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Placing Content Orders

After you log in to your account, click on the 'Place an Order' tab. Provide details on the form, and proceed to place order and make payment. You can share your content guidelines while placing the order or after. You make payment for the order by using a card or PayPal account, or by using pre-added credit in your account. Credit in your account can be topped up from the 'Add Credit' tab.
You can load your Narrato wallet with cash equivalent credit from 'Add credit' tab. This credit can be used to place orders quickly, instead of going through the longer process of making payments by providing payment information every time you place a new order.
Article/ blog writing typically involves general/ informative content and is conversational in nature. Copywriting involves sales/ promotional content and is priced differently. Website content, brochures, newsletters, product descriptions etc fall under copywriting.
Monthly blog packages are ideal if the number of blogs required per month is fixed. The monthly blog packages are billed on a subscription basis - the order is automatically billed every month. The subscription can be cancelled anytime at your end, OR if you let us know before the next billing cycle, we can cancel it for you.

The main difference between the service options is the experience level of the writers and the revision period offered at each option. Elite/ Premium service options are recommended if you're looking for the best writers to work on your project. If you're looking for a budget friendly option with experienced writers working on your project, Standard service option would be the ideal choice.

You can view the description and difference in pricing for each service option here - https://narrato.io/marketplace/pricing

You will need to place multiple orders for each combination of service option and word count per content piece. It is advisable to add and use credit in your account to place these orders faster.

It's your choice. Your options (these can be selected at the time of placing order):

    a) If you would like to provide the topics, please check the box 'I'll provide' the topics. You will have to share individual topics at the time of sharing content guidelines.

    b) If you want us to suggest the topics, select the 'Please suggest' option, and we can suggest topics on a chargeable basis ( $0.5/topic ). If you choose this option, our team of content experts will suggest topics based on your content guidelines. You can view/edit the topics. The jobs (individual content pieces for each of the topics) will be floated to the writers after you approve the topics.

    c) You also have the option of letting the writers choose topics based on the content guidelines. Choose "Writer can choose" option for this. However, no topic approval is possible under this option.

Content Guidelines are the specific set of instructions to be followed by the writer(s) for creating the content. For best results, fill all the fields under the Guidelines section and share examples of the format/writing style/ tone to be followed (if any).
You can specify the keywords for each content piece by appending them to the topic text. A topic line example: "Marketing Tips for a Local Small Business | Keywords(include at least 2-3 times): small business, marketing tips, digital marketing"
Yes, you can do that by including the information in the topic line. However, please make sure the topic text is still concise. A topic line example with additional instructions: "Marketing Tips for a Local Small Business | Keywords(include at least 2-3 times): small business, marketing tips, digital marketing | Article Structure: Intro, at least 5 tips including 1-2 around digital marketing"
Yes, you can do that while completing the content guidelines. The content guidelines has the option to "Select writers": you can choose to float the order to your list of 'preferred writers' or select specific writers by their usernames.

Content Order Processing

Once you place an order, it will be split into jobs of individual content pieces and floated to the best matched writers (whose skills best match your project requirements). For example, if you place an order of 10 articles, then each of the 10 articles are individually floated as jobs to the matched writers. Interested freelance writers pick up the jobs and deliver them through the Narrato platform for your review within the 24 hour deadline. Once you review the work submitted, you can accept the job if the work meets your expectations. If you would like the writer to make changes, you can request a revision.
All the orders, once placed, can be tracked from the Track Orders tab. You can click on individual order rows to see details of the orders and track progress of content jobs linked to the orders.

The different order statuses are:

    1. Pending Project Specs - This means that you are yet to add content guidelines or instructions for the writers to work on the order. You will need to add the content guidelines to get work started on your order.

    2. Pending Topics Selection - Means that you have opted for topics to be suggested by Narrato's team of content experts, who are working on choosing the best topics as per your content guidelines.

    3. Pending Topics Approval - Means that the Narrato content experts have shared the topic suggestions for your order. You have to now review and confirm the topics to float the order to the writers.

    4. Work In Progress - Means that work on the order has started and the individual content pieces have been floated to the matched writers.

    5. Closed - This status indicates that the order is now closed with all content delivered and accepted.

Jobs are individual content pieces from your order that are floated to the best matched writers. The writers pick up these individual jobs and deliver through the Narrato platform within a 24 hour-deadline.

For example, a 10x500 word articles order will be split into 10 jobs of 1x500 word article with their corresponding topics, and then made available to best matched writers to pick and deliver.

The different job statuses are:

    1. Open - Means the job is floated to a pool of matched writers and is awaiting pick up by an interested writer.

    2. Work In Progress - This is a job picked by a writer and will be delivered within 24 hours.

    3. Delivered - This means the content piece has been delivered and needs to be reviewed and status updated to 'Accepted', 'Revision Requested' or 'Rejected' by you within 7 days (post which the status of delivered job will be updated to 'accepted' automatically).

    4. Accepted - Means the content piece has been accepted by you, and all rights to use and modify the content has been transferred to you.

    5. Revision requested - This status appears when you request a revision to the delivered content piece.

    6. Rejected - Means the content was rejected by you. This job will immediately go back to being 'Open' for picking by other writers with the exception of the writer whose work you have rejected.

Every order is broken down into jobs of individual content pieces and floated to the best matched writers (whose skills best match your project requirements). Interested freelance writers pick up the jobs and deliver them within 24 hours. You can also opt to float your order to specific writers or to your list of preferred writers at the time of sharing content guidelines for your order. The preferred writers list can be built using the Writers tab from the left menu.
The content jobs from your order start getting picked in 24-72 hours. In case your content has some special requirements, it may take a bit longer for the jobs to start getting picked. Once picked, each job is delivered by the writer within a 24 hour deadline. After content is delivered, you have 7 days to review, and accept, request revision or reject the content piece (at least 1 revision request is mandatory before exercising the 'reject' option). All content jobs are delivered through the Narrato platform, and you can view and download them from your Order page (reached after clicking your Order row on the Track Orders page). The delivered content can be accessed by clicking on the Folder icon in the corresponding job row.
If you are unhappy with the quality of the work submitted, you can request revisions any no. of times within your revision period (7 days for Basic, 10 days for Standard, 15 days for Premium and 30 days for Elite content). All revision requests are fulfilled by the writers within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with the content even after the revisions requested, you can reject the job. The rejected job is floated to the writers again, excluding the writer whose job you have rejected.
To request a revision on a delivered job, click on the drop down menu stating "Action required" and click on "Request revision". A message prompt will open, which you can use to share details on the revisions required.
Yes, you can reject a job after requesting revision at least once. We do however advise giving a writer more than one chance to revise the content to your expectations.
For every activity on your order, you will receive an email update. All order email updates are also available as notifications on your Narrato account. The notifications can be accessed using the bell icon from the top menu.
Yes. When a writer tries to deliver a content piece on a job, the content is automatically checked for plagiarism using Copyscape. If Copyscape finds plagiarized content, the content is blocked from delivery. So you only get content that is plagiarism free.
You can cancel the complete order if all the jobs are 'Open' and not picked by any writer. To cancel an order, go to the 'Track Orders' page and use the bin icon in the order row and confirm. You can also cancel individual 'Open' jobs of an order, by using a similar bin button in the job row on the Order page. The fee corresponding to the cancellation is credited to your Narrato credit wallet and can be used for placing any future orders.
You have 7 days to review the order, and accept, request revision or reject the delivered job. After the 7 days, the job will be assumed and automatically marked "Accepted".
You can request unlimited free revisions within your revisions period for the service option chosen. You get unlimited revisions for up to 30 days from the delivery of first draft at the Elite option, 15 days at the Premium option, 10 days at the Standard option and 7 days at the Basic option.
All rights over the created content will be transferred to you on acceptance of a content job. You can modify/publish/use the content as you like.
Job rating refers to the quality rating given by you, the client, for the delivered work by the writer. The rating can be given by you out of 5 - 5 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest. Job ratings are important indicators of the quality of work being delivered by individual writers and impacts their access levels and availability of jobs. It's an important feedback mechanism also. You can give job ratings at the time of 'Accepting' a job.

Writers on Your Content Orders

Yes, you can contact the writers on your jobs by clicking on 'Check/Send messages' button on your order page. Select the writers you want to send messages to by user names and write your message and click Send. You can also reply to past or direct messages from writers. While requesting revision the messaging dialog opens automatically to send feedback directly to the writer. Please note that messages can be exchanged only with writers working on your order.
Yes, you can do that by clicking on the link of the user name of the writer. The names can be found on your jobs list on order pages.

Yes, you can block writers. To block writers, follow the below steps:

    - Click on the "Writers" tab on the left.

    - Search for the writer you'd like to block and click on their username.

    - You will be prompted to add the selected writer as a preferred writer or block the writer. Click on "Block writer" → "Done".

    - The writer will be blocked and will not be able to pick any jobs from your orders.

Another way to block a writer is to click on the 'thumbs' icon under his/her name in the jobs list. A dialog to mark a writer preferred or blocked would appear and you can block him/her just as above.

Yes, you can maintain a list of preferred writers and even place orders that are offered only to them. To add preferred writers, follow the below steps:

    - Click on the "Writers" tab on the left.

    - Search for the writer you'd like to add as a preferred writer and click on their username.

    - You will be prompted to add the selected writer as a preferred writer or block the writer. Click on "Preferred writer" → "Done".

    - The writer has been added to your list of preferred writers.

Another way to mark a writer preferred is to click on the 'thumbs' icon under his/her name in the jobs list. A dialog to mark writer preferred or blocked would appear and you can mark him/her as preferred just as above.

No. This is against the community rules and could result in permanent closure of your account.
Please do not share or request personally identifiable information such as contact details (emails, phone numbers etc). It's against the community rules and can lead to permanent closure of your account. Please note that all conversation and messaging is actively moderated to safeguard the interest of all parties involved.

Your Account

You can reset your password from within your account by accessing "Profile and Settings" from the profile dropdown in top menu and then clicking on "Reset Password". It can also be reset using the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.
After logging into your client account on Narrato, click on "Invoices" under "Account" from the left menu. All the invoices are available here.
You can update your personal details on the account by clicking on "Profile and Settings" from the top menu.
You can contact the Narrato support team by clicking on the "Support/ Feedback" link next to the notifications icon on the top menu.