How Narrato Helped Preply Automate Content Creation Process
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How Narrato Helped Preply Automate Content Creation Process & Speed It Up 2x

Faster Content Creation + Editing

Elimination of Back and Forth Emails

Increase in Content Production Volume

A little about Preply

Preply is a leading language-learning platform to make learning a new language easier for everyone. With phenomenal growth over the past 10 years, Preply now boasts of having over 140,000 language tutors from across 203 countries. The platform offers language learning and training in the most popular languages spoken around the world. Preply Business solutions offers one on one and group language training to companies like Zendesk, Eventbrite, and Bytedance.

What role does content marketing play at Preply?

When it comes to learning, content is at the center of it all. Preply understands this and that is why the company focuses a lot of attention on creating helpful learning material for its audience. The Preply blog shares tons of advice, tips, and tools to help their users pick up language skills faster.

Preply has guides on learning and speaking languages ranging from English Spanish, German, Hindi, Cantonese, Arabic and more. The blog also provides guidance on how to approach language tests like TOEFL.

The content they publish is a major lead-generation channel as it helps them appear in relevant searches and bring interested prospects to their website.

What were Preply's biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato solved them?

Challenge 1: Content workflow was riddled with lack of visibility, control and wasn't scaling

Assigning content creation, reviews, approvals, and feedback was a huge time sink and the manual process wasn't scaling. There were many redundant and rule-based activities that should ideally require no effort, but they were sinking valuable time for the lack of automation.

This is where Narrato's content workflow automation proved to be a game changer for Preply. Preply has built custom content workflows and automation on Narrato to align with their content creation process. Automated task assignments, timely custom notifications, and complete visibility into how tasks are progressing have helped Preply scale their content production by 40% in a short span of time. They are now on a solid footing to scale beyond and reach out to more potential customers with great, helpful content.

The team's productivity was boosted 2x by giving the managerial and editorial teams greater control and they are now able to spend more time on important areas like building content strategy. Narrato's content planning tools have been a big enabler with content strategy and planning too. Content ideas generator and, SEO content brief generator speed up the planning and briefing process several folds.

Narrato's impact on content creation and collaboration efficency

"The workflow automation features and the user-friendly interface are what we love most about Narrato. Narrato is highly practical and helps us stay organized, informed, and up to date at all times."

- Mildred Candelario Rodriguez, Content Marketing Manager, Preply

Challenge 2: Minimizing back-and-forth and boosting productivity of the content team

One of the biggest challenges that Preply faced during content creation was the incessant back and forth over email which posed several difficulties. When creating content with tools like MS Word or Google docs, the team would have to constantly seek inputs, share files, or offer feedback through email.

This slowed down their content process as they would have to keep toggling between the content editor tool and the email application. Back and forth over email also made it difficult to keep track of their conversations as there was no way to manage all the relevant conversations about a content task in one place.

Narrato solved this problem for Preply by bringing their entire team, content process, and communication on one platform. With Narrato's seamless collaboration features, the team has now consolidated all content-related conversation and have one space to track the progress of all content in production. The on-task messages and in-line content feedback makes it easier to understand the context of the discussion. The content creators are also able to access the AI content assistant and other content creation and optimization tools easily at the same place, increasing their productivity multi-fold.

"We have been able to increase the number of content pieces produced by 40%, getting rid of back-and-forth emails and using multiple tools at the same time for different purposes within the platform."

- Mildred Candelario Rodriguez, Content Marketing Manager, Preply

What the Narrato experience has been like for Preply

Preply team finds Narrato to be highly practical and believes that it helps them stay organized, informed, and up-to-date at all times.

The platform has a shallow learning curve and Preply could easily onboard their team in a very short time. They also found the Narrato team very helpful with onboarding and setup. The Preply team appreciated that the Narrato support team promptly addressed all questions, sharing resources and examples, so they can make the most of the platform.

Scale your content process with Narrato

Many other companies, like Preply, are speeding up content creation and enabling seamless team collaboration with Narrato. If you would like to turbocharge your content marketing engine and achieve phenomenal results with content too, get in touch with us or request a demo. We also offer personalized onboarding and consultation at zero additional cost.

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