10 AI Tools for eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce competition is fierce. Online retailers that maintain their A-game are best poised to win the battle for sales. AI for eCommerce marketing is proving to be a game-changer, improving customer experience and business decisions, helping increase sales and loyalty. This post takes you through the best AI eCommerce tools leading the charge in eCommerce marketing.

  1. Narrato: Lightning fast content creation and publishing
  2. Jimdo Dolphin: Website in a day
  3. Link Whisperer: Making internal linking super-easy
  4. Lyro: Human-like AI chatbot
  5. Omnisend: Driving email marketing success
  6. Syte: A better way to search
  7. Recombee: Personalizing the customer experience
  8. Luminar Neo: Stellar images
  9. Glew: Faster and better marketing analysis
  10. Yext: Simplifying customer review management
Narrato AI ad copy generator

1. Narrato: AI content creation for eCommerce marketing

Narrato AI for eCommerce marketing

Creating content for eCommerce can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you have a large catalog. From product descriptions to landing pages to blogs and social media posts, the sheer amount of content you need to produce every day can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Narrato AI can make this a breeze for you. Narrato is an AI content workspace built to meet the needs of online retailers and eCommerce businesses. The platform has AI tools and templates dedicated to eCommerce marketing, including an AI bulk product description generator, AI copywriting tool, blog writer, social media post generator, AI ad copy generator, and more. The tools compose high-quality, SEO-friendly content at lightning speed, so that conversions can start unfolding quickly.

Key features of Narrato that can transform your eCommerce content marketing approach include:

  • AI single and bulk product description generator to create one or thousands of product descriptions from your notes, in one go
  • AI copywriter for landing page copy, ad copy, copywriting in established frameworks like AIDA, BAB, PAS, and more
  • AI blog writer to create long and short blog articles from scratch, within seconds
  • AI social media post generator to create purpose- and occasion-specific posts for your social media marketing efforts
  • AI Content Genie, the content autopilot that generates fresh social media and blog posts from just your website URL and themes, week after week
  • Custom AI templates with bulk content generation capability for any content type
  • One-click publishing on all social media channels, WordPress, Webflow, and any other CMS or platform
  • SEO content briefs and SEO meta descriptions and titles generator to make your copy search engine friendly
  • AI FAQ generator to create a list of frequently asked questions for your website

But that’s not all. Narrato also has very intuitive and powerful content project management tools and collaboration features that make it a complete solution for content creation and eCommerce marketing solution for eCommerce and other industries alike.

Narrato AI product description generator

2. Jimdo Dolphin: AI website builder

Jimdo Dolphin AI for eCommerce marketing

There was a time when building a website meant writing code. The Artificial Intelligence boom led to website builders that generate websites tailored to your requirements from just text prompts. In action, this means you specify the type of website you want (such as an eCommerce site) and state your business category and name. Some website builders ask you to specify a design or an existing website you like and create a similar site for you. An AI website builder can automate most or all of the work of developing a website. Jimdo Dolphin is one such AI-powered tool that does this well and economically.

Jimdo Dolphin is the AI counterpart to Jimdo Creator, the traditional site builder. It asks for the following information to generate your site:

  • The name of your website
  • Your site’s primary goal (e.g., get bookings, promote your business, etc.)
  • What style you’d like (e.g., minimal, modern, etc.)
  • What color you’d like

After you’ve made your selections, the tool will create a site, which you can then tweak as needed using the site editor. Styling options include the color theme, font size, and animations. You can add elements – which, handily, are pre-formatted – and advanced elements like music, contact forms, and columns.

The store interface in Dolphin is simple and accessible from the main menu. You can connect PayPal or Stripe, and choose shipping and tax options. All your products are added to your eCommerce store page, and you can add sections that are typically included on an eCommerce product page, including an expandable FAQ section.

3. Link Whisper: AI internal linking tool

Link Whisper - AI for eCommerce marketing

Smart internal linking on your website or eCommerce store will help you rank your most important pages with less investment in external SEO. AI-powered Link Whisper simplifies the task by providing internal link suggestions automatically based on your customizations and settings.

Key features of the tool:

  • Identifies broken or orphaned pages and provides suggestions for optimizing internal linking
  • Automatically builds links from past and future mentions of target keywords to the page of your choice
  • Link stats dashboard of all internal, external, broken links, 404 errors, and more
  • Internal link suggestions for multiple websites

All your links remain safe even if you cancel your LinkWhisper subscription or uninstall the plugin in the future. So, the links behave very much like regular links, but without the extra effort.

4. Lyro from Tidio: AI chatbot for eCommerce marketing

Lyro - AI for eCommerce marketing

While a traditional chatbot relies on predefined rules and conversational flows to communicate with site visitors, an AI chatbot understands human language and has human-like conversations with customers. Even if a query is not there in its database, an AI chatbot understands the intent behind customers’ questions and provides a relevant response.

Lyro is the AI chatbot from customer service software Tidio. It is powered by Claude, the AI chatbot from Anthropic AI – a company developed by ex-OpenAI employees that prioritizes AI research with a strong emphasis on safety – and Tidio’s in-house models. Lyro’s machine learning algorithms identify new answers as your business grows and your needs change. It can understand new information as your knowledge base grows.

The AI chatbot is able to handle 70% of common customer queries and has a response time of 6 seconds, faster than the average response time of 2 minutes for human agents. It engages in human-like conversations, enhancing eCommerce buyers’ live chat experience to consequently boost sales.

5. Omnisend: Personalized email campaigns for eCommerce marketing

Omnisend - AI for eCommerce marketing

AI-powered email marketing platforms analyze customer data to create targeted email marketing campaigns. They utilize machine learning, natural language processing, and Big Data, to generate personalized email content for every individual recipient. The personalized subject lines, content, calls to action, and images generated help optimize engagement and open rates.

Omnisend uses machine learning to segment customers based on attributes such as demographics, shopping behaviors, and engagement data. The advanced segmentation makes precise targeting possible. The tool dives into your email data and past campaigns to make tailored recommendations. The more data you supply, the more customized the insights can be.

Other features are subject line generation and writing support through suggesting alternative phrases, correcting grammar and spelling errors, and offering stylistic suggestions to make emails more compelling. Its AI analytics feature tracks and reports the performance of your email campaigns, and generates performance reports for predetermined time intervals.

Omnisend’s automation features are perfect for eCommerce sellers. You can automate the sending of emails to customers on special days such as birthdays and festive occasions, and announce discounts and new arrivals.

Narrato AI copywriter

6. Syte: Visual search for eCommerce marketing

Syte - AI for eCommerce marketing

In visual search, online shoppers upload a photo of a product they like and receive relevant results. Syte’s visual search allows eCommerce sellers the option to allow site visitors to find the ‘perfect product’ through an image search. It caters to eCommerce businesses that sell fashion, jewelry, and home decor, having a lexicon of over 15,000 fashion, home decor, and jewelry attributes and their synonyms.

There are many benefits to incorporating visual search for your eCommerce site:

  • Saves buyers the effort to describe product by keywords
  • Saves buyers the time to match keywords to your product descriptions
  • Improves product discoverability
  • Provides more relevant product recommendations
  • Ensures a faster path from inspiration to purchase

Apart from visual search, Syte brings other Visual AI capabilities to your store. You can automate product tagging to standardize product data, optimize merchandising, and save time. You can also display visually similar or complementary product recommendations to boost order value.

7. Recombee: Product recommendations

Recombee - AI for eCommerce marketing

Personalized product recommendations significantly impact order value and generate insights for continuous improvement. Recombee is an AI-powered product recommendation platform that personalizes the customer experience by helping each user find what they are looking for.

You can display “You May Also Like” products, which are:

  • Items based on collaborative filtering and onsite user behavior
  • Complementary products based on buying behavior
  • New product offers based on individual user preferences and product similarities
  • The most relevant product offers for each individual user
  • Personalized product offers to users using their geo-location
  • The most trending products based on user purchases and general trends
  • Products the user recently interacted with

Recombee saves eCommerce sellers the time and costs of building an in-house personalization machine. The AI-powered recommender engine is easy to implement and adapts to the unique needs of each eCommerce business.

8. Luminar Neo: AI photo editing for eCommerce marketing

Luminar Neo - AI for eCommerce marketing

Pictures speak a thousand words. Nothing like a great product image to attract shoppers and nudge them to explore more. Professional-edited product images are instant attention grabbers, and vital for improving conversion rates. AI photo editors can make otherwise dull or inspiring product and social media photos more compelling and inviting.

Luminar Neo is an AI photo editing app that automates routine image editing tasks, saving time and effort. It instantly improves image quality and suggests creative tweaks. It is ideal for making quick fixes like adjusting exposure or colors rather than for detailed artistic edits.

Features of Luminar Neo:

  • Adjusts dozens of controls, including shadow, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, and details.
  • Builds a 3D map of an image to allow you to easily adjust lighting and exposure based on depth.
  • It’s Bokeh feature simulates the effect of an out-of-focus background behind a subject
  • Retouches skin and removes imperfections in skin

9. Glew: eCommerce analytics for eCommerce marketing

Glew - AI for eCommerce marketing

Glew is an AI tool for eCommerce data analytics and insights for stores of all sizes. It aggregates data from multiple sources to provide a big-picture view of your eCommerce operations. Glew offers in-depth analytics and reporting, providing you with a correct and clear understanding of customer behavior, product performance, and sales trends.

Key features include:

  • Automated and scheduled reports daily, weekly, or monthly. The reports contain key KPIs like revenue, profit, conversion, LTV, and AOV.
  • A single place for analyzing all your marketing channels, including ad spend, customer acquisition, revenue, and LTV.
  • Inventory KPIs such as sell-through rate and holding cost, which enable smarter restocking and product pricing decisions.

Glew provides users a dedicated account manager, initial onboarding and training, ongoing training, live, anytime support, weekly webinars, and one-on-one strategy sessions.

10. Yext: AI reviews monitoring tool for eCommerce marketing

Yext - AI for eCommerce marketing

Keeping up with online reviews is an essential part of maintaining a positive brand image and making appropriate marketing adjustments to present your brand in the best possible light. Tracking customer reviews on various channels is a laborious process. AI can easily take over the task, and it is what Yext does impressively.

Yext is a digital experience platform with an AI-powered review monitoring feature that allows you to monitor reviews for your online store on Google and Facebook. It also automatically generates contextually appropriate and brand-based responses by analyzing the tone and sentiment of posts. You can use this feature to deliver responses in your unique brand voice across mobile, web, chat platforms, and social media.

Key features of Yext review monitoring:

  • A unified dashboard that pulls up all your reviews from different locations into a single place.
  • You receive updates on every new review posted, via email or SMS, based on your preferred schedule.
  • You can filter through reviews based on criteria such as rating, language, content, date, and whether the post has been responded to.
  • Yext offers robust analytics, including dashboards, sentiment analysis, and competitive intelligence to help improve your star ratings.

This could be a great tool for building social proof and earning the trust of your potential customers.

Summing up

AI-powered tools are becoming commonplace in the eCommerce marketer’s toolkit. As the need for speed, predictive analytics, decision-making precision, and quick adaptability grows, eCommerce sellers will find themselves increasingly reliant on tools based on new technologies. The best AI eCommerce tools for marketing have the potential to propel eCommerce growth and level the playing field. Keeping track of the latest AI tools is essential to identify solutions that can make a difference to your brand and fit your budget.

Narrato AI content creation workspace