

AI text generators use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to generate human-like text content. By combining natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms, text generator AI can produce written content that mirrors the tone, style, and structure of human-written text. AI text generators are designed to save time and effort in creating marketing content by significantly reducing the need for manual content writing. They can be used to generate blog posts, social media captions, email newsletters, product descriptions, and more. AI text generators offer a convenient and effective solution to enhance marketing strategies and engage with target audiences.

10 ways to use an AI text generator for marketing content

Are you ready to explore 10 exciting ways to use an AI text generator for your marketing needs? Then here are 10 very powerful use cases where you can save time, effort, and dollars by using AI text generators the right way.

1. Crafting engaging blog posts with AI text generators to drive traffic

Blog writing takes up a major chunk of your time in marketing content creation. This is where an AI text generator can prove to be a massive help for you and your team.

The first step in writing a blog post is to generate fresh and innovative ideas for your blog topics. Sometimes you may have specific keywords in mind, but struggle to come up with an enticing blog title. Other times, you may want to know what topics your audience would find most interesting. In such situations, utilizing an AI content idea generator tool offered by AI writing assistants can be extremely helpful.

We tested out Narrato’s AI content ideas generator tool with the aim of creating a series of blog posts on how to use an AI writer. By simply providing the theme “How to use an AI writer” to the tool, we got a variety of topic ideas. We also had the option to refresh the ideas if these didn’t work for us. What’s more. You can select the topics you like and add them to the respective project on Narrato Workspace as new tasks.

AI text generator for content ideas on Narrato

Once you have decided on a topic, you can start the content writing process by generating an outline, writing the introduction, and then going on to write for the different sections of your blog post. But it is so much tougher than it sounds. This is usually the stage when you’re left staring at the blinking cursor, struggling to find the right words to start your piece.

Worry not. The AI text generator is perfect for this. It can give you content outlines, intros, conclusions, and even sectional intros in the blink of an eye. So you can actually create a solid framework for your blog post to work on.

On Narrato’s AI Content Assistant, you can try out the blog post outline, blog post intro, blog sectional content from topic, and blog post conclusion AI templates to achieve this. You can then use the other AI templates like content improver, sentence expander, and paraphrase or rewrite text to fine-tune and clean up the first draft easily and swiftly.

And if you wish to skip this relatively longer process, and get the entire blog post generated from scratch using the AI text generator, you can do that too. Just use the long blog article or short blog article templates, and you will have a complete blog post ready to edit and publish within seconds. Check out our guide on Using an AI Article Writer to Write an Article In Under 15 Minutes to master this method.

AI text generator for blog content on Narrato

We’ve discussed all about creating content for your blog. But what about making that content rank in search? If you are using an AI text generator like Narrato, which is an all-in-one solution for content creators and marketers, your SEO is also taken care of.

You can generate automated SEO content briefs for any topic, which gives you target keywords, questions to answer, references, and more. You also have a Keyword Search tool on the platform to find keywords with search volumes and competition. And when it comes to adding metadata to your blog posts, there is a dedicated template to generate SEO meta titles and descriptions on Narrato as well.

Hope that covers all bases in the blog writing process. Did we mention you can also publish your blog to WordPress or any other CMS directly from Narrato in just a few clicks? The platform supports automated publishing to WordPress and custom integrations to other CMSes.

2. Generating social media posts with AI text generators to grab attention

Social media content is undoubtedly one of the trickiest content types to create. All social media channels are overflowing with content and coming up with ideas to make your posts stand out is a pain. An AI text generator can give you a good headstart in this regard. AI text generators are particularly good at generating short-form content like social posts. They give you crisp, catchy intros for your social posts, lots of appropriate emojis, and capture the tone you choose quite well.

Some AI text generators even let you generate various types of social media posts. Narrato’s AI social media post generator has a bunch of different AI templates to create social media posts with URL, notes, themes, quotes, and more.

AI text generator templates for social media on Narrato

But that’s not all. The best part about Narrato’s text generator AI features is the AI Content Genie. This amazing AI tool generates social media posts (and blog posts) on autopilot. All you need to do is provide your website URL and a few themes. The tool will generate fresh posts based on this input week after week. You can easily edit them (or use them as is) and schedule or publish them to your social media accounts.

AI Content Genie on Narrato

Apart from this, you can also use the AI tools dedicated to generating meme ideas and poll ideas to create content that drives engagement on social media.

3. Enhancing website content with AI text generators to encourage action

Enhancing website content with AI text generators can be a powerful way to encourage action from your audience. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, you can create compelling and persuasive marketing copy that represents your product well and drives conversions. With an AI text generator, you can effortlessly generate catchy headlines, attention-grabbing calls-to-action, and persuasive product descriptions.

These tools can help you craft content tailored to your target audience, highlighting the benefits of your products or services while adhering to your brand voice. AI text generators can help you optimize your existing website content.

On Narrato’s AI copywriter, for instance, you have several templates for creating stunning copy for your website, ads, and landing pages. There are separate templates for generating web page headlines, SEO meta titles and descriptions, and more.

AI text generator for website copy on Narrato

There is a bulk product description generator too, that can give you 100s of compelling product descriptions in one go for your eCommerce store or product pages.

You can generate copy in any of the common copywriting frameworks like AIDA, BAB, and PAS too, as there are dedicated templates for each.

If you’re looking to only enhance your existing copy, you can pick the Content Improver, AI Paraphraser, or Text Simplifier tool to modify the content. This cuts down the time you spend on content optimization by more than half.


4. Creating persuasive sales copy with AI text generators to boost conversions

AI text generators are not just the perfect accomplice for marketers. They’re just as important for sales professionals too. We’ve already discussed in detail how you can leverage AI for sales content creation in one of our previous articles. In sales, an AI text generator can be used for crafting your cold outreach emails, customer communication messages, sales enablement content, case studies, and a lot more.

If you can define your target audience and your brand voice accurately, the AI text generator can create content that conveys your message perfectly.

You can also craft high-converting copy for sales brochures, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, and more.

AI text generator for sales brochure on Narrato

You can use AI text generators for repurposing some of your marketing content into sales enablement content too. Any in-depth, product-led blog posts that beautifully describe how your product solves customers’ problems can be repurposed into self-serve resources for your leads. Just use the AI paraphrase or AI summary generator for this.

5. Personalizing marketing and sales emails with AI text generators to increase open rates

Generic, impersonal marketing and sales emails can be deal breakers. But crafting each email from scratch and ensuring that it connects with the reader is not easy either. This is another use case where an AI text generator can help you yield better results.

An AI email content generator can generate personalized subject lines and body content that resonates with your audience, making them more likely to click that elusive “open” button.

Not only will personalization grab attention, but it will also help you build stronger relationships with your customers. The key is to learn how to make the most of UX content.

Using an AI email writer to create your email subject lines, cold emails, newsletters, and promotional emails can give you a good head start. These AI-generated emails are usually good to use as is, but you can edit or modify them if you need to. In any case, it will take you less than half the time it takes to write them from scratch.

Here’s an example of a cold email generated by Narrato’s AI email writer.

AI text generator for emails on Narrato

6. Crafting click-worthy ad copy with AI text generators

Ad copywriting is a skill that very few copywriters can master. It either comes to them naturally, or they’ve polished their copywriting skills through years of practice to become a good ad copywriter. If you don’t have such a copywriter on your team, then your next best bet is an AI text generator. This artificial intelligence tool can generate compelling ad copy on its own. If you don’t want to rely entirely on AI, it can at least give your copywriters a solid framework to start with.

Narrato’s AI ad copy generator can generate high-quality copy for Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads. The best part about using an AI text generator for ads is that it will tailor the content for the specific platform you are running your campaign on.

AI text generator for Ad copy on Narrato

This means you don’t have to worry about the structure or length of the copy as long as you’ve picked the relevant AI template. Also, you get more than one option, so you can even A/B test to see which ads perform better.

7. Generating compelling product descriptions, property descriptions, and more

If you run an eCommerce business or online retail business, one of the biggest pain points is creating product descriptions. The same goes for real estate businesses that need to write 100s of property descriptions for their listings. Creating each description manually can be exhausting and a massive time sink.

With AI text generators, you can create tons of product descriptions and property descriptions in no time. Narrato’s bulk product description generator lets you generate 100s of product descriptions, using a CSV file, in a matter of seconds. In fact, using custom AI templates bulk content generation for any type of content is possible on Narrato.

If you want to create them individually, you can also use the single AI product description generator. You can also generate property descriptions, local business descriptions, and event descriptions using the dedicated AI templates.

AI text generator for product descriptions on Narrato

AI content generators for descriptions can be a big help for small business marketing and large enterprises alike.


8. Generating video scripts with AI text generators

Ever thought that an AI text writer could help you with video content too? Well, AI text generators can significantly cut down the pre-production time in your video content creation efforts. A predictive text generator can help you generate video scripts from scratch, complete with dialogues and scenes that you can simply execute.

Right from coming up with a video title to creating and editing your script to writing the video description for platforms like YouTube, AI content creation tools can help you at various stages.

Here’s what an AI-generated video script using Narrato’s AI video script generator looks like. You simply need to provide your video title, length, tone, and the number of hosts to generate the script.

AI text generator for video script on Narrato

If you want to further customize your prompt and generate something even more personalized, you can also use the ChatGPT integration on Narrato.

9. Expanding and repurposing existing content with AI text generators

A predictive text generator is not only meant to create new, fresh content. It also plays a huge role in expanding and enhancing your existing content and ideas. Narrato has AI templates like content improver, sentence expander, simplify text, correct grammar and spelling, and others that can help you add to your existing content and improve its quality.

AI text generators can also help repurpose content for various channels. On Narrato, for instance, you have a repurpose content template that lets you turn any type of content into a different format. It can repurpose blogs, documents, newsletters, web pages, press releases, and more.

We tried repurposing one of our blog posts into a newsletter, and here’s what the AI content repurposing tool gave us.

AI text generator for content repurposing on Narrato

There’s also a summarize text template that can help you with content repurposing.


10. Translating content with AI text generators for targeting local markets

Targeting a specific market requires you to create content that they can understand and relate to. This is why translating your content to the local language becomes crucial if you have a targeted local audience.

Predictive text generators are a great help here as well. They can translate your text from the source language to the target language you need, without losing the context or the essence of the message. Narrato’s AI translator supports over 20 languages, making localized content creation a breeze.

Find out how Narrato’s customers are saving 100s of resource hours using AI in content creation, in this interview with founder, Sophia Solanki.

Narrato founder interview by Website Planet

Good to know

Can you be caught for plagiarism if you use AI text generators?

No. AI text generators normally give you fresh and unique content only. However, it is best to run the AI-generated content through a plagiarism checker just to be doubly sure.

How do you change AI-generated marketing content to more human-like content?

The best practice here is to choose the right tone, and make your inputs as detailed as possible. The more context and information you can provide, the more accurate the output of the AI content generator will be. Narrato also lets you generate your own brand voice to apply to your AI-generated content, which can make it sound more authentic and human-like.

It is also advised to review all AI-generated text to ensure that it is correct and aligns with your brand’s voice.

What are the benefits of using AI text generators?

There are several benefits of using AI text generators:

  • AI text generators can quickly generate high volumes of content in seconds, boosting efficiency and productivity
  • By automating the content generation process, AI text generators can significantly reduce the costs associated with content creation
  • AI text generators produce consistent and standardized content, ensuring a uniform tone and style across various documents, websites, or marketing materials
  • AI text generators can create content across a wide range of topics and industries, accommodating various writing styles and formats
  • AI text generators can generate content in multiple languages, facilitating communication and content creation for global organizations
  • By providing intelligent suggestions and alternative wordings, AI text generators can inspire writers and enhance their creative thinking process
  • AI text generators utilize advanced algorithms to detect and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of the generated content
  • AI text generators learn from user feedback and continuously improve their performance, resulting in increasingly sophisticated and relevant content generation capabilities

Summing up

AI text generators have revolutionized the way marketers create content. From crafting engaging blog posts to generating attention-grabbing social media posts, enhancing website content, creating persuasive sales copy, personalizing marketing emails, crafting click-worthy ad copy, and more, AI text generators offer a wide range of possibilities. These tools save time, drive traffic, boost conversions, and increase open rates. While AI text generators are powerful aids, always remember to review and customize the AI-generated content to align with your brand’s voice and ensure accuracy. Embrace the power of AI text generators and unlock a new level of efficiency and creativity in your marketing efforts!