Pearler Content Marketing Case Study

Content marketing is more than just about lead generation and driving traffic to your website. For most consumer-centric, responsible brands, content is also a way of educating and empowering their community with valuable insights and knowledge. This is exactly what Pearler aims to do with their content marketing efforts. The Pearler content marketing strategy focuses beyond just their existing users and provides learning opportunities for others who are yet to venture into investing. In this content marketing case study, we will take a closer look at how Pearler is growing its content at light speed and how this content is helping Australians in their financial journeys.

What is Pearler?

Role of content marketing at Pearler

Pearler content marketing strategy

What we learned from the Pearler content marketing strategy

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What is Pearler?

Pearler is an Australian long-term investing platform that helps individuals invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), shares, and funds. The platform also launched its investment app in 2021 and very recently, in 2023, they also launched Pearler Headstart which is an investment app designed for parents to invest for their kids. The platform is different from other wealth management platforms as it approaches wealth building with share trading as a core component. It sets itself apart from other trading apps because it is not meant for traders. It is for everyone else looking for a tool to manage their finances, with share trading and ETFs as core elements. Pearler has already onboarded 50,000+ users and counting.

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Role of content marketing at Pearler

Content has been the key to Pearler’s growth and the content they put out has earned them a lot of goodwill and recognition. Australians now see Pearler as a brand that helps people become successful long-term investors, and you don’t necessarily have to be their customer to achieve this. The Pearler team believes that no two people are alike and so their investing decisions and financial journey will be different too. They try to infuse this thought in their content strategy, creating educational material that will help everyone in making informed investment decisions keeping in mind their priorities and challenges.

Pearler’s focus has always been driving growth through organic traffic instead of paid media. Their content marketing strategy is built on four pillars –

  • Blog content
  • Organic social media
  • Their community forum, the Pearler Exchange
  • Online workshops and webinars with qualified financial advisers

They are putting a lot of effort into their blog content lately and this has helped them achieve a 50% increase in organic traffic.

They are now expanding the scope of their content beyond their primary themes of investing and financial independence. They are exploring other adjacent areas such as superannuation too, where there is an immense need for good, informational content.

Pearler content marketing strategy

As we’ve seen above, the primary goal of the Pearler content marketing strategy is to educate and assist people in their finance-related decisions. As part of this content marketing case study, we are looking at all the different channels that Pearler uses to publish content and reach their target audience. We will also try to understand what they’re doing right, which has helped them establish themselves as a go-to source of knowledge on all things finance and investing.

The Pearler blog

The first thing that strikes us about the Pearler blog is that the content they publish is honest and realistic. Unlike many other financial apps and companies that dole out tips and tricks to get rich fast, Pearler stays true to its mission – helping people with long-term investments. That is why their blog content also focuses on helping people make the right decisions to grow their wealth over time, and not on taking big risks for big gains.

The blog covers everything an individual would need to know before getting on with their investment journey. For instance, on one hand, there are basic topics like how to set up financial goals or what is inflation. While, on the other hand, there are more advanced topics like how to manage a shares portfolio and how to invest during a downturn.

Pearler content marketing case study - Blog

Also, the blog is neatly categorized based on what the content is about or who is it for. This is something we’ve seen with most leading brands, like in our HubSpot content marketing case study.

For instance, you see categories like Financial Independence, Long Term Investing, and First Time Investors. A glance at the blog will tell you that Pearler has content for everyone, no matter where they are in their financial journey. From young adults who are still weighing their options to older individuals looking for financial advice to retire comfortably, everyone can find something to learn on the Pearler blog.

Collaborations with other brands

Another prominent type of content we noticed on the Pearler blog is content written by experts from other popular brands. For instance, there is a series on investing Q&A and FAQs with Strong Money Australia, a well-known financial independence resource site.

Pearler content marketing case study - collaborations

These collaborations are great for everyone. Firstly, Pearler’s audience is getting a fresh perspective and expert advice on various financial topics. Second, the Pearler team is saving time and effort by getting content created by their partners, leaving them with more bandwidth for other growth-oriented work. Lastly, Strong Money Australia is able to reach a wider audience and so is Pearler, as the partner is sure to promote the content on their channels too.

Collaborating on content like this can actually help brands grow faster and Pearler seems to be leveraging this opportunity very well.

Comparison posts

While the primary focus of this community-focused startup is always to help and educate its audience, you cannot ignore the fact that content also has to generate leads and sales. Pearler understands this, and it is evident from the several product comparison blog posts that they publish frequently.

These blog posts compare Pearler with other apps and platforms on various factors, helping people make smarter choices.

Pearler content marketing case study - product comparisons

Most importantly though, these posts are not all about Pearler. They ensure that they share honest reviews and facts about the other tools as well. The comparison highlights the strongest features of the competing tool and also tells users what the tool is best used for. This is crucial to gain people’s trust, so they keep coming back to you for more unbiased opinions.

The Pearler Community forum

Pearler does not just ensure that its community is benefited by its content. It also makes sure that it is a two-way exchange. The Pearler Community forum is highly active, and the company encourages users to ask questions and find answers on this channel as well. This helps Pearler in many ways.

Firstly, it eases the load on the Pearler content team, as they are leveraging user-generated content – much like what we saw in our Notion content marketing case study. The community shares content and discussions on all topics including product features, investing know-how, and more. The community also shares template portfolios of Pearler investments to help users decide which ETFs, shares, etc. to invest in.

Having a strong and active user community also helps Pearler get a better understanding of consumer needs and preferences. This user-generated content brings to light what challenges they are facing, what questions they’re seeking answers to, and what more can the platform do for them. These insights are pure gold for any content marketing team and can help them create highly useful content that resonates with the audience.

Pearler on social media

Like most successful brands, Pearler has got its social media content marketing game right. If you’ve read our content marketing case study, you’ve seen how successful brands ensure that they post content relevant to the audience on each social platform. Pearler does the same. They understand that their followers on different social media channels have different expectations and preferences.

Their Instagram content, for instance, is all about funny memes, informative carousels, reels, and an occasional post promoting their blog and events now and then. Instagram being more of an entertainment channel, and a visual-first platform, they have kept their content crisp and catchy.

Pearler content marketing case study - Instagram

Their LinkedIn content, on the other hand, is a lot more formal and focuses mostly on sharing their educational blog content, event news, and other such informational content. As LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it makes sense to keep your content leaning towards informing and educating the audience as that is what’s expected from the platform.

Pearler has a YouTube channel as well, where you get to see content like podcasts, webinar recordings, event recordings, and so on. The channel is still growing, and we hope to see some more amazing content on it very soon.

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The Pearler podcast – Get Rich Slow Club

The Get Rich Slow Club is a podcast collaboration between Pearler and Tash Invests. It discusses everything there is to know about investing and personal finance management. The podcast aims to help beginners turn into knowledgeable, experienced investors over time.

First of all, having a podcast is a sign that Pearler knows its way with the young audience. While you often wouldn’t expect younger adults to read about investing and finance, having a podcast that’s created particularly for them can be a great way to grab their attention. We’ve seen other popular brands adopt this strategy as well, like in our ClickUp content marketing case study for instance. And this surely pays off.

Pearler content marketing case study - Get Rich Slow series

The podcast hosts are two very relatable, young experts- Tash from @tashinvests and Ana from the Pearler team – with whom the youth can easily connect. As the name of the podcast itself suggests, it focuses on giving people sensible, realistic advice about long-term investing that will help them achieve their goals. The podcast hosts are themselves finance content creators and influencers on social media, making them even more approachable to the audience.

What we learned from the Pearler content marketing strategy

The Pearler content strategy offers a lot to ponder over. Having been founded only in 2018, the platform has grown tremendously, and all this growth can be attributed to the content they create. Their philosophy in content marketing, of putting the community ahead of everything else, is one that should inspire more brands and businesses.

Here are a few key learnings from this Pearler content marketing case study that we would like to highlight:

  • Creating content not just for your users but for the benefit of the larger community can be a great brand-building and goodwill-earning strategy.
  • Providing valuable thought leadership content for every stage of the target audience’s journey helps connect with a larger audience base, irrespective of age and occupation.
  • Being honest with your audience is key. Pearler ensures that all their content is true to its core values of helping people become better long-term investors. They do not promise any shortcuts.
  • Unbiased product comparisons are a smart way to convince prospects about the benefits your product can offer over your competitors. Pearler makes sure that its comparison posts do not unduly put competitors in a bad light, but rather try to emphasize how they are better for other use cases.
  • While social media content is great to draw some attention to your brand, long-form content is what drives the most traffic to your website. Pearler has focused primarily on blog content, and it has driven tremendous growth for them. If you want to replicate their strategy for creating more long-form content, Narrato’s AI content assistant offers an AI long form blog generator, AI keyword generator, and 100+ other useful AI tools and templates you can try.
  • Understanding your audience persona and experimenting with content to connect better with them is essential. Pearler’s podcast and social media content are good examples of this.

We hope this content marketing case study gave you a good idea of how a brand can grow purely on the basis of valuable content driving organic search traffic. We’ve seen similar approaches to content marketing in SaaS and a few other industries, but Pearler as a fintech brand has shown some exemplary content marketing prowess.

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