How Narrato helped Park+ cut down content publishing time by 95%
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How Narrato Helped Park+ Scale Content Creation & Save 200+ Resource Hours by Automating Publishing

Reduction in publishing time

Resource hours saved

Scaled content production

A little about Park+

Park+ is a super app for all things a car owner needs. The app helps car owners in India find and book parking near them. It also offers other capabilities such as buying and recharging FASTags (RFID for toll collection), checking real-time e-challans (parking tickets, overspeeding tickets, etc.), and more. Park+ currently has over 10 million users and over 2 million cars listed.

What role does content marketing play at Park+?

Park+ generates almost 50% of its leads organically through content marketing. They have also found that the customers converting from their organic content marketing efforts have a 90% retention rate.

Park+ focuses on answering their audience's questions through content by publishing helpful articles, step-by-step guides, and more.

What were Park+'s biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato made a big difference?

Narrato's impact on scaling content creation for parkplus

Challenge 1: Publishing content was super time-consuming

A big challenge to scaling content marketing was uploading and publishing content to their headless CMS. It was just too time-consuming. Uploading each article to the CMS took nearly 35 to 40 minutes, limiting them to publishing only about 50 articles per month. This was eating into the team's bandwidth, wasting valuable time they could have used for more result-oriented work.

Narrato came in as a game-changer for Park+ right when they needed it. Park+ automated publishing to their CMS (Strapi) using Narrato. Publishing directly from their Narrato Workspace takes them just a status change. That's nearly a 95% reduction in publishing time.

Narrato team supported Park+ in successfully implementing the publishing automation and the results were phenomenal.

"Publishing automation is a life saver. It has saved us so much time, reduced manual error and streamlined the entire process. Narrato team provided excellent support to achieve this."

- Saumil Shah, Growth Lead at Park+
Time saved on each article in minutes and percent

Challenge 2: Scaling content creation

Park+ was producing about 50 articles a month with a content agency. Efforts to scale up content production beyond this number were proving fruitless. The content delivered at a higher volume was getting repetitive and the quality questionable.

Narrato stepped in to assist with the content creation as well. Park+ now outsources all content creation to Narrato Marketplace, using its Managed Service option. With Narrato Marketplace, they now produce and publish about 250-300 high-quality content pieces a month, and are looking to scale the content production even further.

"Love the flexibility to be able to scale up and down the content production from month to month. I am looking forward to ramping up our content efforts with Narrato's marketplace."

- Saumil, Growth Lead at Park+
Increase in the number of articles published per month

Challenge 3: Building a scalable content review process

Processing hundreds of articles per month is no easy task. This was the third challenge that the Park+ team faced. Disjointed platforms and software like email, Google drive, docs, and sheets were just not going to scale the content process to this volume.

This is where Narrato Workspace stepped in to help the Park+ team organize, review and ship their work efficiently. Park+ has seen the following and many other benefits of organizing content creation on Narrato:

  • Narrato acts as a central repository for Park+ content organized in projects and folders, helping them easily find content created months ago.
  • Collaboration is easier and faster with a streamlined workflow on Narrato, and on-task messaging features.
  • Narrato AI writer helps improve the content and generate short content snippets like blog introductions etc., which helps speed up content review and creation.
  • Readability and plagiarism checks also help the Park+ team quality check the content faster.

"The AI writing assistant on Narrato is excellent. For short content generation, it generates great output. It also immensely helps the team review and edit content faster."

- Saumil, Growth Lead at Park+

What the Narrato experience has been like for ParkPlus

By using Narrato Workspace and Narrato Marketplace in conjunction, Park+ has been able to grow its website traffic by 100x over the last 6 months.

Here are a few key things that have made their experience with Narrato rewarding so far -

  • Smooth onboarding process
  • Flexible content production schedules with no issues in scaling up or down as required
  • Superlative customer support to help the Park+ team win with the Narrato features and tech
  • Assistance with quality control delivered by Narrato Marketplace managed service team

Scale your content process with Narrato

Several other businesses like Park+ are driving growth with impactful, search-optimized content created, managed and shipped from Narrato. If you would like to achieve such transformational results too, get in touch with us or request a demo. We offer personalized onboarding and consultation at zero cost. Find out more about Narrato features here.