Top 7 Post Schedulers for Instagram

You know Instagram scheduling, the process of creating and organizing Instagram posts to go out at specific times, is a huge time saver. But are you aware that an Instagram scheduling tool can boost your posts and improve your Instagram marketing results? From helping generate compelling captions and eye-catching visuals to adding relevant hashtags, and designing your posts for a consistent vibe, Instagram post schedulers can greatly improve your Instagram content and reach. Moreover, schedulers that enable collaboration between team members lead to on-brand and more engaging posts.

In this article, we take you through the top seven post schedulers for Instagram. They provide, apart from scheduling and auto-posting, features that aid caption creation, visual enhancements, and comment management. Like other forms of brand content, Instagram posts are also ripe for AI-powered assistance. AI Instagram caption generators can speed up Instagram content creation while keeping quality and brand voice intact. Human oversight should be constant even when AI writes captions, as ultimately, only our brains are capable of reasoning effectively and making the best creative decisions.

Take a look at our picks for the top seven Instagram post schedulers:

Narrato AI Content Genie


Narrato is a leading AI content creation and marketing tool that offers scores of AI templates for creating all types of content, including blogs, social media posts, web copy, descriptions, and emails, faster and effortlessly. It does the heavy lifting for social media marketers, helping generate Instagram posts at scale, which is crucial to maintaining an active presence on the popular social media platform. The tool can save hours each week for planning campaigns, scrolling the web/social media platforms for inspiration, creating engaging Instagram posts, scheduling, and anything else requiring deep human involvement.

Narrato’s AI social media post generator has several templates that let you create Instagram posts with URLs, themes, notes, holidays or special occasions, quotes, and more. Narrato’s AI Content Genie composes Instagram posts on autopilot or on demand, from just a one-time input of your website URL and target themes or keywords. The tool crawls your website every week to generate fresh, relevant posts automatically, that you can easily edit or use as is.

Narrato AI Content Genie

Narrato AI Content Genie

You can generate Instagram posts in your custom brand voice or preferred tone. Relevant hashtags and emojis are automatically added to each post. AI-generated images and a large library of free images, graphics, and GIFs are on hand to further liven up your posts.

CC Images library on Narrato

CC Images library on Narrato

You can schedule or publish posts to Instagram and other social media channels including Facebook and LinkedIn, in a few clicks, directly from Narrato. All your scheduled posts can be tracked on the social media calendar on the platform, giving you more visibility into your content plan.

To schedule a post from AI Content Genie, click on the Publish button below the post. Then, select the social media account, choose the date and time for publishing, and hit ‘Schedule’. To publish the post immediately, hit ‘Share Now’.

Publishing post from Narrato's AI Content Genie

Publishing/scheduling a post from Narrato’s AI Content Genie

You can schedule posts for Instagram from the ‘content task’ page too, on which you’ve created the post with Narrato’s assistance, with one additional step – adding the #social media post template (top left corner on the image below).

Publishing/scheduling a post from Narrato's content task page

Publishing/scheduling a post from Narrato’s content task page

Narrato integrates with Zapier, supporting your existing workflow across apps through publishing, post approvals, Slack intimations to marketing folks, and more.


Used by marketers, agencies, and brand managers, Sendible is a powerful tool for social media marketers, although with limited automation options and no AI content creation tools as such. It also offers a branded white label dashboard for agencies providing social media management as a service.

Sendible lets you schedule Instagram posts, reels, and image carousel posts to your Instagram creator accounts at the optimal times. You can auto-publish posts, in which case the optimal time is calculated based on your posting history over the previous 30 days and when your posts received the most engagement. Alternatively, you can set up reminders within the Sendible app, and use push notifications to post them to Instagram.

To make the adding of relevant hashtags easy, Sendible allows you to save your perfect hashtag combinations in a library. You can also even set up a first comment.

Editing social media visuals just prior to scheduling is easy with Sendible’s image editor, which allows you to adjust your images to fit Instagram’s post sizes. Alternatively, you can integrate your Canva Pro account and create designs from within the Sendible dashboard. In addition, you can add images from GIPHY, Flickr, or Pexels to your Sendible dashboard and adjust them using the image editor.

Add Canva graphics to posts from within Sendible

Add Canva graphics to posts from within Sendible

Sendible is also your Instagram comment moderator. All your Instagram comments arrive in a centralized inbox so that you can respond quickly to comments, direct messages, and mentions regularly throughout the day.

Instagram analytics is a welcome feature. Sendible generates an engagement report, with the option for detailed custom reports with over 120 modules.

Narrato AI Instagram Caption Generator


Iconosquare is a social media management platform on which you can schedule Instagram posts, edit images and prepare your posts for publishing, collaborate with colleagues on post approvals, and cross-post content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

The tool has a library where you can upload and store your social media captions and your media in bulk from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. When you schedule a post, you can also schedule a first comment and add hashtags. Iconosquare will suggest your most recently used hashtags as you add them to your caption. When scheduling Instagram posts in bulk, in advance, you can see a preview of how they will appear on Instagram’s grid-based pages, and more easily plan out your feed. Once your posts are ready, you can send them for approval by your team members, using a unique link. They can edit the content and leave their responses, and you will be notified of their activities.

Create a content approval process within Iconosquare

Create a content approval process within Iconosquare

A social media inbox, where all your Instagram comments appear, is a useful feature. If you’re running a comments contest, Iconosquare will help you select a winning comment. Analytics, reports, and social listening are also included. You can quickly check where you stand on engagement and follower growth, compare your performance against competitors, and set up automatic delivery of reports in PDF or Excel to team members.


Onlypult makes activity management simpler not only on Instagram but also Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. You can schedule posts, reels, and stories at specific times, along with adding a first comment. Built-in image and video editors help in refining posts and making them unique. You can use the large library of stock photos to improve your posts and save hashtags for future use. You have the option to drag and drop posts for scheduling, tag users and your products in posts, and create geotags.

Posts can be viewed in various formats: within a dashboard, within a content calendar, in a tile grid, as a feed, and in a list form. The tool offers many ways to collaborate on Instagram posts and approvals with team members. Team members can comment on, share opinions, and approve posts. You can also create links to posts and the content calendar and share them with colleagues.

Calendar is one of multiple post views in OnlyPult

Calendar is one of multiple post views in OnlyPult

The tool has features for competitor monitoring and creative inspiration. You can follow hashtags and accounts within the tool, and get tips on very popular or banned hashtags and phrases.

You can set up analytics on Onlypult. The tool provides a dashboard on which you can add widgets for Profile, Audience, Optimization, Posts, and Stories. To see performance over time, select data for different periods, such as the last 7 days, previous week or month, last 30 days, the previous year, the current year, or historical data since using the tool.


Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It is pricey when compared to other Instagram schedulers and may be more affordable to enterprises.

Once you’ve connected SproutSocial to your Instagram account, you can directly schedule all your posts, reels, and stories through the tool. SproutSocial’s proprietary tech shows you the best times to schedule your Instagram posts for maximum engagement. Like most schedulers, you can add a first comment to posts and use pre-built lists of your commonly used hashtags.

Calendar is one of multiple post views in OnlyPult

SproutSocial shows optimal posting times on Instagram

The tool has a smart inbox in which you can view and reply to all incoming messages from Instagram. A tasks feature allows you to assign tasks among users. For example, if you receive a message in your inbox that your team member is more qualified to handle, you can assign it to them. You can set up task notification emails to help everyone stay on top of Instagram activity.

SproutSocial’s social media analytics provide insights into what resonates with your audience. You can identify your top reels, posts, stories, and hashtags and use that information to inform your content strategy. The tool also offers a social listening feature that helps uncover insights into what your target audiences are discussing. You can use this data to develop content that connects deeply with readers and encourages engagement. The tool also provides inspiration on the types of posts and topics to cover.


On Plann, you can store and schedule posts, stories, and reels on Instagram. Drag and drop visual planning, editing tools, and hashtag libraries make Instagram scheduling more efficient.

Schedule Instagram posts on Plann

Schedule Instagram posts on Plann

With the tool, you can schedule and auto-post images and videos. The drag-and-drop function helps you visualize how the content comes together as a whole, and creates an organized, visually pleasing feed. You can edit your posts using a color scheme or a filter aligned to your brand’s theme.

The tool does not have an AI-powered feature to help draft your Instagram captions, but it allows you to tag usernames, locations, and your products in posts. You can organize hashtags in sets and quickly add them at the time of scheduling posts – a great time saver! Plann also schedules and auto-posts your first comment.


Tailwind makes Instagram post creation more efficient and allows you to schedule posts at times when your audience is already most engaged. The tool takes your photos and presents hundreds of personalized designs to choose from. You can select themes and get prompts that inspire ideas. When you set your logo, fonts, and color palettes, Tailwind automatically applies your brand style to every design.

The tool provides caption templates to help generate Instagram captions faster. It finds the most popular and relevant hashtags for your post, saving you time and extending the reach of your posts. You can save hashtag lists, and tag users and locations.

Save hashtag lists on Tailwind

Save hashtag lists on Tailwind

A drag and drop grid lets you preview and visualize your Instagram feed in a 9-grid prior to posting. Once you’re happy with what you see, you can sit back and Tailwind will automatically publish your posts and videos to Instagram. A first comment for posts also goes out to activate engagement.

Towards more efficient Instagram marketing

Social media scheduling is a feature of practically all good social media management tools. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that an Instagram post scheduler can transform how you create content for Instagram and bring it before your community. It makes post creation easier, faster, and better. By scheduling posts for the optimal times, an Instagram scheduler significantly improves their visibility and engagement.

If you’re manually publishing posts to Instagram, consider switching to a scheduler with AI content generation capabilities. You will surely see a phenomenal boost in productivity and consistency! As all the tools above offer a free plan or trial, try them and decide which one works best for you.

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