How to Use AI Text Summarizer

The convenience of quickly transforming lengthy documents and articles into easy-to-consume, short summaries is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced world of marketing. Be it for your internal use or your customers, well-written summaries can be massive time savers! But if you’re spending more time on creating these summaries, it beats the purpose. An AI text summarizer tool is what you need to speed up and streamline the process of transforming extensive pieces of writing into concise summaries. In fact, not just text but any content such as videos or podcasts can also be summarized by a powerful AI summarizing tool. This tool can help you create a crisp yet complete summary of any content, keeping the key points intact, and helping readers grasp essential information.

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Ready to dive in? Let’s explore how to effectively harness the power of AI text summarizers to enhance your productivity and comprehension.

AI text summarizer on Narrato

How to summarize text with the AI text summarizer on Narrato

When you need a quick summary of your document without losing the essence, the AI text summarizer tool on Narrato can be your go-to solution. This tool is designed to condense large portions of text into concise summaries, saving you time and effort in digesting long articles, reports, or documents.

To begin summarizing your text with Narrato’s AI tool, simply go to the AI Content Assistant and under the Summary category, open the “Summarize text” template. This AI template lets you summarize any kind of input text into a summary of 700 words or shorter.

AI text summarizer on Narrato

You can upload your original text as a file or a URL or simply paste it on the input field on the template. We took a blog article on “How to save your plants from frost” and pasted the text on the AI summarizer tool. You can also set the length of the summary, your desired tone, and the format that you want – paragraphs, a bullet point list, or a combination of both. Then, click Generate.

AI text summarizer on Narrato

The summarizer instantly sums up the key points in the article to give us an approximately 200-word summary, making sure that the core message of the text is retained.

AI-generated summary on Narrato

This automated AI summary generator is a great tool for marketers who need to create short blurbs from their articles to distribute on various channels, or sales professionals who need to present their product content in a digestible format to capture customers’ attention.

How to summarize notes into paragraphs or bullets

In your everyday work, you often need to summarize notes and present them in a more visually appealing format. Notes that we take are often haphazard, and each of us has our own style of shorthand that others might find hard to decipher ?. This is why summarizing your meeting notes, briefs to writers, or notes from conversations with clients becomes crucial. If you had to do it manually, it would mean –

  • Reading through your original notes and underlining key concepts.
  • Grouping related ideas together.
  • Writing your paragraph by introducing the main idea.
  • Elaborating on the main idea by adding supporting details from your notes.
  • Concluding the paragraph by summarizing the key outcome or insight.

Thankfully, with AI summarizer tools, you don’t need to go through this arduous process or invest any extra effort here. Narrato’s AI summarizing tool lets you easily turn your hastily scribbled (or rather, typed) notes into meaningful paragraphs or bullet lists that anyone can read through, within seconds.

For this, open the “Summarize notes” template under the Summary category in the AI Content Assistant.

AI text summarizer on Narrato

Then, define the type of notes so the AI has some context. Add your notes on the dedicated input field, choose a format and tone, and click on Generate. We added some meeting minutes here as an example.

AI text summarizer on Narrato

And this is the AI-generated summary we got, covering all the key points highlighted in our notes.

AI generated summary from notes on Narrato

You could also try generating summaries using the AI Chat on Narrato. Use some great ChatGPT prompts for summary generation and customize the output based on your unique needs.

How to summarize content with the AI content repurposing tool on Narrato

Summarizing content using the AI content repurposing tool on Narrato gives you a lot more flexibility. This tool will let you summarize not just text but also videos, podcasts, and images! Didn’t see that coming, did you?

The AI content repurposing tool is pretty straightforward to use as well. Just go to the “Repurpose” or “Summary” category on the AI Content Assistant, and open the “Repurpose content” template.

AI text summarizer - AI repurpose content template on Narrato

Now you need to choose the original content that you will provide as input and the output that want. Let’s try repurposing a video into a summary for this example. In the case of videos, you can simply paste the video URL (from YouTube or Vimeo) as input. Choose your target length for the summary and preferred tone. You can also include additional instructions, if any, to get a more customized output.

AI content repurposing tool on Narrato

And this is the summary generated. The transcript extracted from the video also gets added below for reference.

Repurposed summary on Narrato

Let’s also take a look at how images are summarized by this tool. For repurposing an image to a summary, you can upload a file or add a URL to the image. The rest remains same as above.

Repurpose content - image to summary on Narrato AI

And the summary describing the image is generated in a snap! We’ve also attached the image under it so you can see how accurate the description is.

Repurpose content - image to summary on Narrato AI

The AI content repurposing tool opens a lot of different avenues. You can summarize web pages, documents, presentations, and much more. This versatile tool gives you unprecedented flexibility and a massive boost in productivity.

AI content repurposing tool on Narrato

Applications of AI text summarizer

Summarizing research papers

AI text summarizers are incredibly useful for summarizing market research, survey reports, and the like. Research papers often contain complex ideas and extensive data that can be time-consuming to sift through. By using an AI summarizer, stakeholders can quickly grasp the study’s objectives, methods, results, and conclusions without having to read the entire document.

Creating summaries for articles

Marketers, bloggers, and content creators can employ AI summarizers to distill essential information from various articles. Whether you are researching a story, looking for inspiration, or keeping up with industry news, an AI tool can provide summaries that highlight the main points and arguments, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

Repurposing podcasts and videos

AI summarizing isn’t limited to written content. It can also be applied to multimedia sources like podcasts and videos. By converting speech to text or transcripts to summaries, these tools offer a readable version of lengthy discussions and presentations. This application is particularly helpful for educators, students, and professionals who may prefer or need written records for review, comprehension, or accessibility reasons.

Creating easy-to-consume snippets from e-books and whitepapers

For readers who tackle extensive and in-depth pieces like e-books and whitepapers, AI summarizers can break down these long texts into manageable, easy-to-consume sections. These snippets provide quick insights and allow readers to decide which parts they may want to explore further in full detail. This not only saves time but enhances the overall reading experience by focusing on key elements.

Summarizing meeting notes into a presentable format

In a corporate or business environment, summarizing meeting notes can be a tedious task. AI text summarizers streamline this process by translating detailed discussions into concise, actionable points. This makes sharing the outcomes and decisions made in meetings more efficient and ensures all members are on the same page, even if they couldn’t attend the meeting. The use of an AI tool for this purpose supports better communication and documentation practices within teams or organizations.

Best practices for AI text summarizer

Choose the right tool for your needs

Selecting the perfect AI text summarizer is crucial. Different tools are designed with specific features to meet varying needs, but a tool like Narrato will cover most of the use cases. You can create summaries out of almost anything, and you get 100+ other AI tools for your content creation and marketing needs too.

Provide clear and coherent input text

The quality of the input text significantly affects the accuracy of the summary. To enhance the effectiveness of the AI summarizer, ensure that the original text you provide is clear and well-organized. Avoid texts with excessive jargon, ambiguities, or errors. This not only makes it easier for the AI to analyze the content but also ensures that the main ideas are correctly understood and appropriately summarized. Use structured text with a logical flow, using headings and subheadings as far as possible, to guide the AI in identifying key points.

Review and refine the summary

Always take time to review the summary generated by the AI tool. Look for any missing context or important points that might not have been captured accurately. Sometimes AI can overlook nuances or underrepresent less frequent but significant details. Reviewing the AI-generated summary ensures the final piece is not only succinct but also true to the original text’s intent and depth.

Wrapping up

Mastering the use of AI text summarizers can significantly enhance your productivity and content clarity. By following the steps outlined — choosing the right tool, inputting text correctly, setting clear summarization goals, understanding the output, and iteratively refining the process — you can ensure that your summaries are both concise and rich in content. These AI tools are designed to simplify your workflow, improve understanding, and save time, making them indispensable in today’s fast-paced digital world. Embrace AI text summarization to transform lengthy documents into digestible, informative summaries that are easy to consume and share!

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