How Web Design Agencies Use Narrato to Work with Clients?

If design is the body, content is the soul of a website. Content plays a crucial role in converting leads into customers and making a website SEO-friendly. For web design and web development agencies, a major challenge often ends up being gathering content from clients or copywriters to add to the site. This leads to project delays, time-consuming follow-ups, and numerous ‘back and forth’.

Narrato AI makes gathering content for websites easy for web development and web design agencies. Here’s how.

How Narrato helps web design agencies collaborate with clients/ copywriters?

  1. Create a project
  2. Create content items for all pages
  3. Create a custom workflow for the project
  4. Create templates for each website page and apply templates on corresponding content items
  5. Invite the client or copywriter (or team) to join your Workspace
  6. Assign the pages to your clients or copywriters to collect webpage content
  7. Create copy using the AI copywriter tool
  8. Collaborate on content using in-line comments or messages
Narrato Workspace

1. Create a project

Under the Projects tab, click and create a “New Project”. Or you can do this by clicking on “Create” button in the left menu.

Narrato Workspace - Create a new project

2. Create content items for all pages

The next step is to create content tasks (or content items as we call them) for every page on the website. You can even organize your pages in folders if it’s a large website project.

To create content items, go to the Content tab under the Project. Click on ‘+Create a content item’ > ‘Content’.

Creating a new content item - Narrato Workspace

You can add multiple pages together. You can also copy or import multiple tasks from a list.

Narrato Workspace - Create a multiple content items

3. Create a custom workflow for the project

To streamline the website copywriting process, you can define your own content workflow using the Custom Workflows feature on Narrato.

To create a custom workflow for the web copywriting projects, navigate to the Workflows tab from the ‘Organize’ drop-down, and click on ‘+New Workflow’

Narrato Workspace - Creating custom workflows

Give your custom workflow a unique name.

Narrato Workspace - custom workflow

Now, define each workflow step, and add new steps by clicking the plus (+) button.

Editing workflows on Narrato Workspace

To change the order of steps, simply drag and drop items. You also have the option to change the color representing each workflow stage. Here’s a quick video for reference.

Narrato also offers Workflow Automation, a unique feature for automating certain actions at every step of your workflow. It automatically adjusts due dates, assigns tasks, and sends notifications to selected team members, whenever a task moves from one workflow step to another.

Finally, when everything is done, apply your custom workflow to the project. Open your project, and navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. Under ‘Project Defaults’, choose the desired project workflow.

Narrato Workspace - Adding custom workflow to project

4. Create templates for each website page and apply templates on corresponding content items

To ensure that content creators stick to the structure and format of content for each page on the website, you can use the Templates feature on Workspace. Create a new template for each web page.

To create the templates, go to the Templates tab under the ‘Organize’ drop-down.

Narrato Workspace - Create a new content template

Click on ‘New Template’ and create a template for each page. Some already created templates are available for inspiration here.

Narrato Workspace - Content templates

Once templates are created, you can apply them to the respective pages on the “Content” tab. You can do this using the Actions button or from the content page. Check out this explainer video on Narrato templates.

5. Invite the client or copywriter (or team) to join your Workspace

Invite the clients or copywriters from the Team tab.

Narrato Workspace - Team page

6. Assign the pages to your clients or copywriters to collect webpage content

Now you are all set up to gather content for your website project. Simply assign the pages from the Content tab to your client or copywriter to gather content and bring the website to life.

You can assign multiple pages together from the Actions dropdown.

Narrato Workspace - Assign Task

You can even assign a content task to more than one person on your Workspace.

Narrato Workspace - Multiple assignees

7. Create copy using the AI copywriting tool

Narrato’s AI copywriting tool can assist your copywriters in completing tasks more quickly and effectively. Built on top of GPT-3, this copywriting AI tool can be useful for various copywriting tasks –

  • Generating headlines for web pages
  • Creating webpage copy/landing page outline
  • Generating entire webpage page/landing page
  • Product description generation (single or in bulk)
  • Drafting blog posts
  • Ad copy generation
  • Creating press releases, brochures
  • Building FAQ section for the website

We generated an entire product page copy by providing the tool with some basic information about the site.

Narrato Workspace - Creating a web copy using AI copywriting tool

It can also generate content using various copywriting frameworks (AIDA/BAB/PAS). Other useful AI writing templates like ‘Content Improver’, ‘Simplify Text’, ‘Paraphrase and Rewrite Text’, and ‘Translation’ can help enhance your copy’s quality.

With Narrato’s AI SEO tool, the content can be optimized for SEO. The tool generates a complete SEO content brief, with keywords and more.

Narrato Workspace - AI SEO brief generator

Images can also be added to the content directly, using the AI image generator and CC Images tools.

Narrato Workspace - AI Images

8. Collaborate on content using in-line comments or messages

In-line comments on content and direct messages from content tasks can be used to collaborate on content. Email notifications ensure everyone concerned are notified in time.

Adding in-line comments on Narrato Workspace

Narrato Workspace also has a messaging feature, using which your clients can share more detailed inputs on a content task.

Narrato Workspace - Messaging feature

Clients or Copywriters not keen to come onboard your Workspace? No problem, share a public content page link.

You can always consider sharing content items as publicly shareable links (chain icon on content page) with ‘Edit Plus’ access. Anyone with a public link in ‘Edit Plus’ access can edit/add content or attachments. This is another easy and viable way to gather content from clients or copywriters.

Publicly shareable links on Narrato Workspace

Stay organized and do more with Narrato Workspace

With Narrato Workspace, organizing client projects becomes a breeze for web design agencies and website development firms. Under projects, you can use Folders and Calendar to stay on top of your workflow and content.

Narrato Workspace - Content Views

How website design agencies can benefit from Narrato Workspace

Using Narrato Workspace can dramatically change the content collection and management process for a website design or development agency. Some of the benefits include:

  • Simplified workflow, right from task creation to completion
  • Offers better control over content structure and input
  • SEO features to optimize their content for search engines
  • Ensures consistency in branding and messaging across all web properties
  • Collaborative platform where clients can review and approve content before it goes live
  • Content calendars offer easy status tracking of individual content pieces
  • Versioning capabilities allow the agency to track changes and revert to previous versions if necessary
  • Makes it easier to manage who gets to view, edit, or approve content, maintaining a clear hierarchy and control
  • Schedules or automates content publishing
  • Stores content assets in a structured manner, making it easily retrievable
  • Offers scalability, ensuring your content projects remain organized and manageable even with increasing workload

If you want to know more about how website development agencies use Narrato to streamline content collection, creation, and management, Narrato pricing plans, or have any questions please get in touch. Or if you’d just like to go ahead and give Narrato a try, sign up here

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