How Narrato Helped Preply Automate Content Creation Process
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How Narrato Helped Pearler Scale Content Creation by 2x in 4 weeks

Growth in Organic Traffic

Scaled Content Production

Centralized Content Project Management

Faster Automated Content Publishing

A little about Pearler

Pearler is an Australian long-term investing platform designed to help users reach their financial goals. As part of its mission, Pearler shares resources that empower its user community to make informed decisions on investing. These resources range from blog articles, email newsletters, investing calculators, to memes and social posts, and more.

What role does content marketing play at Pearler?

Beyond educating their existing investors, Pearler's content aims to reach Australians who have yet to invest and are looking for honest opinions and reliable information. Pearler believes that no two people are the same, and everyone's investing journey is going to be different. They hope that by learning more about investing, people will feel more confident and informed in their financial journeys.

Content has played a key role in Pearler's growth. As a community-led startup, they have always focused on organic channels over paid marketing campaigns. Over the last several months, Pearler has focused much more on blog content. Since then, the organic traffic to their website has seen a 50% increase.

What were Pearler's biggest content marketing challenges and how Narrato solved them?

Challenge 1: Content creation was slowed down by the lack of a centralized workspace

Pearler was managing all its writers through email and Slack, resulting in a lot of duplication of effort and repetition of many activities. This consumed valuable time that they could invest in creating more content. The lack of a centralized workspace to manage all their content and collaborate with the team was the biggest hurdle to scaling content creation to drive organic traffic.

Narrato filled this gap for the Pearler team by replacing the multiple tools they were reliant on. On switching to Narrato Workspace, the team was able to manage writer briefing, content editing, and publishing, all in one place. The platform was easy-to-use, meaning the team required very little time to get on board and leverage it to its full potential.

Content creators of Pearler love Narrato too with all the great AI content creation and optimization tools at their disposal on the platform. These tools are a great productivity booster for the content manager and creators alike.

"Narrato's content creation layout has been a dream. It combines the best aspects of Google Doc, Trello, and a top-tier backend publisher."

- Thomas Derricott, Content & Community Manager, Pearler

Challenge 2: Content publishing was a multi-step, painstaking process and a time sink

Publishing content was taking up a lot of the team's time although this activity by itself had very little impact on the outcome. It involved several steps making the process effort-intensive.

Narrato's publishing automation features played a crucial role in helping the Pearler team save time and effort here. By using Narrato's API to integrate the platform with their blog CMS, Pearler was able to create a seamless publishing experience. Now they can publish their blogs directly from Narrato with just a click.

The Narrato team also helped Pearler set up the integration to ensure that it could be executed faster, and the Pearler team could reap its benefits sooner.

Narrato's impact on scaling content creation for pearler

"Narrato has been crucial in enabling us to scale our content creation. The Narrato team has always been super responsive and helpful. If the world's superpowers ran like Narrato, we would have peace on Earth!"

- Thomas Derricott, Content & Community Manager, Pearler

What the Narrato experience has been like for Pearler

Narrato has been a huge enabler for the Pearler marketing team to scale their content creation. Were it not for Narrato, they would not have been able to grow their content so quickly, as Thomas says. Features like publishing automation, comprehensive Briefs section for writers, and the creation layout have been instrumental in streamlining their content process.

Narrato combines the best aspects of Google Docs, Trello, and a top-tier backend publisher to bring you a single comprehensive platform for managing the content process end-to-end.

The Pearler team also loved Narrato's lightning-fast response to all their queries and support requests. The fortnightly catch-ups held by the Narrato support team for the first few weeks, gave the Pearler team an opportunity to learn more about the platform's features and uses - which were tremendously useful.

Scale your content process with Narrato

Several other companies, like Pearler, are speeding up content creation and empowering team collaboration with Narrato. If you are looking to streamline your content marketing efforts and achieve exemplary growth with content too, get in touch with us or request a demo. We offer onboarding support and personalized consultation free of cost.

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