How to Use AI Meme Generator Tools to Create Viral Memes

😯 The average millennial looks at 20-30 memes each day.

😲 Instagram is flooded with memes, with over 1 million of them being shared every day.

🫨 The CTR of meme marketing campaigns is 19%, compared to the 6% CTR of basic marketing campaigns.

If these trends indicate anything, it is that memes have moved beyond the fringes of internet culture and now offer a viable marketing opportunity in the mainstream channels. In fact, meme marketing is being used by many popular brands to drive engagement and establish a more relatable and personable brand image.

So, how can you create killer memes that can go viral and engage the audience? Here’s your answer: AI meme generator tools. These AI tools can create top-tier and engaging viral content at the click of a button. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand how this works.

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What are AI meme generator tools?

How to use an AI meme generator to create content that goes viral?


Benefits of using AI meme generator tools for your social media strategy

Best practices and tips for creating better memes

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What are AI meme generator tools?

In the simplest terms, an AI meme generator is an AI social media post generator tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create memes. It’s your ticket to creating buzz-worthy memes without requiring design skills or even a great sense of humor. These tools simplify the meme creation process by generating unique meme ideas and producing meme art based on popular formats. Not only do they save you time and manpower, but they also ensure that your memes are on-trend and relevant. Create, edit, and share in a matter of minutes – that’s the power of AI meme creation tools!

How to use an AI meme generator to create content that goes viral?

Memes are how many people communicate with each other today. It’s the internet speak of Gen Z and millennial population, and for marketers, it’s the best way to connect with the audience. If you get them right, your content can even go viral. The key is to incorporate your marketing message in a way that is relatable for your audience. Here’s how you can do that –

Step 1. Understand your target audience and their pain points

To create memes that resonate with your audience, you must get to know them well. This includes their likes, dislikes, interests, and even the issues that frustrate them. Why is understanding their pain points important? Because they are what drive people to take action.

So, the first thing you should do is gather data on your audience’s age, location, gender, and other demographic factors. Different age groups may react differently to different types of humor, so an understanding of their demographic details will help you create appropriate memes.

Next, analyze where your audience spends their time online to find out what their interests are. Whether it’s social media platforms, niche communities, or forums, understanding their online behavior will help you create memes that fit their preferred platforms. Also, try to find out the common challenges or issues faced by your audience. Memes that address these challenges resonate strongly.

Lastly, try to understand the cultural context relevant to your audience. Memes that tap into shared cultural references or current events tend to be more relatable and shareable. One way to determine if you are reaching your target audience is by using a tool like Buffer Analyze.

Let’s say, your target audience is gardening enthusiasts, and their most common challenge is the lack of space for gardening in modern spaces. You do your research to find out that your target audience comprises 55% men, between the ages of 30 to 65.

Step 2. Define the problem your product/service solves

Once you understand your target audience, consider how your product or service fits into their lives. Create relatable narratives around everyday situations where your offerings can be useful. By adding humor and keeping scenarios realistic, you can increase the chances of your memes going viral and reaching a wider audience.

Based on the audience problem you identified in the first step, you can offer your vertical gardening products as the solution. So, the broad theme of your meme is going to be vertical gardening.

Step 3. Generate meme ideas using an AI meme generator

This is where your creativity meets AI technology. Using AI, you can generate meme ideas based on the narratives you’ve identified in the previous step. These generators often include templates, puns, and joke formats to help kick-start your imagination when you’re lacking inspiration.

Narrato AI has an AI meme idea generator just for the purpose. Using it for meme ideas is quite simple. All it needs is the basic theme or narrative for the meme. You can also specify the tone you want for the caption, and click generate.

Narrato’s AI meme idea generator

Narrato’s AI meme idea generator

The tool gives you 10 meme ideas to choose from, along with appropriate captions to go with each. If you don’t like any of them, you can always click regenerate.

Step 4. Create your memes using AI meme generator tools

With meme ideas, you can now get to the fun part – creating your memes. With AI meme generator tools, this becomes a cakewalk. Some AI tools let you build memes right from scratch, from choosing images and meme templates to adding the caption, and more. Then there are tools that generate memes with appropriate meme templates and captions based on simple text prompts.

If you want to take the first route, try using Narrato’s AI Content Genie. The tool’s main purpose is to create social media content on autopilot (using your website URL and themes), but it can also work as an excellent meme maker. Click on ‘create custom post’, and then social media post. A window will pop up where you can add the text for the social post along with the image/video. Upload your meme image or video, or choose from the various GIFs and attribution-free images available on the platform. There’s also an option to create custom images using an AI image generator.

Narrato’s AI Content Genie

Narrato’s AI Content Genie

From the meme ideas we generated in the third step, we picked the sixth one and chose a confused face meme template from the GIFs, and added it to the post.

Searching GIFs on Narrato’s AI Content Genie

Searching GIFs on Narrato’s AI Content Genie

The tool gives you an option to add text to the image. So this is where you can add your meme caption. Choose the font style, size and position of the caption, and you’re done.

Adding caption to the meme

Adding caption to the meme

Your meme is ready, now all that is left is to create a social post to go along with the meme. Narrato has some great AI templates for social post generation too. Create your social posts using themes, notes or URLs, and customize it in the tone you want. Narrato also lets you publish/schedule your posts directly to your social media platforms.

Creating social media post on Narrato

Creating social media post on Narrato

You can also use to create your memes. This tool uses AI to streamline the meme generation process. All you have to do is enter your text into the tool, and Supermeme automatically chooses a funny photography meme template and the caption to go along with it. It lets you create these memes in the form of images and GIFs.

Creating memes using AI meme generator
Creating memes using

Creating memes using

Supermeme also lets you create themed memes and custom meme (with the meme maker) in over 110 languages.

Kapwing meme generator is another tool that could be useful for creating memes.

But the catch with these tools is that the free versions only let you download media with a watermark. With a tool like Narrato, you don’t have to worry about watermarks and you can do a lot more apart from generating memes, which makes it a complete package!

Step 5. Customize the AI-generated memes for your target audience

The last step is to customize the AI-generated memes to suit your target audience. Elements like language, humor type, context, and references should align with the tastes of your particular audience. Remember, a meme that feels tailor-made for the audience is more likely to get shared and eventually become viral.

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Benefits of using AI meme generator tools for your social media strategy

Using AI meme generator tools can have a big impact on your social media marketing strategy. Here’s why you should include them in your roadmap:

1. Saves time by automating the meme creation process

Gone are the days of spending hours on photo editing software to create the perfect meme. AI meme generator tools significantly cut down the time spent on meme creation. Here’s how:

  • These tools generally come with a gallery of templates from which you can choose.
  • Once you have chosen your template, simply enter your desired text.
  • The AI tool will automatically place your text in the appropriate spots on your selected template. You can review and make any necessary adjustments.

2. Increased engagement and reach

The beauty of these memes is their ability to go viral, boosting your reach to potential customers. This is especially valuable for businesses as engagement directly influences the algorithm of various social platforms, pushing your content to more users.

3. Good memes have a huge recall value

Memes are entertaining and memorable. If done right, they stick in the minds of users. A cleverly crafted meme can remind people of your brand long after they’ve left their social media platform. This recall value is highly beneficial for brand awareness and loyalty.

4. Memes inject humor while promoting your brand

One of the best aspects of memes is that they’re humorous by nature. This light-hearted approach to marketing makes your brand more approachable and likable. As more users enjoy and share your content, you’ll find your brand’s footprint expanding. It’s a fun yet effective way to promote your brand and it’s all possible with the right AI meme generator tools.

Best practices and tips for creating better memes

Here are a few tips that can elevate your meme game –

1. Stay relevant and authentic

Nothing captures attention better than content that makes the most of real-time issues or events. Try to keep your content relevant to current issues, hot topics, and trends. That said, never compromise on relevance. Always ensure the memes you create are genuine and stay true to your brand voice.

2. Incorporate humor

Humor is at the heart of meme creation. As a social media marketer, incorporating humor and sarcasm will not just make your memes funny but also shareable. This is where AI meme generator tools prove particularly useful, as they can suggest ideas around trending topics, helping you create content that will make your audience laugh and want to share.

3. Leverage popular hashtags

By tagging your memes with popular and relevant hashtags, you increase their visibility and chances of being found by a wider audience. An AI social media post generator can be particularly beneficial in identifying these trending hashtags and topics for maximum engagement.

4. Use branding elements to create consistent and recognizable memes

Every successful brand has a recognizable style or element. Apply the same concept to your memes. Use your brand’s logo, color theme, and typeface in your memes for instant recognition. With AI meme art generators, you can easily include these brand elements in your memes.

Wrapping Up

AI meme generator tools are not only a smart but an efficient way to create engaging content. They can give you ideas for creating relevant memes on trending topics. They save time and allow you to produce multiple meme versions instantly.

Stepping into the world of AI-driven meme creation can feel like diving into the unknown. However, the benefits, like boosted engagement, growing brand recognition, and improved social media marketing efficiency, far outweigh any hesitations. Brush your doubts aside, and let your creativity run wild with the help of these AI tools.

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