How to Use AI for Amazon Product Descriptions

Creating great descriptions of the products you sell on Amazon is difficult even if you know your product like no one else. Selling with words is a job for the professional copywriter, and increasingly, for generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) tools. Both will cost you, but AI tools are better value for money. Here’s why:

AI product description generators usually do not come alone. They are a part of an AI content creation platform that can also create different types of marketing content, such as blog posts for your website, video scripts for YouTube, Instagram posts, and more. They can be as fluent as copywriters. Most importantly, their efficiency is no match for the average human writer. Give an AI tool hundreds of products to describe and it will have them ready in minutes. The astonishingly quick turnaround an AI tool can promise is not beatable even when multiple copywriters work on your project.

Working with AI is as easy as sharing your project brief with a copywriter but with a lot less back-and-forth. You tell the tool your product name, type, features, such as material, color, design, and so on, and the keywords to include. The tool creates descriptions from this information. You can edit for improvements if you’d like. Some AI tools can improve the product descriptions they’ve created, which isn’t very different from a copywriter revising copy, as and when required.

Intrigued? Then you should spend a few moments looking at how Narrato’s AI Amazon product description generator can be your copywriting assistant.

Narrato AI product description generator

Why good Amazon product descriptions are important

On Amazon, you get 2,000 characters to describe your product and its features. Highlighting product features and benefits creates a strong case for your product, as opposed to a single line description or a few bullet points/lists. The problem is not so much the quantity of information but the absence of details that buyers want or need to know. It’s wise to make the most of the words you have so that buyers have no doubt about what your product is and how it can meet their needs.

Creating an informative Amazon product listing takes time and cognitive effort. We say cognitive because it takes quite a bit of thinking to write Amazon product descriptions from scratch, even if they’re in the same category. Composing descriptions for many products in the same category can become stressful.

An AI product description generator, like the one on Narrato, frees you from creating copy while giving you control over the process. You decide what the tool should focus on and the AI gives you a ready to publish description in a matter of seconds.

With Narrato as your Amazon product description generator, you can avoid uninspiring descriptions like the one below.

An uninspiring Amazon product description

And instead, create eye-catching descriptions that point out your product’s features and benefits, as below.

A good Amazon product description

Or this one:

Another good Amazon product description

How to use AI to create Amazon product descriptions?

Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing platform that has over 100 AI tools and templates to create different types of marketing content. SEO product descriptions is one of its major use cases.

To begin, go to the AI writer on the left sidebar and click on the ‘Descriptions’ category.

Descriptions category on Narrato's AI writer

You can use Narrato to create a single product description or generate Amazon product descriptions in bulk. Choose the AI template accordingly.

Let’s first look at how to generate a single product description for Strata Uniform Dress Shoes.

You have to give Narrato inputs about your product. This includes the product name, type, features (include keywords), and the word count for the description.

Next, choose the format for the description – whether you want the description entirely in bulleted form, in paragraph form, or as paragraphs and bullets.

Then, choose a brand voice; we’ve selected a friendly tone of voice. Hit ‘Generate’.

Here’s your product description:

Narrato alternative Amazon product description generator

Need something a bit different? Add more details and important keywords. Note that the product description section on Amazon is searchable, just like the product title. So, it’s a good idea to use keywords in your product descriptions. Here’s the description after more details and keywords were added:

Narrato alternative Amazon product description generator

If you want to create a paragraph description, this is how it would look. Bulleted points are more easily readable, however, so you want to consider breaking up descriptions into bullets.

Narrato Amazon product description in a paragraph

The AI bulk product description generator requires you to upload a CSV file containing all the product names and details such as product type, product features, and key search terms. Specify the format, tone, and number of words, and you’re good to go.

Narrato bulk product description generator

The accuracy of AI-generated product descriptions largely depends on the level of detail in your input material. Narrato utilizes structured input, with dedicated fields for product name, type, and key features. You simply need to enter the relevant details accurately and comprehensively, ensuring that no important features are overlooked.

Narrato generates compelling product descriptions from your inputs for higher audience engagement. Per Amazon’s guidance, here are the details to add to your product description and the details to leave out:

  • Describe your Amazon product features such as size, style, and product use cases.
  • Mention accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information.
  • Don’t include the seller name, email address, website URL, and other company information, details about another product you sell, or promotional language such as ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Sale’.

Write complete sentences and use correct grammar and punctuation.

Narrato AI bulk product description generator

Lastly, you can edit and enhance Amazon product descriptions generated by AI using Narrato’s in-line AI assistant, when working on the Narrato editor. This tool lets you quickly rewrite or improve the content. You can also give custom commands using the Ask AI option on this tool.

in-line AI writer

Best practices for creating AI-generated Amazon product descriptions

AI product generators can help in creating quality eCommerce copy, including Amazon product listings. If you’re a recent seller on Amazon, it’s worth knowing the steps to create effective product descriptions. Here’s the legwork to make time for:

  • Define your target audience and brand voice. Create buyer personas and aim to align product descriptions to the personas.
  • Record the product features and benefits that descriptions should have. These details should be accurate. Specify the exact terms that apply to the product. For example, comfort fit, breathability, maximum stability, and such for shoes, or easy application, smudge proof, long-lasting/24-hour wear, water-proof, and the like for lipstick.
  • Do keyword research to target the most relevant search terms for your product. AI tools are trained on existing content and may not include current SEO terms or take into account search engine updates. Keyword analysis is something to take care of on your own.
  • Stick to a format for product descriptions. If you’re using a combination of paragraphs and bullets, use it consistently for all your Amazon products. This can make your product listings more easily identifiable among frequent shoppers on Amazon.
  • It’s worth reiterating that the product descriptions an AI tool generates will be as good as the details it is provided. If you can add all key product details that buyers need to know and are looking for, your product will appear better and as having more to offer customers.
  • Create a repeatable process that saves you the most time and fetches results to your satisfaction. If you sell several products on Amazon, Narrato’s bulk product generation is a no-brainer.

With an understanding of Amazon’s product listing guidelines and a structured approach to creating product descriptions, you can increase your chances of succeeding on this rewarding yet competitive marketplace. And lest we forget, Narrato can also generate product reviews on the fly, helping create the right impressions about your products before your target audience.

Quick review – Why AI is super useful in creating Amazon product descriptions

AI writing assistants are attractive to Amazon sellers for a number of reasons:

  • Speed is the top reason to use an AI product generator. You can create high-quality product descriptions faster and at unprecedented scale, saving time for other business activities.
  • Once you create a repeatable process, you will be able to create AI-generated content that’s consistent in style, length, and tone. This will help in building familiarity, brand reputation, and trust with customers.
  • You can publish descriptions faster and test the performance of your listings page using analytics tools. You’ll be able to more easily test different description styles and tones of voice, and get insights into the approach that converts more customers.
  • Keyword optimizing your Amazon product descriptions is easier with an AI tool that seamlessly includes key terms in copy.
  • If you sell a few products on Amazon and are accustomed to writing product descriptions on your own, you should still consider an AI tool to get through the natural, inevitable bouts of writer’s block. By choosing Narrato as your go-to AI writing assistant, you can also create other types of marketing copy with less effort.

Over the long-term, you’re likely to save more using a subscription AI writing tool for all your copy than hiring freelance copywriters to create product descriptions for new products and marketing collateral from time to time. You can get started on your creating product listings ASAP and reduce dependency on copywriters.


1. Are there any drawbacks of using AI product description generators?

No, as long as you are providing the right input data and reviewing the AI-generated content, there are no risks or drawbacks of using AI product description generators. Advanced AI platforms like Narrato use robust algorithms that ensure your content is as close to human-written content as possible, so that it resonates with your audience.

2. Should I use an AI tool for all my Amazon product descriptions?

Definitely! An AI Amazon product description can not only save you hours of work but also help you maintain consistency across your Amazon store, with descriptions aligned to your brand voice and style. It will also ensure that the descriptions are keyword rich to increase the visisbility of your products in search.

3. Should I look for an AI tool that has a plagiarism checker?

Certainly! A plagiarism checker is a must when you’re publishing any type of content on the web. Narrato has a built-in plagiarism checker to help you ensure that your content is 100% original.

4. Would my Amazon account get terminated if I use AI to generate my content?

Not at all! There is no guideline against using AI to generate content for your Amazon listings. In fact, Amazon itself uses AI to summarize customer reviews for a better a shopping experience. As long as your AI-generated content is useful to the audience, accurate, ethical, and fact-checked, and original, you have nothing to worry about.

5. Can I simply copy and paste the product description of an Amazon product on my affiliate marketing site?

That would not be a good idea, as it may be considered plagiarism by search engines like Google. If you are an Amazon affiliate partner, the best approach would be to rewrite the product description. Using an AI rewiter tool will make the process a lot faster and easier.

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