How Narrato AI Helped Worxogo Speed Up and Streamline Content Creation
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How Narrato Helps Worxogo Marketing Team Create Content 3x Faster than Before

Faster Content Creation with AI

Improvement in Content Planning and Ideation Speed

Centralized Content Project Management

A little about Worxogo

Worxogo uses AI and Behavior Science to improve work habits and build productive teams. Their product Worxogo Nudge Coach acts like a digital coach - a Fitbit for work - for sales, customer service, and back office teams.

Worxogo Nudge Coach was developed from research at Stanford using cutting-edge behavior design and AI. The self-learning AI engine with proprietary deep-learning algorithms understands individual motivations and provides personalized coaching tips, appropriate challenges, and rewards to nudge sales reps/agents and managers to do better. Built around motivation theory, Worxogo nudge coach is the only engine that offers teams behavior-led personalized coaching at scale.

What role does content marketing play at Worxogo?

Since Worxogo is a unique concept, the content strategy primarily revolved around introducing the concept of behavior science, context architecture, and nudges to business leaders. The Worxogo team publishes a monthly newsletter curated for business leaders, that has grown to almost thousands of C-suite subscribers.

Social media content is one of the key areas where Worxogo invests its time and energy. The company has an active presence on Linkedin with a growing number of followers. In addition to this, the team also creates blog posts, case studies, and articles around behavior science, motivation, and productivity.

What were Worxogo's biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato solved them?

Challenge 1: Content production was tedious and difficult to scale with a small team

Worxogo has a small marketing team but their need for quality content has been growing significantly. With their following on social media and newsletter subscribers growing at a rapid pace, they had to be consistent with posting. They also wanted to explore other channels for lead generation and driving traffic to their website, such as their blog. But with very few people on board, this ramp-up in content creation and distribution was posing a big challenge.

This is where Narrato helped them build capacity and scale content production with the help of AI. Narrato's AI writing tools helped them put together quality content much faster - 3X faster. For instance, it used to take 3 days to complete an article when writing manually. But with Narrato's AI content assistant a complete high-quality article can be put together in one day or less.

The team saved significant amounts of time on content planning and ideation too with tools like Narrato's AI content ideas generator, content calendars, and SEO content briefs. Tools like the AI text summarizer, AI text expander, and AI content improver also helped them edit and fine-tune their content superfast.

How Narrato Helps Worxogo Marketing Team Create Content 3x Faster than Before

"If an article took us 3 days to put together, Narrato's AI and SEO tools help us put it together in a single day. We were able to write different kinds of content quickly."

- Rashmi Simon, Communications Manager, Worxogo

Challenge 2: Keeping track of multiple projects and prioritizing work was difficult

Another major challenge for the Worxogo team was managing multiple content projects simultaneously. Often, they would have to switch from one project to another, prioritizing the more urgent tasks at hand. However, due to a lack of visibility and organization of content in progress, it was hard to keep track, prioritize, and come back to some content later. Finding the tasks that were in progress or yet to be taken up was difficult, as there was no single source of truth for all content tasks planned. Keeping track of deadlines was a challenge too.

With Narrato's content project management and collaboration features, it became super easy to organize and collaborate on different content projects. The team now plans and tracks all their projects on Narrato's content calendars. They can see the progress of each project on the Projects dashboard on Narrato Workspace. The centralized repository and easy search and filter functionalities help them find the content tasks faster.

The Worxogo marketing team now uses Narrato for managing their entire content process, from planning to creation to publishing.

The Worxogo team also uses Narrato to plan their social content calendar months in advance. They enjoy using Narrato's vast Creative Commons library of images and GIFs, as well as the AI image generator for their social media and blog content. They no longer have to switch between different platforms for their visual content.

Narrato Workspace has given Worxogo's content creation and marketing wings like never before!

"Narrato Workspace has helped keep track of multiple projects and which stage they are at. I can easily find and pick up a piece that I left off to handle another urgent project."

- Rashmi Simon, Communications Manager, Worxogo

What the Narrato experience has been like for worxogo

The Worxogo team is very happy with the customer success and product support that Narrato has offered. The Narrato team is quick to respond to their queries and very interactive.

The transition from a scattered tool stack to an all-in-one platform like Narrato has been very smooth for Worxogo, with a very quick learning and adoption curve.

Scale your SAAS content marketing with Narrato's AI Content Workspace

More and more SAAS companies, such as Worxogo, are marketing faster, better, and more successfully with Narrato's AI content tools and complete content workflow automation platform. If you're interested in boosting your content-led growth too, we'd love to hear from you - reach out to us or request a demo. You will also receive personalized onboarding and consultation, at no extra cost. It doesn't get any better than this!

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