Narrato Helps Site Smart Create Content 8x Faster & Save 80% in Content Production Costs
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Narrato Helps Site Smart Marketing Create Content 8x Faster and Save 80% in Content Production Costs

Faster Content Creation with AI

Reduction in Content Production Cost

Reduction in Content Errors

A little about Site Smart Marketing

Based in Las Vegas Nevada, Site Smart Marketing is a Las Vegas digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and website design company. The team comprises online marketing consultants, Google Ads experts, SEO geeks, content writers, graphic designers, website designers, and coders. Founded in 2010 by Kira Krostag and partners, with a small team of three, Site Smart has grown into a well-respected digital marketing and web development company employing over 20 team members today. The agency has an amazing portfolio of projects.

What role does content marketing play at Site Smart?

Content is at the core of Site Smart's services. They create SEO content for websites and blogs for local businesses, B2B, e-commerce, and non-profits, among others. The team is also involved in social media content creation, SEO, email blasts, and a variety of PPC ads services that propel their clients' businesses forward.

The team focuses on creating content that ranks well on search engines like Google and Bing. Creating high-quality, lead-converting content is their priority, and driving results for their clients with content, is their key goal.

What were Site Smart's biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato solved them?

Narrato AI Content Platform's Impact on Scaling Content Creation for Site Smart

"The integration of AI, which automatically aligns content with our brand tone, has been transformative."

Avatar - Kira Krostag, CEO, Site Smart Marketing

Challenge 1: Maintaining consistent content quality and brand guidelines at scale was a huge challenge

Site Smart has been in the business for over 14 years and has consistently faced one challenge - creating content at scale without compromising on quality and brand guidelines. The team works with multiple, diverse clients and a variety of content. This meant a tremendous volume of content. Without a streamlined content creation process and a central workspace to manage it, this often translated to missed deadlines, neglected research, frequent errors, and the frustration of rectifying ongoing mistakes through communication. As a result, they were spending a lot more time and effort on the content creation process, with repetitive tasks, elaborate editing, and enhancing below-par drafts affecting their productivity.

"We were spending 8x the time we do today with Narrato to achieve our content quality standards. Narrato has allowed us to get much better results at a large scale."

- Kira Krostag, CEO, Site Smart Marketing

Narrato came in as a game changer for Site Smart here, reducing the time required to create high-quality content by 8x. With features like custom AI templates and custom brand voices, the Site Smart team could create content that aligned with the correct style and tone, from the first draft itself. The saved prompts on custom brand instructions ensure consistency of writing style and the right points to focus on for each of their clients. This tone and brand voice consistency was a major issue with other naked AI tools, which Narrato successfully solved for Site Smart.

The SEO content brief feature also helped them create search engine optimized content better and faster. This, consequently, reduced the additional time they were spending on correcting content, post-publication if the anticipated search engine ranking outcomes were not achieved.

The base level of copy generated with Narrato's AI tools is better than what Site Smart got from 100% human writers unassisted by AI. Now they can focus more on improving, fact-checking, and adding their SEO expertise from human editors.

Challenge 2: Meeting high content demands of a growing business meant constantly having to expand content creation capacity, which shot up expenses overtime

Without AI in the equation earlier, Site Smart had to continually add additional resources to meet the growing demand of content creation. Their staff hours were high and costs like living expenses, overtime, or bringing on more contractors and training them kept piling up, to meet their content volume demands. This meant they also had to hike their prices every now and then, which wasn't great for business.

Narrato eased their working hours and allowed them to streamline and restructure their marketing department, reallocating more resources where they are needed most. Fewer people had to be involved in the content production process. Where once six to eight people were handling each article from concept to posting, they now need just three people per article. This has helped them keep things lean to stay ahead in a game where everything’s getting more expensive.

Narrato's powerful project management and content collaboration features supported with AI, ensure that their content workflow is significantly smoother, with instructions seldom overlooked. Briefing writers/editors, sharing feedback, and monitoring progress has become much simpler with all their content projects being managed on a single platform.

"With Narrato, we can keep making better content without having to hike up our prices every time."

- Kira Krostag, CEO, Site Smart Marketing

What the Narrato experience has been like for Site Smart

The Narrato team has been assisting Site Smart from the get-go, always tuned in to what they need. They are open to discuss ideas for making things better and always take Site Smart's suggestions in stride.

Before settling on Narrato, Site Smart tried out a bunch of other AI and content writing platforms. They weighed up the content quality and how user-friendly the interfaces were before picking out their champ. The Site Smart team is happy with their choice to use Narrato, especially when it comes to the stark difference in the vibe they got from the other companies.

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