How to Start Affiliate Marketing Content Creation Using AI Writer

Welcome to a world full of potential and opportunity—welcome to the domain of affiliate marketing powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In the affiliate marketing space, content is king. Quality content helps build trust and rapport with your audience, drives traffic to your site, facilitates the decision-making process in buyer journeys, and does wonders for search engine optimization (SEO). But with so much on your plate as an affiliate marketer, how do you find the time to create quality content at scale? How do you keep your content pipeline from drying up? This is where AI for affiliate marketing content creation swings into action.

By harnessing the capabilities of AI-powered content creation tools, you can churn out high-quality, impactful content without breaking a sweat. Whether it is affiliate marketing blog posts you’re looking to create or conversion-focused copy for your landing pages, AI writers can help you with everything. Plus, with AI taking care of content creation, you get to focus on strategic aspects of your marketing plans. How’s that for a win-win?

Working with an AI writing tool is like having an assistant that can whip up a compelling blog posts, engaging social media posts, or even product descriptions in a matter of seconds. AI writing assistants use algorithms to create content based on input data, writing style, and content guidelines too, so you can rest assured that your content will always be on-brand. Let’s delve deeper into how this can be invaluable for affiliate marketing.

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Types of affiliate marketing content that can be generated using AI

Step 1: Setting up your Affiliate Marketing strategy

Step 2: Finding the right AI writer tool

Step 3: Preparing your AI writer for content creation

Step 4: Creating AI-generated Content

Step 5: Editing and optimizing AI-generated content

Step 6: Incorporating AI-generated content into your affiliate marketing strategy


Types of affiliate marketing content that can be generated using AI

The versatility of AI doesn’t stop at creating fantastic blog posts or web copy alone. There are so many other affiliate marketing content types that you can create with the help of AI, at lightning speed. These include –

  • Social media posts, threads, and more
  • Product descriptions
  • Email newsletters
  • Ad copies
  • Promotional emails
  • SEO content
  • Video scripts and descriptions
  • Summaries
  • eBooks, case studies, and more

By leveraging AI in affiliate marketing content creation, you will not only save tons of time but will also be able to ensure that the content you put out is consistent and coherent. Also, Semrush discovered in its State of Content Marketing Report 2023 that creating more content and posting more frequently is the number 1 tactic to boost content rankings. Using AI can help you achieve this too.

Step 1: Setting up your Affiliate Marketing strategy

Doubling down on your affiliate marketing strategy serves as the groundwork before incorporating AI to create and publish content. By clearly setting your goals, vision, and approach, you can anchor a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Choosing the right niche for your affiliate website

Your affiliate marketing success heavily relies on choosing a niche that is both profitable and suitable for you. Below are some pointers to help you make the best decision in terms of choosing your affiliate marketing niche –

  • Find something you’re passionate about. It will be much easier to produce meaningful content about a topic you genuinely enjoy and understand.
  • Identify a gap in the market. Niche markets with less competition can often prove more profitable.
  • Evaluate the potential for profit. Even within a niche you’re passionate about, some products might perform better than others. Do your research and align your choice accordingly.

To help you understand more about choosing the right affiliate marketing niche, we’ve already published a detailed article on our blog. Make sure to check it out.

Researching profitable Affiliate Programs

The next step involves exploring profitable affiliate platforms and programs that can give you the best products to promote with competitive commissions. Key factors to consider here include –

  • The reputation of the affiliate program – You want to ensure that the program is trustworthy, reliable, and has a good track record.
  • Commission rates- Higher commission rates usually mean more profit for you.
  • The relevancy of products or services to your niche – Remember, relevance increases your chances of making a sale.

Defining your target audience

Lastly, having a clear notion of who your target audience is will refine your approach and help you connect with them more effectively. Your content must be aligned with your target audience, answer the right questions and address their pain points, for it to be successful. Here are some tips –

  • Conduct thorough demographic research – Understand your audience’s age, gender, location, etc.
  • Understand their interests – Identifying what your audience cares about will help you tailor your content in ways that cater to their interests and needs.
  • Monitor their behavior – Keep up with their changing preferences, buying habits, and feedback.

We have a detailed article on how to understand and build audience personas effectively that may be helpful here.

With this, the first step of “how to start affiliate marketing content creation” is taken care of. By methodically setting up your strategy, you lay a robust base on which you can now build your affiliate marketing success with AI-generated content.

Step 2: Finding the right AI writer tool

Now that you’re ready to start affiliate marketing and dive into the world of creating affiliate content using AI content writers, it’s paramount to choose a trustworthy and powerful AI writer tool.

There are hundreds of AI writers in the market but not all of them suit your style of working or your requirements in content creation. Though it is usually a subjective choice, there are a few things that your AI content creation tool must have to give you a good ROI.

Factors to consider when choosing an AI writer tool

The choice you make will heavily rely on your specific needs. However, there are universal factors one should consider when choosing an AI writing tool, such as:

  • Quality of output – The primary purpose is to create high-quality content to engage your audience. So, the quality of generated content should be your top priority.
  • Number of use cases – The wider the range of content an AI writer can create, the more useful it will be for you. If you can find a single AI platform that covers most bases you get more for your money’s worth. Narrato, for instance, has over 100 AI tools and templates for content planning, creation, optimization, and repurposing. It helps you create content for various categories including blogs, web copy, social media, email, ads, product descriptions, video scripts, images, and more.
  • User experience – The tool should have an easy, intuitive interface making it simple for users of all skill levels. An AI tool should not require any technical expertise or even very good content writing skills, as it is meant to make your job easier.
  • Pricing – Compare different pricing models and choose the one that fits your budget without compromising on quality. Also, go for tools with free trials, so you can test them out before buying.
  • Customer Support – Opt for a tool that guarantees reliable customer support.

Step 3: Preparing your AI writer for content creation

AI algorithms only create content as good as they’re trained to. Your inputs to the AI tool play a major role in the quality of output it gives you. Let’s dive into how to prepare your AI writer to generate content that is convincing, aligns with your brand voice and style, and best meets your requirements.

Customizing AI settings and preferences

1. Begin with setting up your AI in tune with your style of writing. A good AI writer will let you customize your content for your preferred tone of voice and your target audience. Narrato, for instance, allows you to choose your tone from a long list of pre-defined tones every time you generate content with AI. But that’s not all. It also lets you generate and save your own brand voice.

All you have to do is give the brand voice generator some examples of the content you usually create. The AI will analyze it and generate your custom brand voice based on the examples. You can save the custom brand voice and it automatically gets added to the list of tones on the AI writer.

Narrato - AI Brand Voice Generator

2. You can pick languages and grammar rules suitable to your target audience. Not all AI writers may support multiple languages, so if you have language preferences, make sure you check before investing. Narrato’s AI writer supports over 15+ languages. You can set any of these languages as the default language for AI content generation. The readability and grammar checks also work in your target language.

3. Save your favorite or frequently used prompts. Thinking of a prompt every time before you generate any type of content beats the purpose of using AI for content creation, as you end up spending more time. This is usually what happens when creating content with ChatGPT or similar tools. Instead, if you can save your most frequently used prompts and reuse them when you need to, you will be saving a lot of time and effort.

On Narrato, you can build custom AI templates for this purpose. Simply add your favorite prompts to a reusable AI template and save them. The next time you need to use the prompt, you can simply choose the custom AI template, enter the variables and generate.

Narrato - AI custom content templates

Familiarizing yourself with the AI writer interface

The next important thing to do, is to get a thorough understanding of your AI writer. Knowing what features it has, how these features can be used and what use cases they can help you with are critical to boosting efficiency when working with the tool. Locate and understand the function of each control. Wherever there is an instruction or a brief description, read it to better understand the feature.

Get to know your way around the input and output fields, as you’ll be using these a lot. Try out features such as text expansion, topic suggestions, or introduction generator to start with and get a hang of the platform. The more you use it, the more it’ll feel like a second brain!


Step 4: Creating AI-generated Content

Now that we’re ready to move forward, the real fun begins – it’s time to create marketing content with an AI writer. Here’s how that goes.

Understanding the content creation process with AI

The process is rather simple. All you need to do is fill up an AI template with your content requirements. depending on the use case and template you’ve chosen, the input required will vary. It could include word count, tone of writing, main keywords, target audience, etc. The AI then generates a content draft within a few seconds, which you can further refine, if needed.

Narrato AI writer

This has several advantages. The obvious one is speed. You can create quality content in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. Another is consistency. AI will produce content in the same manner and tone every time, ensuring your brand voice remains the same throughout your blog posts or landing page copies.

Writing effective content briefs

Whether it’s just you creating affiliate marketing content yourself, or you have a small team of writers to help you out, having a detailed content brief is essential in any case. Building an effective content brief gives you and your writers a solid foundation for content creation, even when using AI tools. To get the most out of your content creation process using an AI writer, you need to provide clear and concise instructions so that your team can use the AI tool to its best capacity. Here are a few tips to make your content briefs effective –

  • Be clear about your topic, audience, and the key points you want the AI writer to cover.
  • Specify the tone and style that matches your brand.
  • Include your targeted SEO keywords.
  • Find out the questions and knowledge gaps on the topic that you want the content to address.

When it comes to building SEO content briefs, Narrato AI can help with this too. It lets you generate automated SEO briefs from just your blog topic, landing page title, or a theme. The auto-generated SEO brief will have keywords with counts, questions to answer, references, and other SEO parameters to follow like target length, etc. The SEO brief is very conveniently attached to the content task on Narrato and the keyword counts on the brief update in real time as you start adding content to the editor. It also gives your content an SEO score indicating how well optimized it is.

Narrato AI SEO content brief generator

You can further enrich this brief with notes to author, style guides, and more.

Step 5: Editing and optimizing AI-generated content

A vital step in AI content creation for affiliate marketing is refining and optimizing the content that your AI writer has generated. Adding a personal touch and interjecting your thoughts or personal experiences can make the content more relatable. Not just that, reviewing and editing are also important to ensure that the AI-generated content is relevant, accurate, and factually correct. Here’s how to do this efficiently.

Reviewing and proofreading AI-generated content

First things first, as magical as AI can be, it’s still not completely flawless. Hence, it’s critical to proofread and edit the AI-generated content to ensure it aligns with your voice, style, and brand guidelines. While AI is good at pumping out unique content, a thorough review is necessary to catch any glitches such as sentence construction issues or random phrases.

  • Inspect the content for any grammatical or punctuation errors.
  • Review the text for overall content cohesion.
  • Ensure brand voice consistency throughout the content.

Optimizing content for SEO

The next step is optimization. AI-generated content needs to be optimized to meet SEO standards, including keywords, meta descriptions, alt text for images, and more.

  • Infuse relevant keywords naturally within the content. If you are creating content on Narrato, we’ve already shown you how the SEO content briefs can make this absolutely simple.
  • Create compelling meta titles and meta descriptions that include your focus keyword. Use Narrato’s AI SEO templates to generate these for any topic within seconds.
  • Use alt text for the images with appropriate keyword incorporation.

Enhancing readability and engagement

Lastly, make your content crisp and reader-friendly. Break up long paragraphs into smaller ones, use bullet points or numbering where possible, and, most importantly, use engaging language that resonates with your audience.

  • Shorten lengthy sentences and paragraphs. Narrato’s AI content assistant gives you a readability score that shows you how easy-to-read your content is. It also gives you improvement suggestions by highlighting long sentences and paragraphs, recessive use of passive voice and so on.
  • Use lists and bullets to display information clearly. Use the “Paragraph to bullets” template on Narrato’s AI writer to convert long paragraph into easy-to-digest bulleted lists effortlessly.
  • Ensure your language and tonality are engaging and aligns with the preferences of your target audience.

Remember, while AI can exponentially reduce your workload, successful affiliate marketing with AI-generated content still requires your personal touch during the editing and optimizing part!


Step 6: Incorporating AI-generated content into your affiliate marketing strategy

We have discussed in one of our previous articles, how you can create different types of affiliate marketing content using an AI content generator. To reiterate that various ways an AI writer can be used for affiliate marketing content, here are a few key use cases –

Publishing AI-generated content on your affiliate website

To start affiliate marketing, you need to have an appealing website in the first place. You can begin incorporating AI-generated content into your website. Leveraging an AI writer, you can effortlessly create compelling landing page copy, bulk product descriptions, and much more.

Narrato AI has dedicated templates for generating content like landing page copy, product descriptions, web page headlines, and even a business name generator. SEO-optimized AI-generated content can drive more traffic to your affiliate website.

Narrato AI bulk product description generator

Creating AI-generated affiliate marketing content for your blog

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in generating blog content everywhere. So affiliate marketing businesses should not be left behind either. You can generate entire blog posts using an AI blog writer, or take a step-by-step approach creating outlines, intros, sectional content, and conclusions using the dedicated AI templates.

Narrato AI blog writer

Promoting affiliate products with AI-generated content on social media platforms

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your affiliate products and links. But keeping your social media calendar full is often difficult, as it is important to post content more frequently on these channels to boost engagement. This is where AI comes to your rescue. It can help you generate tons of posts within minutes to keep your pipeline brimming with fresh content.

Tools like Narrato’s AI Content Genie are a godsend here. Content Genie is an AI content generation tool on autopilot that only needs your website URL and a few themes to create fresh social media posts and blog posts automatically, every week! You will have ready to publish content at the start of every week. You can easily edit the posts or use them as is. You can even automate content publishing and scheduling to any social media channel or CMS in just a few clicks from the platform.

Narrato AI Content Genie

Apart from this, you can create custom posts too using the social media AI templates for different kinds of posts – with URLs, notes, themes, holidays, quotes and more. Test different types of content formats to identify which works best for your audience.

Narrato - AI social media post generator

Creating impactful ads with AI-generated ad copy for various platforms

Affiliate marketing may also involve paid advertising on various platforms, including Google and social media. AI can help you generate awe-inspiring ad copy within seconds, tailored to each platform’s requirements. So even if you’re not a very skilled copywriter, you will be able to create your own ads that can convert.

Narrato has templates for Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and even Classifieds and Marketplace advertising.

Narrato - AI ad copy generator

Crafting personalized emails with an AI writer

Another type of content that you may find yourself using frequently in your affiliate marketing efforts is emails. Crafting emails from scratch is often time-consuming as you struggle to find the right words to convey your message. An AI email writer makes that a lot easier. It can give you click-worthy subject lines, engaging cold email drafts, promotional emails for your discounts and offers, and much more.

Narrato AI email writer

Other affiliate marketing content that you can create with an AI writer

Apart from the usual formats that we’ve listed above, you can use an AI writer to create other types of affiliate marketing content too. It can help you generate scripts for your affiliate marketing videos as well as video descriptions for YouTube. AI can also help you repurpose your content into different formats for different channels. You can generate sections of content for your eBooks, product reviews, and more. So the possibilities of using AI in affiliate marketing content creation are endless. All you need is clarity of your goals and requirements.

Wrapping up

Well, we’ve made quite a journey today, haven’t we? From deciphering how AI-generated content works, to the exciting prospect of integrating it into your affiliate marketing strategy. Let’s take a moment to recap why this is such a revolutionary advancement.

Cast your mind back over the wealth of benefits we’ve explored. Using an AI writer can save you countless hours you’d otherwise spend on content creation. You can churn out high-quality posts at the drop of a hat, boosting your SEO in the process. And most intriguing, as AI technology evolves, so do your options for diversifying your affiliate marketing strategy.

When asking “how to start affiliate marketing”, we have just one answer – start by getting yourself a powerful AI writer. Just imagine how you can revolutionize your online presence with higher quality, versatile content that stands apart from the competition, generated effortlessly! Experiment with the capabilities of AI to step up your affiliate marketing game.