Narrato Helps Safe Systems Save $90k in Content Production Costs/Year
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How Narrato Helped Safe Systems Save $90k Per Year on Content Production with AI & Automation

Increase in Content Production

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A little about Safe Systems

Safe Systems is a private technology company that provides services to the community banking industry. Offering a specialized service, they keep community banks and credit unions technologically updated and secure. Safe Systems' IT services focus on compliance and are tailored specifically for these institutions, ensuring they stay informed about the latest technologies, security threats, regulatory alterations, and FFIEC guidelines.

What role does content marketing play at Safe Systems?

Safe Systems has a 3-person marketing team responsible for creating and publishing content on social media and the SafeSystems blog. The company has an active presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and its blog shares some very useful resources on cybersecurity with its audience. The Safe Systems marketing team also repurposes or reinvents existing content to increase its reach and potential.

What were Safe Systems' biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato solved them?

Impact of Narrato AI on sclaing content production and slashing costs for Safe Systems

"Narrato has reduced the expense of $90k/year that we spent on an outside content marketing agency. Essentially, we are able to create more content with more efficiency, at a lower cost."

- Christine Ray, CMO, Safe Systems

Challenge 1: Maintaining their content production cadence without spending thousands of dollars every year on outsourcing was a big challenge

Safe Systems has a small marketing team of just three people, which makes content production at scale challenging. However, they had to post content consistently to drive engagement and build brand awareness. To meet their growing content demands, Safe Systems initially outsourced content creation to an external content marketing agency which involved significant costs. With an aim to cut down their content production costs without compromising on content volume, Safe Systems switched to Narrato.

Narrato's AI and automation tools helped their marketing team seamlessly replicate their prior content cadence, without having to rely on the outside agency. The SEO tools on Narrato, such as the SEO content brief generator and AI keyword generator, allowed them to quickly analyze and optimize content for specific keywords. Eventually, the team was also able to exceed its previous output, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The biggest impact of switching from outsourcing content to creating with Narrato was seen in terms of costs. Safe Systems is now saving $90,000 per year on content production with Narrato. They can create all kinds of content, including emails, webpages, blogs, social media posts, and more, in-house and much faster with Narrato AI.

Challenge 2: Repurposing content, over and above creating fresh content, was time-consuming and effort-intensive

Apart from creating fresh content for social media and blog, Safe Systems' content marketing strategy relied heavily on content repurposing for other channels too. However, for a 3-member marketing team, creating fresh content regularly and spending time on content repurposing simultaneously, was strenuous and proving to be a time-sink.

Thankfully, Narrato comes fully loaded with dozens of marketing-specific templates that save time and improve turnaround rates. The Safe Systems team witnessed great benefits from using Narrato's AI content repurposing tool which lets them quickly repurpose their content into whatever format they require. The ability of the tool to read and develop new content from a variety of formats including video, PDF, images, and URLs is extremely useful. No matter what the input content is, the AI repurposing tool can transform it into quality text-based content for distribution on multiple channels, without any added effort.

"Using Narrato has enabled us to increase our social media posts by 300%, driving more brand impressions and engagement."

- Christine Ray, CMO, Safe Systems

The Safe Systems team also saw great value in Narrato's publishing and scheduling features. With native integrations to WordPress and popular social media platforms, they are able to seamlessly schedule, post, and track their content directly from Narrato.

They can create custom workflows for each project to automate communication and manage task assignments across the team while having complete control over access to projects through different user roles and guest roles.

Narrato serves as an all-in-one platform for Safe Systems to manage its entire content operations from start to finish in one place.

"Narrato comes fully loaded with dozens of marketing-specific templates that save time and keystrokes to quickly generate or repurpose content."

- Christine Ray, CMO, Safe Systems

What the Narrato experience has been like for Safe Systems

Safe Systems has one word to describe the Narrato experience - Excellent! The Narrato customer success team is always available to answer their queries and help them understand new features and functionalities of the platform. The team is also very receptive to any suggestions and feedback that can help make the user experience even better.

Cut down content marketing costs and achieve great results with Narrato's AI Content Workspace

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