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Applying for a Freelancer Account

If you do not already have an account, visit the writer application page. Provide the details asked for and click on 'Next'. On the next page, you will have to submit a review of a website (the website will be mentioned). Click on 'Submit' to apply for a freelance account.
On logging into your account, if you see that “Your application is under review….” it means our internal team hasn't verified your account yet. So please wait for a couple of days and check later. As soon as your application is approved you will receive an email informing you about the account activation.

Picking and Completing Jobs

To pick a new job, go to the 'Available Jobs' section. You will see a list of available jobs. Click on a job to view details. Click on 'Pick Job' if you wish to work on the job after carefully reviewing the details.
The number of words you are able to pick at one time will be displayed on the top right corner of the 'Available Jobs' page. The no. of words quota you can pick at a time depends on your job success rate and rating.
Once you submit a job, the work will be reviewed by our internal team. If the work matches the quality requirements and specifications, the job will be accepted. If the work does not meet the expectations, the job will be rejected. You will receive at least one revision request before the job is rejected, so you have a fair chance to improve the submitted article to meet expectations.
Jobs have a minimum 24 hour deadline. The deadline is displayed while picking the job. A job will be released if the deadline is not met, and will become unavailable to pick again.
Jobs have a minimum 24 hour deadline and the deadline is displayed on the job page. Jobs will be auto released once the deadline passes. Deadlines are strict and cannot be revised.
To deliver an article, please go to 'Your Jobs' and click on the job you wish to deliver. Click on 'Create & Deliver Content'. The editor will open in a new page (please read the instructions), paste or type the content into the editor. As you paste or type the content in the editor, the editor will highlight errors in your work and will give suggestions for improvement. Click on 'Save' to save your work in the editor. Click on 'Edit' to work on your content in the editor. When you are done click on 'Deliver'. Your content will be checked for highlighted errors and you will be notified if you need to rectify must-fix errors. The content will then be checked for plagiarism and you will be notified if your content has been flagged for plagiarism. If you are flagged for plagiarism, revise the content as needed. Click on 'Deliver' once the content is revised. Please make sure the status of the job has changed to 'Delivered'.
Jobs may get rejected due to low content quality, plagiarised content, or specified job requirements not being met.

Available Jobs & Job Levels

Job/Writer levels correspond to the quality rating of the writer. L1 being the lowest and L4 being the highest. A writer's level will determine the jobs that are available to them. The pay rates increase with job levels with L4 jobs attracting the highest rates.
A writer account is initially approved at Level 1. Once you complete a minimum of 3 jobs successfully, you will be eligible for review of the work done on the platform and consideration to get an upgrade to Levels 2, 3 and 4. The higher levels give you access to higher paying jobs posted only at those levels. The reviews are conducted periodically on writer accounts and it may take sometime for a review of your account even if 3 jobs have been successfully completed. If you feel that you've had great success with your completed jobs (high job ratings and success rate), and think are a solid candidate for an upgrade review, please feel free to write to the Narrato Support through the platform.

Job Success Rate & Job Rating

Once you submit a job, our internal team will review the work and rate your work. Higher job ratings will give you access to higher level jobs as well as higher earnings.
Job success rate is calculated as the number of jobs accepted over all jobs picked by you. Please note that if you miss deadlines, then that will affect your job success rate adversely. A low job success rate may lead to your account being permanently blocked.

Content Ownership & Content Originality

Once a job is accepted, the rights of the work pass on to the recipient client. You will not get any credits or bylines for the submitted article.
An article is said to be plagiarised if any part of the content is copied directly from any internet source. Writing an article using just one internet source and resembles said source in terms of structure and tone of voice, also counts as plagiarism. Plagiarised articles will be rejected. This will lead to your writer level reducing. Continued instances of plagiarism will lead to your account being blocked.
Once a job is completed and accepted, the recipient client holds the copyright of the work submitted. The work submitted and accepted cannot be re-used, published or shared as own work at any time in the future.

Your Profile

Clients will be able to view your Pen name (or an auto generated writer code if a pen name is not provided). Job success rate, number of jobs successfully completed and the average job ratings are also visible to clients. Clients will also be able to view the 'About me' section and the verified skills (if any) along with academic qualifications. An impressive profile can offer you greater access to better-paying jobs since clients can give direct orders to writers based on their profiles.
Go to 'Your Profile' and select 'Edit my profile'. Add bank account details and click on submit.

Getting Paid

The accrued earnings over a month are paid the next month. The amount will be credited to your bank account. Please make sure your bank account details are submitted on your Profile page and accurate. You also need to have earned a minimum amount displayed on your account to get paid the next month. On the first of every month, an invoice will be generated if your monthly earnings have crossed the minimum amount required. You will receive an email that the invoice has been generated. You can also view the invoice in the 'Payments Due'; section. Click on 'Review and Raise invoice' button to request for payment.
You can track your earnings in the 'Jobs Completed' page. You can also check the payment status of each completed job.

Interaction with Clients

You can get in touch with clients and team at Narrato by using the messaging section. You can ask for clarifications if required. Keep in mind that job deadlines are strict and not dependent on any clarification sought. Keep all messages short and to the point to aid in smooth communication.
No, this is against the community rules and can get your account permanently blocked. Do not share any personally identifiable information with the client, and politely decline any such request.
Click on the 'Check/send messages' button in the corresponding job to write to the Narrato team in case you have any doubts related to the job.

Writing Assistant

We have integrated our Writing Assistant or Content Quality Enhancer tool to the content delivery process. This means additional checks on content being submitted, so please ensure you have sufficient time on hand (at least a couple of hours) to make the changes required, adjust formatting and take other considerations in account. Please avoid last minute submissions.

The Writing Assistant would be highlighting some improvement suggestions - please review them and update content where appropriate. Like with all content quality tools, there will be some suggestions that may not be accurate - it is okay not to make those changes.

However, please note that you will be required to make most of the "Must-fix" changes to submit a piece - so please review them carefully. Please note the other suggested changes are no less important than the "Must-fix" ones - it's just that their accuracy can not be determined fully at the moment. So, make sure you review those as well - as some of them are very important and are issues that a lot of our clients have highlighted.