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The Motivation Behind COVID-19 Daily Newsletter

We are all facing an overload of information, and there are too many websites and news channels to go through to get an update on the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. To top it, looking for some positive news to see the light at the end of the tunnel is even harder. The coronavirus related content consumption is not only a time drain, but a big energy and morale drain as well. So we thought, what if there's just 1 newsletter daily to read through to stay updated? The time saved can be used much more constructively pursuing hobbies, work or chores, which will have a meaningful impact. So here we are.

What the Coronavirus Daily Newsletter Includes

1. COVID-19 Coronavirus Situation Update in Numbers - We'll be tracking and reporting total cases, new cases, fatalities the previous day and growth of these numbers over the day before. We'll report this for the world, US, UK, Australia, India and a few other countries.

2. Latest and the Most Impactful News - These will be limited to 2-4 top news for the world, US, UK, Australia and India each.

3. Science and Research Updates on COVID-19 Coronavirus - 2-4 updates and news.

4. Practical Tips on Staying Safe, Healthy and Productive - 2-4 very useful resources.


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